I love everything about Grindstone. It is absolutely something I would consider for next year as well. This has definitely been one of the greatest choices I’ve made all year

Nice staff, good location (near campus but not close to downtown noise) great price for the amount of space and amenities, overall great place to live!

i love this community with punctual shuttle, quiet neighborhood, convenient transportation, friendly and responsible staff.I like the small events you hold. It's a very good community for students to live in.

it's very close to the university and have the free shuttle. it's also very close to the walmart. there are also two parks here. it's very convenient if You have a dog.

I love it here at Grindstone Canyon! Everyone’s so helpful and nice. They work hard to keep their residents happy and comfortable! I love it

Good apartment but it's really hard to find events/things to do here! Wish that we had more community bonding events, movie nights, things to do, etc. My apartment is good though.

- negatives: - expensive - printer / off duty office phone does not work - constant emails warning of even higher prices if you don’t sign for a new lease a year in advance - no shorter term leases Pros: - great maintanence - generally quiet. Noise complaints taken by staff if not quiet. - good amenities - spacious

This is the third year I choose Grindstone Canyon. Love the staff and facilities. The most important thing is the office receive the package and email us to pick up.

A little loud and the street noise is bad. Maintenance is quick and friendly m but sometimes to rushed and they miss stuff. Over all decent for the price

The staff and maintenance staff are really nice and helpful. The knew clubhouse renovation looks really good and each place has it own room which is a good size.

Great place great staff great work out room apartment are nice and spacious nice parking great pool and neighbors would stay forever! 😃😄😃😄😄😄😄😄

Love living here and the ambience. The management tends to all needs and concerns. However, I would appreciate a little more prompt service.

The parking could use a few more spaces next to my apartment but it's okay. Great place to relax and think . It's a lot more quiet than I originally expected .

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful especially maintenance. The few problems we have had are always fixed quickly. The shuttle is always reliable.

Love the neighborhood and the staff is super great. The new computer room is really helpful as well when I’m trying to cram for a test or just print something out quick. Love the new gym as well!

Great place to live with great perks and amenities. Staff is super friendly and always very kind. Everyone is always willing to help you with any issues.

I have lived in Grindstone for 3 years. I enjoy the apartment location is close to Mizzou campus, grocery stores, the highway, downtown, the movies. Its a quite complex, which is a necessity for a student who studies throughout the day/night/weekday/weekends. The only minus I have is that maintenance wait can sometimes be long.

We love the layout of the apartment. We have our own personal patio - it’s nice to have to just sit outside with the dog and enjoy the fresh air. Lots of cool amenities offered here too. Great price! All inclusive available - it’s so much easier to pay all of your bills at once instead of paying 3 different bills for just one apartment.

Love the community, it is a quiet and peaceful place. I am able to workout and study when I please and the staff if very enjoyable and helpful.

I love the staff! The staff is very helpful and always try their best to do anything to help you! The property is great overall and if it wasn’t my last year in college, I would renew.

Very good place to live in , the only problem is that the facility is a little bit old .. the walls are thin .. and always we having trouble with the internet

Great place to stay excellent maintenance and staff id always willing to help residents with no problem I dont plan on leaving I love where I live and great amenities

I like how quiet the community is and how quickly maintenance responds to requests. I just wish that the apartments were a little more updated.

I can sometimes hear my neighbors talking downstairs at the grass when I’m sitting in the livingroom. and sometimes there are dog poos in the grass but no one clean it up. My delivery are always being delayed

It's really a peaceful and quiet apartment community.There are many differnet community events here. Suggestions: The filter of the dryer was broken and rusted, but I didn't get response after I emailed to service. And the sofa was too old and too soft for me.