Everything seems nice when you first look, but then you come to realize that pretty much everything isn’t working, if you submit a maintenance request there’s a 50% chance it’ll get thrown out, the water pressure is so bad sometimes you don’t have any, but the office doesn’t really care unless it’s the third day with zero water at all.

It’s absolutely horrible they have horrible customer service, they are a false advertisement apartment i wouldn’t recommend these low down apartments to anyone!

Lost my money order. Took forever to take off late fees. And still haven't put my balance with my money order that was found. The customer service is apparently good up until they do nothing.

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When I initially moved in they hadn't cleaned any of the apartment, which should have been my first warning. From there we noticed the faucet for the bathtub was off, it took them almost a week to fix. The fixture then wouldnt stay running to the tub and would switch to shower automatically. It took almost 3 weeks to finally get someone to take me seriously. The carpet is disgusting, I went over it 3 times with a carpet cleaner and the water was still black. The finally put a lock on the pedestrian gate but it is set up in a way that you cannot get in unless you get your keyfob reprogrammed. Tried doing that and the new fob worked on gates, just not my apartment door. They gave me back my old key and said they would let me know when they had one that worked with everything, that was almost a month ago and I am still carrying around 2 key fobs.

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I have had a horrible experience living at gateway in Tempe. I moved into a half finished, barely renovated space with numerous health and safety violations.

The apartment complex needs some TLC. I understand with the new management coming in there is a lot to maintain and also to improve on so seeing that is good.

My apartment has flooded, my air conditioning has consistently been broken and the appliances have had to be replace at least once in both the apartments that I’ve lived in

Bad place to live in. The place has a bad services. I do not like the place at all I will leave this place as soon as possible. Old buildings old gym basically every thing is old old

Do not agree with the maintence staff except for the supervisor. Also, the office staff is very nice and helps out the residents as much as they can.

So far I have close to the worst living experience I have ever had. When my roommates and I showed up on move in day our apartment had not yet been cleaned, it was damaged throughout the apartment and we are paying extra for a renovated apartment which did not even come with the amenities promised. I have problem after problem with being locked out my apartment when I come home from work at 4am and old management was close to non-exsistant. Things have gotten a little better with the new management company but there are still a lot of issues needed to be addressed.

A lot of broken things upon move in and maintenance takes a long time to respond. Our mailbox was broken for a month and a half and couldn't recieve mail

It's pretty expensive for what you are getting. It's about $850 per person for a 2 bed 2 bath. Has a nice pool and convenient with the orbit shuttle. Not very nice on the inside

This apartment complex is located in a great area of tempe very close to Arizona State University. I have had many problems with things around the apartment too many times.

My renovated apartment is overflowing with cockroaches and beetles. The office is unorganized. Glass shards outside my building on move in day, have not been cleaned up. You're not given a gate code for your friends to enter the community. All of the grass is dead. Move in day was a disaster.

Honestly, we live with mold and constant issues with billing. They don't care that the property has an ant infestation or that people play music super loud at the pool till 1 am sometimes.

THis is my very first apartmetn so I was not expectring anything 5 star. But i also wasnt expecting anything under 3 stars. Alli know is that it works for me

It does not really feel that safe here plus the maintenance is not good they never come even when somethjng is not working at all also the staff is also not experienced

I feel like I'm being ripped off. New management is doing better than the first, but it will take a lot to feel compensated. Like, a lot a lot. My apartment was handed to me and my suit mates in a very dirty, broken and worn out condition. We had to get rid of a massive roach infestation our selves without the help of old management etc. But that was with the old management. The new one is good enough to plant new grass which I personally liked very much. It's unfortunate that they have to play a big catch up game but I feel like I've been scammed thousands. I can't forgive that.

There were rats at the swimming pool. Maintenance does not believe in privacy and will barge through your front door. (Same with the cleaning ladies they hired during move in/out). They bait and switch you with the model they show. Internet is the worst and so is the Cable.

I personally have had a terrible experience over the first 2 months and is now improving. However, between my roommates and I, I couldn't keep track of how many issues we have faced. We couldn't move in on time because our apartment was disgusting. The office lost my key which was really inconvenient. My mail has been misplaced before, as well. We have had multiple issues with rent payment. We have dealt with a ton of maintenance issues (which they have mostly all been fixed). And we haven't been informed when our water is being worked on, which has in the past led to an incomplete shower. A warning would be nice! However, it seems like new management has been on top of a lot of these issues.

This is my second term here, and it's been pretty up and down. 1st term couldn't stand my roommates, and the maintenance stunk. Second term, I believe my rent is way too high for what I'm getting out of Gateway.

We had more problems then I thought could be possible at move in. First, our entire apartment was filthy, I still don't think I've gotten all the dirt. My bath fixture was off the wall, making me unable to use it for 4 days. When it finally was fixed the faucet wouldn't work correctly. When we would bring up problems to the staff they would act as if we were lying. It took till the new company came in to get anything done.

A bit unhappy with my living situation. I don't understand why we complete a roommate match if it isn't going to be listened to. I got paired with someone that myself and my other two roommates (friends) had the exact opposite for on our contracts. It is a bit frustrating because of my anxiety, so the situation hasn't been helping one bit. AND I had no idea rooms A and D are (for some reason) charged a bit more than the other two rooms. Shouldn't this be something I am told before picking my room preference!???

Not very good. Our apartment is basically falling apart. From all of my friends that live or have lived there ours is definitely the worst. Our wifi barley works our apartment came furnished and the couches are torn apart to the point that the leather stabs you and hurts. We had to buy our own couch.

Maintenance never fixed anything right, constantly coming back, roommate matching sucked, it should be addressed if there is going to be international students moving in, my entire wardrobe and everything type of cloth from my apartment smelt terrible because of their cooking and living habits.