Moving in on an earlier date was difficult, and kept pushing move in dates. Moving in there were numerous problems that maintence needed to come fix and there is still more to take care of.

Decent, but pricey. Lots of things I️ wish i️ would’ve seen before I️ signed my lease. Staff is helpful and maintenance is always efficient. Wish there was more than one dumpster site and a shuttle on game days would be amazing.

There are a lot of potholes and I feel like I'm messing up my car every time I drive through the cottages. And there used to be way more events and activities but lately this year there has been hardly any. I do love the apartments though and their set up.

So far my stay at the Cottages has been filled with mixed emotions. Although I love the staff at the clubhouse, I have personally experienced frequent problems while living here. From recurrent mice droppings to holes in the ceilings to several other occurrences there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

The cottages is not a bad place to live. Rates are low but in some cases you get what you pay for. In others you definitely get more than what you’re paying for. The shuttle is not as comvinient as you think. If you tend to be a little late to class while living on campus like I do, you’re probably gonna end up driving to campus a lot just like me.

My house needs to be repainted, it is 50 shades of green and the grass is dead out back when the grizzly team sees it everyday. The renovations are nice, but my water pressure along with many others sucks and sometimes nothing comes out at all! The WiFi is not great and has not worked in the clubhouse since July!

We have had a few issues this year, however most were resolved in a timely manner. Ice removal could definitely improve, also getting new flooring in our apartment would be very nice, the floor boards are popping up all over the place and the tried to come and fix the one bad one, however it had just continued to pop up

I was a littler disappointed in the condition of our house. Nothing like the model home. Also I heard a rumor of s car getting broken into??

This is my first year living in the cottages and so far it is great! The maintenance and other staff are very friendly. My only concern is safety. It seems there has been a lot of break ins in the area and I would feel better about them if the property was actually a gated community like it advertises, instead of having multiple entries around the property.

Aside from the sink draining water too slow, having to walk the trash to the far garbage and the dryer not drying clothes on the first attempt, I love the homely environment the cottages creates and the layout of the homes.

Overall it is good. However, there are definitely some changes I think should be made. They should allow a code to be let in the grade rather than just a card and they should add screens to the windows.

I love the curbside appeal in the cottages, it feels like a home. The staff is friendly and usually very helpful. But, I wish they would put up security cameras... I would rate the quality of the apartments 3.5/5, livable but not without flaws. That being said, the maintenance people are kind and eager to help.

The community is great and very quite. However, the structure of the units are poor (pipes freezing easily). The units are spacious though and home-like.

Living at Grayson Cottages has been quite interesting. Like any other place there’s good and bad. They help you take groceries from your car to your house. They have a wonderful website. Yes, they are a bit pricey but they help you understand the leasing process better. When you have a situation, the manager is nice enough to take time out of her day to come up with a solution.

The quality of furniture is subpar at best. Update the uncomfortable couches and mattresses. There are uncomfortable springs in everything it's terrible.

The cottages are fine overall, I enjoy living here but I.T would be better if the rates were lower & if they would salt the actual grounds and move the snow from the roads

Good things: the student staff is always friendly, kind, and helpful. The homes are spacious, yet cozy. The landscaping is beautiful and the complex very pet friendly. Frustrating things: I have given my ESA information to the front staff three times in person and once over the phone, and I have still been charged pet rent three times. I am going to contact them again, but this is truly unacceptable.

Living here has been an experience. During office hours maintenance is quick to respond about this (after hours, not so much). It would be easier for residents if our phones were commuting a directory that allows us to open the gate from our home. Overall I had a decent experience here.

The cottages are a great place to live at while at Mizzou. There is plenty of room in each unit and it feels like home. I recommend the cottages to any Mizzou student.

Beware of false advertisement regarding discount promotions. Recommend that you make copies of everything and don’t trust that the process is done with professionals.

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Not the best place that I have lived but I don't have many complaints. Improving with new management. Looking forward to see what it coming next.

The community is nice and has a lot of room. When we toured we were shown a very clean, well kept apartment but when we moved in ours was dirty and some things were broken or ruined. Another downside is the distance from campus. It causes you to spend another 30 minutes waiting and riding a bus or having to drive yourself and spend more money on parking.

I enjoyed my stay at Grayson Cottages, but the internet is horrible! I also wish there was a way to let friends in to the community with a code so I would not have to walk to the gate to let them in.

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The Grayson Cottages is unique and for older college students. They have a great amenity plan and everyone is super nice. Maintenance is quick and they make sure everything is fixed. It is on the expensive side but its worth it because of space, location, amenities, service, and the noise is usually not that bad.