Amenities are the best part about living at the Glen. Management is responsive and understanding. I forgot to pay my rent before going on vacation and left management a voicemail attempting to pay by credit card. Even though they didn't accept my attempted payment, they waived my late fee. My parking lot is always full of cars without registration stickers. I have seen and heard mice in my apartment. I requested an exterminator come in but they never did. I was electrocuted twice by a short circuit in my kitchen and maintenance fixed it. I moved in and my oven had a broken display, it was replaced with an oven with a stove that can't get hot enough to boil water. My neighbors below me are constantly shaking my floors somehow. There is always trash in the parking lot. Tenants let their dogs urinate and defecate in the hallways. Youths often smoke marijuana in the parking lot. Tenants are always clogging up the garbage chutes and leaving their garbage in the laundry room. The water quality is poor.

This is a pretty ok place to live. Some improvements could be made. Enforcement of permit parking, picking up dog poop and other community rules is lacking.

Great neighborhood and great environment!! Was easy to move in. Loved the pool set up area and the workout room. The apartment is close to everything like the supermarket, playground and restaurants.

Solid apartments. Old but solid. Good neighborhood, close to everything in Burnsville and right no 35w. Upkeot and maintained. Management is very helpful and respectful.

Very quite clean home I enjoy living here the mangers are nice everyone is very friendly outing are really good pet friendly my a lot of stores I just love it

I love the space and the amenities!! Feel very welcoming and love the energy I get a boarding the property. I love the fact it's a straight shot to my job on and off the highway.

Recently had a leak in the bath room. they fixed it right away. Love you guys and love living here. The indoor pool is my favorite. Thanks again.

Lots of room for improvement. Would love to see common areas, such as the laundry rooms clean. Instead, tenants think it's ok to just dump their trash there if it doesn't fit in the chute. Would also like to see our building secured again. No locks on a main entrance, meaning anyone can come and go as they please.

We have lived here for 5 years. On the whole, very nice place to rent from. Updated exercise room, indoor and outdoor pools. Only complaint is the residents do not keep the building secure.

The Glen at Burnsville office staff are extremely friendly and very helpful. The amenities, such as the fitness room, the indoor and outdoor pool, and the new dog park, are wonderful.

It’s been great so far! I love our actual apartment, and the cleaning staff does a good job of keeping the hallways, laundry, and lobbies clean. However, there tends to be a lot of trash outside all the time and the “poopie” bags for dogs need to be refilled more often.

It has been such an amazing experience here I love the new management. Everyone seems to be helpful and willing to put in extra hours just to help out and accommodate for everyone's needs.

Lived here for 6 years, have liked it, hate every time the property changes management though. But everything else has been good with new management so far

I must say that I am truly enjoying my stay here. I love the how peaceful and quiet the neighborhood is. All of the neighbors that I have met are very friendly and kind. Management is the best.

Super friendly management. Very dog friendly. Amenities are awesome. Can't beat the location. Close to everything you could want. Great scenery.

The staff and management are great,but the residents are very inconsiderate why because the don't cherish where they reside, People throw nasty things in front of everyone's door bringing rodents not management fault they can't be here 24/24 other than that I would be nice except the carpet need to be cleaned all the stairwells they smell horrible

The people on my floor are nasty but I know the office is still working hard everyday to help out Sometimes I try my best to help out also cause if we put our heads together we can go a long way but some people will just never understand

Well, I haven't been offered a lease to sign, quite yet. Maybe you could ping them on my behalf. Otherwise they've been pleasant and efficient.

The amenities are amazing and office staff is extremely helpful, the building is older so there isn't much curb appeal but the actual units are perfect! The location and price are right.

It is a super nice place to live. Very friendly people and there is always something to do, whether it’s the pool or the gym. Great place to be.

Fairly quite, nice area with a little Glen. The pool areas are nice for a little human interaction. I've thouroughly enjoyed my experience so far.

Not a bad place to live. I don't like the smelly hallways or the smoking but the place looks nice and the garages are a plus. The location of the apartments is the best part of living here. No outside noise apart from the community noise which isn't really a problem.

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I love my apartment. The community is ok. Wish they would keep the grounds keeping more maintained and fix the water heater. I take a cold shower at least once a week.

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Beautiful community! The pool is absolutely amazing pools with an adorable courtyard! We are so excited to move in and can’t wait to see what our new place waits for us

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There has been a lot of yelling matches between resodents. Garbage in the hallways. I do like where I live just alot of nuances since moving in.

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