I moved into my duplex just within the last two weeks. Location was hugely important, and it hasn't disappointed yet. The neighborhood is quiet, and the drive to class is at most 15 min. Peaceful place to get work done.

Granite has been nice to work with. Communicating with them had been easy, and I really enjoy the fact that I am while to pay all of my bills online.

My apartment is preset run down. Lots of stuff is very cheaply made and broken. The floor is peeling up in the kitchen and bathroom. There are stains all over the counters. And paying $36 a month for a parking pass in a tiny lot is pretty bad. Other than that it’s okay

The dryer units at pickwick place barely dry do I always have to take out some and lay them out. If you have a problem with bills etc. it is hard to get a clear solution through the workers at Granite when you talk to them. But the maintenance aspect is pretty good. I just wish you didn't charged to unclog our sinks!

it is great to live in the granite. it is on the campus and very easy to take the bus, go to school and go to the gym. and the maintannace is always avalible.

This apartment community is pretty good, only problem is the insulation in the apartments are not very good so we loose a lot of heat during the winter months

My experiences at Granite have been great! The apartment complex I live in is clean with nice, newly renovated rooms. Maintenance is always on-hand and seems to an incredible job if needed. Payments for rent and electricity are easy to make and are done in a flash!

The apartment was really really dirty when I moved in, and it took maintenance a long time to come and fix things. Our water was also off a lot last semester and our kitchen was flooded when they were replacing all the water heaters. I like the area though, and it’s a large apartment. Not bad!

A few small issues, but everything is always taken care of. People may complain about construction, but I think it is nice to see that the management is putting money back into the complex.

Living at Downtown Centre is great! It's close enough to campus that the commute isn't too long, but far enough that I feel like I'm off campus. It's also right in the middle of downtown, meaning I can partake in Lafayette activities!

I have really enjoyed my experience with granite so far. Nice apartment building, and granite responds promptly to maintenance requests, lock outs, etc. Only thing I would change is the proximity to all the new construction. Also the road noise is a little loud at night when sleeping.

Granite’s apartments are variable in quality and price. They own many of the apartments in the area and many have great locations on campus. Granite is amazing with answering requests.

The apartment is nice and clean but the appliances are outdated and ineffecient. The location is amazing. Granite does not deal with maintenance issues very quickly.

I think Crosswalk would have been better without Granite. All I can honestly say about Granite is always be prepared with evidence so you can fight them for your deposit because they will try to keep it.

maintance needs improvement on response time to fix issues. clear up parking spots for parking, not just the sidewalks. bulky snow makes the parking worst.

There are lots of facility upgrades going on. The best one is the auto package boxes. I hope the gym could be reopen soon. The bad thing is that my rent goes up to 375 per month.

This website is So amazing!! It is so nice to get prizes and gift cards for reviewing people and property managers. Granite student living is absolutely horrible though.

It’s a really nice neighbourhood and the distance to most of my classes is relatively short. The staff and maintenance do a good job of answering questions and fixing any problems we may have.

Everything’s good except for the apartment showing part. I wish they’d actually give us an exact time of showing instead of having us call them everytime so when we have something important at home (like a video/phone interview) we don’t have to panic about what time people are gonna walk in and ruin the entire thing

Decent apartments, great locations, staff is nice. You have to pursue them sometimes to get problems resolved (especially if there's an issue with billing)- you might have to call/email a few times to follow up so you don't get screwed. Prices are appropriate for what you get.

Maintenance is relatively quick and fixes most problems. There was an issue with the bathtub dripping and not draining that is yet to be resolved.

Haven't interacted with the community, so I've no major thoughts on the matter at the moment. The walls are thick enough such that noises don't really permeate anything. Whee

Ive loved living with Granite. The apartment is huge, beautiful, and super affordable. I love that the location is so close to Purdue’s campus too.

It has been good so far with responsive management. Very safe neighborhood and quiet place. Close to BMV and post office. Located near supermarkets and restaurants.

Pros: Quiet environment and nice neighbors. Cons: Heater is very loud. Water is extremely hard. Overall I am satisfied with my resident experience.