I love that Granite is offering fun activities and events for tenants of The Quarters! The activities are fun and it is great to feel appreciated!!

Granite student living has been an overall good experience. Can be stand offish when you go into office or call. The apartments I’ve been in have been overall good

When I first moved in, there were admittingly a few things that needed fixing, like a few doors, the dishwasher and a ceiling fan, but Granite was very quick to respond and handled everything great. The location is amazing too although unfortunately there is some construction going on right now next to the apartment. Other than that this has been an amazing experience.

When I first moved in the room smelled like smoke. I have asthma so that is t the best. There are a few scratches on the wall and a big hole in the living room. Other than that the place it pretty nice

Overall good. They respond very quickly to emails. There are a lot of apartments to choose from and most have a good location and are reasonably priced

I absolutely love my apartment. The location is convenient and it doesn’t break the bank. Granite does. Good job with random roommates as well.

This is a good place for college students. The price is decent and there are many amenities at the clubhouse. The down side is living on the first floor and having bugs enter from cracks in the wall and under the door. The walls are also very thin so if the people you share a wall with are smoking weed it will come through and give you headaches. The staff here is great. There needs to be some improvements to the units before it is suitable for a family.

Great so far!! Free parking!! The office workers are very nice and ready to help anyone who walks in. They also allow pets which is very cool and rare for most apartments. I love living here so far! My apartment is in very good shape!

It has been great so far. 1. Maintenance is very responsive, which is the aspect I value the most. 2. The community is clean, partly because trash removal is always fast so that there isn't any trash lying around the dumpsters. After seeing what's happening in Willowbrook, I start appreciating these two things even more.

The room is nice, but the bed is too huge for a full foam. Laundry machine and dryer are old and can not be timed. The light in room is not bright enough. Others are pretty good.

good apartment community so far, some minor things need to be fixed such as a sink drain, multiple chairs, and an exit sign outside of our door. other than that it's been great!

I love the location of my apartment! I love that maintenance is always available, although the fees can be tedious and not forewarned. I give 4 stars because of a couple reasons, but mainly that fees for maintenance are not advised ahead of time and we are always surprised with a bill following. In the lease, it states that our deposit is being used towards maintenance so I am unsure why we have to pay each time they come to fix something like a green corner of the ceiling that we could not have done anything about on our own. The staff is always friendly, although it seems like students run the desk in the office and do not usually know the answer to any of our questions. Friendly, though. Also, there has recently been a cleaning crew coming Monday mornings which is nice because the hallways get swept and taken care of. I do wish that they would knock down the spider webs growing around the stairs though. I appreciate that the hall lights are now on overnight which is very helpful when coming home late and not having to climb to the third floor in the dark. Overall, the apartment is very nice as well! No significant issues with the home itself and the remodeling is very nice.

Nice staff. Apartment only somewhat clean upon moving in. Good space and location. Quick response to maintence issues usually. Easy walk to campus. Easy getting moved in info

PPOC is a great place to live. We have only had a few minor challenges since being residents here and love it overall. Granite has been largely responsive to our requests and helped us with anything we need.

We lived in the McCormick place apartments when Granite bought them out and renamed the complex the Quarters. I did not like how Granite assumed we were all college students and treated us that way. We also lived there for 7 months without our clubhouse being able to be used. We were not compensated nearly enough.

The apartment is very good and in a good location close to the university. The management is nice and does timely repair work. The experience has been pleasant so far.

My apartment is awesome! Very clean and in a great location. I am very excited to start the school year in my new apartment and I will definitely look into staying with granite for the upcoming years!

I love living in Little Sally. The apartment is a perfect balance of cheap and yet home-y. It is cost effective and well designed. It's a great compromise.

Finding a unit and signing the lease was easy while I was looking for a place to live. Since moving in, Granite has handled questions well, both over the phone and in person. Office location is very convenient, and their extended hours are helpful for someone with a full class schedule that might not be able to make it out during the day. Occasionally maintenance requests took a long time to be addressed, but they were always eventually addressed.

Had lived with Granite for 2 years now. A good and responsive maintenance team. Trendy place and people. Refreshments are available. The apartment showings were quick and informative.

The community I live in is very quiet and clean. I’ve been at my residence going on 3 yrs now and I couldn’t be happier. I plan to stay in my town home for another year or 2 before I start looking to move.

Wonderful staff and super fast maintenance. The only negative is the laundry room. It could use some improvements. However, overall the experience is great!

I have been living at the same apartment for the last 3 years and ever since Granite took over the management of our apartment complex I have only seen positive changes.

Granite has been a wonderful place to live. I especially love the new clubhouse- it has been a great addition to the Quarters. Maintenance has been great as well.

Okay if you are an undergrad living alone. When you are living with someone however it becomes tight. Add to that the fact that the apartment was shown off sometimes same day, one time 30 minutes notice, sometimes twice in a week and it became very annoying.