Good complex. But they are raising their rent a lot. They do work with you though. They quickly fix any problem you might have. Maintenance issues are handled quickly.

Fantastic office staff! When you need maintenance done, it's completed immediately. Having a small child, I feel that this community is EXTREMELY SAFE, and family friendly.

When I called to see about leasing at Graymere, Jenna Tice was so sweet and very helpful. I'm proud to be apart of Graymere! Jenna showed me around and really made me happy was I was greeted with a smile and a hug as I was leaving. Jenna made me feel welcomed to the community but most importantly I felt the love!!

Graymere is a fine place to live! The people who run it are the best. We moved here the first on the year (2017) and so far anything that needs fixed has been taken care of right away with no hassles.

It is very nice living here. Comfortable living. Service is great .i love living here. The employees are very professional and informative.

Really enjoy staying here. I would recommend it. The staff is friendly and thoughtful. Any maintenance issue is handled promptly and thoroughly.

When I call the office during normal office hours no one is there to pick up the phone. If I get someone on the phone they are very professional.

I love the office staff, very understanding and they make feel a part of the community with any concerns that I have. I don't go down to the office much but when I do they are so warm friendly and they want to know how me and my family are doing.

I just moved into Graymere recently. Office staff was very helpful and easy to work with. Ended up having to change apartments before I moved in due to some confusion, but ended up in a better location in the long run. My apartment is vinyl throughout except for the bedroom which is carpeted. Will be easy to care for and great for my dog. My furniture fit comfortably. The location is awesome and close to everything I need. Prices are based upon apartment availability, so if you get in at a good time it'll be lower. Availability overall seems tight in Columbia, but still lower priced than Spring Hill.

Very thoughtful and helpful apartment complex. Always quick to repair and look into any issue. Love being a part of this complex. Might be a tad over-priced. Over-all, I love living here.

Great experience so far! Friendly staff. Just wish they could keep the lights on at night.. scary out here at night. Needs to be assigned parking though. It would make things a lot easier

Good place to live. Some stuff in apartment could defiantly use to be upgraded but over all it has been a decent place to live. Would recommend.

Everything has been great and I love it here. The people are nice and it isn't crazy loud at all. Also the office people have the biggest hearts and will help without us even asking at all.

Wonderful apartment and great amenities. The staff is amazing and always so helpful with anything you might need. I would recommend this community to anyone looking for a great apartment!

Great looking apartments for the area. Everything has been stress free and the staff had been awesome. All of my worries about issues with the apartment have been dispelled with relatively fast service.

I really like living here in the community. They get things fixed quickly. They work with you and the staff is very friendly. I also like how they have a place for families to have fun in the summer together.

I've lived here over 10 years, have had no problems, maintenance issues are handled in a timely manner. I feel safe here and don't worry about leaving my apartment for a few days

Graymere is doing an awesome job. The staff is great. I've lived here in the past and there's so much improvements on site. I enjoyed living here then and is enjoying the newly renovated apartment now.

My experience so far has been excellent. Apartments are well maintained and in excellent condition. Management has been excellent to help with any issues and was great in leasing.

I absolutely love it here. Everyone at the office is extraordinarily sweet and so far, whenever I have had an issue, it has been taken care of as soon as possible! My only issue is that I wish there was assigned parking. Coming home after being at work all day, you just want to get inside and go to relax but most of the time you have to park at the building next door or the one next to that.

Staff is friendly and helpful. Quiet and clean community. Close to everything. The maintenance staff are friendly, courteous, and take pride in their work

Graymere is awesome! Super friendly staff and we always feel taken care of. Very affordable and really nice apartments. On top of that they always keep the property looking very nice.

My husband and I are new to Columbia. We found Graymere on the internet. It turns out that Graymere is such a great place to live! It is very peaceful and welcoming. The staff are very friendly and always ready to help. We really enjoy living in the community.

I never worry about maintenance. It is always done quickly and professionally. And the front office is always helpful and friendly. I enjoy living here very much.

I've been here nearly 2 months and love it so far. The staff are very nice and helpful; the neighbors are quiet and respectful. The common areas are well-kept.