I love my apt! My roommates and I love living in Ananda, where we have a yard and lots and lots of windows! We have our cats, and they sure like the windows too!

Happy living here so far. Apartment at an affordable price. Also, at walking proximity to Chauncey mall and campus with bus stops closeby, heading to Walmart, campus or downtown.

I enjoy the location. The walls are to thin. The people who clean outside do so to late, and the wall to the outside is way to thin. Maintenance is very slow.

Clean apartment. Pretty quiet aside from the odd loud neighbor. Maintenance staff is nice. Clean apartment. Pretty quiet aside from the odd loud neighbor. Maintenance staff is nice.

I love living with Granite! The only reason its 4.5 is because they don't do anything on weekends. I got locked out with my roomie in Ecuador and there was nothing I could do.

Our community is awesome! We have invited people over all the time & make silver dipper & McDonald's runs all the time. Great area for lovers of food. Haha

they provide the residents with awesome service. Strongly recommend to friends. the award program is fun, and I can actually earn gift card almost every two months.

I absolutely love living with Granite. Their maintenance is amazing and well Bananefits are just awesome for broke college students. They're amazing at keeping their customers happy.

The service is great! Thanks Granite. Would like to stay in the future. Customer service is great, please keep it up. Low rent and overall a great bargain

Overall I have been impressed with Granite Student Living. Each time I needed a repair in my apartment I have submitted a maintenance request and they send help within a day of submitting the request. Very helpful.

I love living at granite! It is one of the best apartments I've been in and I would recommend it to all of my friends. Plus the locations are very ideal

It's been a wonderful experience. Thanks for that i would appreciate if maintenance ia done cheaper though. Merry Christmas people and happy new year in advance

Service is great and the staff are all very friendly. I requested for a table a while back and I received what I asked for. The apartment is always really clean.

Granite is pretty good! Some maintenance problems with apartment, and apartment is in good shape. Some maintenance requests take a while to fix.

i love it it's so good please do me a favor and take all the neighbors out and this place would be the best home forever and ever. I would really enjoy the future home to be like this and if the party

Awesome people, easy to get a hold of. A TINY bit slow on the maintenance request around move in, but happy with the eventual results! Thanks for being so helpful!

I've been here half a year now and I love it. I'm living in the Ananda Apartments. The maintenance service is random sometimes they answer really fast, sometime it takes a week or so, but they get their job done and overall is great. It feels really safe, there are no noises.

Great place to live! Great amendments such as a gym, tanning bed, and outdoor pool! They always have a Keurig out in the mornings and cater food occasionally! The only things I can complain about is the water temperature, it doesn't get very hot, and they don't leave cleaning supplies out in the gym so the equipment isn't very sanitary.

The granite apartment is the biggest rental company in Purdue, West Lafayette. It's a trustworthy company with good employers and apartments.

I think Granite is doing a great job. My roommate and I are very comfortable in our apartment. We appreciate the great parking and great discounts we get with our bananafits.

I think we should have a light or even more than one in the bike parking area because it is very dark at night. Other than that, the we should keep the waste area more clean and prevent it from smelling.

Basically everything pretty nice! Except the utility payment system, it's somehow conficing people a bit. I haven't yet get when do they charge for the utility every month till now..

Great - wifi could be improved. Goes out frequently! Other than that I really enjoy living in Grant Street Station. I have recommended my other friends to live here and they all recently signed leases

This is my third year living at a Granite Residence and I have really enjoyed it. The staff is decent. Maintenance requests are filled fast. Overall a good place to live.

Granite has been really great so far. Maintenance took awhile to get here when we first moved in. Other than the first problem everything has been good.