It's been great, I feel like I have nothing to say that's negative. I love Tallahassee in general and the community is great, so I've had a great experience.

The building is clean and if we ever have a problem in the apartment, maintenance is resolves the issues quickly. The location is great and a reasonable price.

I had a great experience living here. I never had any problems with my unit. I would recommend this apartment building to anyone who asks. I have no complaints.

So excited to move in; I’ve heard amazing things so far. It’s hard to move from another state but April at the front desk answered all my questions over the phone and was so nice helping me navigate the online application!

everyone is so kind and helpful during the leasing process. i cant wait to move in and finally live there! it is a great location and has amazing amenities

The staff make it worth while. The kitchen and bathroom are big. Things are organized and it feels safe. The pool and study room are the best.

Living at the Grandmarc has been a fantastic experience. For how close it is to campus and how safe it is, the price can't be beat. The only criticism that I could offer is there is occasionally a bug problem but there is pretty much no where in this city where that wont be an issue.

I have had a pleasant experience since staying here, although I wish it were more easily accessible to obtain a visitors parking pass, as sometimes guests come unexpected and the office might be closed

The rooms are nice and the location is great. Able to walk to campus in very little time. The staff are helpful although packages can take a while to be delivered. Internet can sometimes be hit and miss.

Really friendly staff and a decent location. I feel fairly safe in the building and the amenities are pretty nice. Haven’t had any issues so far.

great amentities, nice staff and maintenance, thin walls so noisy, a/c broke couple times while living here. Good maintenance but sometimes take a little while for a request to be attended too.

I really like the apartment specially my room. The room have a good furniture and the view from windows is really nice. The amenities are awesome in special the gym.

Maintenance is super fast. It’s never too noisy. And my room is pretty spacious and filled with light. This is truly a good place to live and doesn’t add any extra stress! Love it!

Grand Marc has very good staff and fast maintenance. Although I did have an incident where they cut my bike lock mistakenly, they replaced it immediately. Grand Marc is the best college living experience you can get!

I have loved living at GrandMarc so far. I love the amenities the apartment has to offer such as a pool and full size gym. I also love that it is such a close walk to campus!

I have lived here for two years and haven’t had any complaints. Any maintenance ticket that I submitted was completed promptly. My bike was also stolen though.

Extremely close to campus, never have to worry about campus parking. Lots of amenities including the gym and pool. Rooms are a good size as well

Overall, I enjoy living here. The wifi isn't always the best and the printers seem to never work. Everything else is great and super close to campus!

Very convenient place if you want to leave close to the campus. Clean complex, friendly people, fun activities, good location, different treats every week. It's a good experience living here!

The mantinence usually responds quickly. Only issue would be the the WiFi tends to not work quite a bit as well as the printer, but it’s not the biggest issue.

Just signed the lease here and everyone was so nice and friendly. literally called a million times asking questions and they were all so helpful

Prior to the signing our lease, the grandmarc staff were very helpful and patient with my roommate and I. We had a very pleasant experience.

Love my house! It’s something I was not expecting . It is a great place to live and I would not trade it for the world . Grand Marc is awesome’

Overall great complex and staff! Very clean and modern. The pool is amazing and I love being able to use the Internet cafe and study rooms whenever I need to!

The best thing about this apartment is the location. It's walking distance from campus, and near many restaurants on Tennessee street. Also has a parking garage.