I love my apartment community. I was looking for a quiet m, safe downtown housing that was still relatively close to campus. I found this at the Crest.

Granite has been responsive to maintenance issues which was very impressive. I have completely enjoyed living in Granite residences for the past school year and would highly recommend staying here to other students as well.

Try these quick actions to win! Don't leave your reward on the table, especially when you are so close and it's so easy to play! I lived in PIckwick Place

My apartment was never cleaned before I moved in and they refused to clean it again. The community would be okay if there weren't so many pot smokers.

It’s pretty quiet and nice. Only issue is the location isn’t the greatest. Sometimes there are people who are kind of sketchy hanging around the complex.

I have been with Granite Student Living for nearly two years. My experience has been positive. Management is prompt to respond to maintenance requests. Costs that the tenant would incur for certain maintenance requests should be made clearer.

There's only two things I don't like about granite: the way they decide how much to give you back from your security deposit and that they start asking for renewals very early in the academic year. Other than that, I have had a great experience (4 years with Granite now).

I enjoyed living in Andrew Place. My downstairs neighbors were kind of loud but otherwise it was nice. My neighbors across the street were ncie

Nice apartment, but not the best service through granite. Doesn't seem like they ever know what they're doing and are very unorganized at the office.

Overall living at The Quarters in West Lafayette is great!! There are a few issues I’ve ran into but maintenance have fixed those issues and does them in a timely manner. I love the benifits that the Quarters offers such as the lounge, pool, volleyball and basketball courts, allowing pets, and etc.!!

I've always found that granite hides dirt, is exceedingly easy to clean, and can have water on it without any finish being ruined, or bubbling of wood/laminate. Plus, lots of the high end manmade materials, like Corian, are now more expensive than granite." - Lotusmoss "Not liking [granite countertops] may be a First World problem but the ecological implications are not. Unhealthy and unfair working conditions + mining = the cause of some Third World problems and serious ecological ones. Vote with your dollar. Ask your landlord(s) to look at more responsible counters such as recycled glass, reused slate, reused soapstone, etc." - Emmi

The stay at Granite Student Living has been great. They're very helpful and can be contacted at any time. I loved the fact that they're close to campus.

I really loved living here at Beograd with granite. The only complain I really had was that we weren't even allowed to smoke on the balcony so I had to leave the building everytime I wanted to.

Great community with nice perks. Didn’t appreciate the apartment showing and security deposit policies - basically your deposit is spent on strange gallons of paints and won’t come back to you at all. Hope this will be fixed in the future.

The community isn’t bad. The neighbors are not terribly rowdy and everyone seems to be respectful of ome another. The place is kept clean so it’s pretty great

I love my Granite apartment. It’s so spacious for such an amazing cost! One of the best things about my residence is that if anything is ever wrong maintence makes sure to fix it in a timely way.

Our upstairs neighbors are horrible. We have told Granite 3 or 4 times about how bad it is, and nothing has been done about it. Also, they are not very timely when it comes to repairs.

Great spot here in crosswalk commons. Maintenance is very timely. Just wish we would get more than 24 hours notice for showings of our apartment

Thanks for finally installing keypads on the ground floor entrance to my apartment building. Please also change the locks for new tenants move in

Management staff is very helpful and problems are addressed in timely manner. Also very friendly and always able to provide all helpful information needed during lease signing and renewal!

The maintenance people come in a timely manner after you make a request, a day or two. They show our apartment quite a bit, maybe because it's on the first floor? Overall okay

I love our apartment so much. We’ve had some problems with the toilet, fridge, etc., though issues are usually addressed fairly quickly. I enjoy working with granite.

Love the location! I live with three of my friends and it’s wonderful! The kitchen we have is a bit small but we make do. Also love the balcony!

I love how speedy the service is and how sweet all the employees are. The community is like one big family. I can always find someone to help me when I encounter any issues.

Decent apartments, great locations, staff is nice. You have to pursue them sometimes to get problems resolved (especially if there's an issue with billing)- you might have to call/email a few times to follow up so you don't get screwed. Prices are appropriate for what you get.