The management is kind of reliable but not fully. Maintenance services are not promptly attended to on my experience or I would have rated better I guess.

The apartment i live in was cleaned well before I moved in and had new carpet which was great. Maintenance has been pretty good at coming quickly, however there was a building incident that took far too long to be adressed

Great and quiet living area. Nice and clean apartment. Neighbors are also friendly and say hello most of the time. The facilities are pretty nice.

We put in a maintenance request When we first moved in and just got it all delt with two days ago. Along with the office people are bad at getting back with you and office hours are inconvenient

Good maintenance service, but slow with processing money related issues. Very bad policies for subleasing. Needs better policies for short term leases.

The apartment is really nice. there is plenty of space and the third floor is great to live on. the only real complaint I have is the low quality wifi

had fleas on move in day, but it got fixed quick. the stairs near my apartment were broken and took about 1.5 months to fix. kind of inconvenient

Its been pretty good despite the comments I heard about Granite. My neighbords across the hall are a bit aggresive with their pets, but I guess thats unrelated to the managment.

Granite is one of the top choices for any student! Grant Street Station has every amenity and accommodation you can think of. Rent is on the pricey side, but I suppose that's what you pay for.

Your management sucks and likes taking advantage of residents here. But at least it's kinda cheap. Thinks it's spam cause it's a bad review lol.

I lived in Barrington for 2 years. It's a quiet and clean place to stay. Though we don't have office nearby, but any maintainance request will be fullfilled in a timely fashion

Very nice apartments for value price. Rooms are carpeted and maintenance is quick to respond. I had a problem with my bathtub that was fixed almost immediately.

So far its been great! Love where live close to everything. Its really been quiet no problems. My friends are living in these also .. its so much better then dorm living for sure!

Not so bad~ They do not give any reward or anything like that for old residents. Also, very hight punish fee if you are late for rent. When I moved in, lots of things broke down.

People around are friendly, and there's never any loud parties keeping me awake at night. The staff is friendly and moderately helpful. I made a great decision to sign this lease!

All furnitures are great, the only thing I am not satisfied is the sound insulation of the building. It is normal that I heard someone live next to me playing music and what my roommate saying in her room.

the house is good. and the payment way is convenient. i like the environment of our house. the only problem is the lease has to be extended years by year

The apartment is very quiet and comfortable, all facilities are in normal operation, the carpet is very soft feel.But the entrance to the District, from the motorway, is not very safe and there is no turning lane as the transition zone.

I love the location of South Street Station! Being right next to everything is really convenient. My fully furnished apartment makes moving in and settling in extremely easy!

I enjoy living in South Street, because I have everything extremely accessible and close by to me. My neighbors are friendly and I have so many resources around me.

It has been pretty good so far. It is just really noisy by my apartment and the trash bins fill up quickly. However, everything else has been fine.

The community is wonderful where I currently reside. I have issues with the promises that were not kept when initially signing the contract, however I am understanding that is not the whole fault of the new management.

People are great and responsive - renewed the lease for a second year because the location is great, there is parking and they only give the number of permits for the number of parking spaces so you always have a space

Living here is good, all the staff in the leasing office are very nice (except the manager Christine Beaver, he is so RUDE). And all the operation team is so nice, Melissa send us emails every time if there would be a construction. She totally changed what I thought about Granite.

Not too bad. Hopefully this actually works. I hope it will be fairly easy to earn points after all the surveys and easy quick points are finished with.