I been living here less than a month and I only ran into one major problem. My tv has been broke since I moved in. I heard Matt ordered me a new tv but maintenance has not come and put the tv in yet. The other problem I ran into was having gnats in my room. I end up buying some bug spray and it fixed my problem. Other than my tv in the living room being broke, I honestly do love living here. The employees in the club house are friendly and well put together and the club house is all clean!

I have loved living at Grindstone Canyon so far. The staff is helpful and I love the amenities such as the pool and business center. The apartment came came clean and furnished.

Overall a very good apartment complex. Good amenities and staff. Furnishings in the apartment are very nice as well. Parking spots could be bigger though. I have a mid-size truck that barely fits in a parking spot. It is a normal size vehicle though so this should not be a problem. Other than this I have nothing to complain about.

I really like living at Grindstone Canyon. The apartments are very cute and the complex is in a convenient area not far from my work and school.

I have enjoyed living in grindstone. It's a quiet community and close to campus. I wish the community trash was cleaner environment and dog waste was picked up more often.

The property itself is nice and well maintained. The units are spacious and the hard floors in the living area and kitchen make for easy cleanup. The furniture in the furnished units are cheap and tear very easy with normal use.

Grindstone is a nice and quiet neighborhood. The residents and staff are friendly and respectful. The environment makes it feels like a home when you're a college student and far away from home.

Living here so far has been great. My only complaint is that residences do not pick up after there dog(s), which is frustrating. However, I enjoy living here.

Great so far. moving in process was easy. place is well lit and in a safe environment. close proximity to a lot of nearby stores. typing more to get to 140 characters

The WiFi never works, which means the Apple TV almost never functions, and most of the amenities don’t work. Almost all the equipment in the gym is broken in some way and the air conditioning doesn’t work so it’s almost too hot to even work out in there. The community is also rude and doesn’t respect public space, many people leave trash outside their doors and don’t bother to put it in the dumpster, sometimes leaving gross stuff all over the trash area. Community events improved throughout the year but often still fall short in quality.

I loved the quiet living areas and the club computers were very convenient. My only concern would be to update the appliances within the apartment.

The amenities are amazing and there are several! There is a computer lab with free printing (apple computers!) & two study rooms inside, a gym, a pool, a yoga room, coffee bar & more I’m sure I’m forgetting! The office staff is always nice & maintenance requests are tended to within 24 hours. Very nice living space for the price! I have lived in four different student living spaces & this is by far my favorite!

I wish the air conditioner worked so that I would not have to have my fans on high during the summer to get my apartment below eighty degrees.

Staff is super friendly and nice. They take care of issues around the units right away. I also love the events they have every once in a while giving out free stuff.

I lived here for two years during my time at Mizzou. The apartment was quiet and was given all the amenities that I needed. Overall it was a good experience.

Friendly staff, quiet community environment. I love it here.I like your little activities very much. I like your cupcakes and snacks. My friends will come in next semester, too.

Overall have had a good experience with Grindstone. Would like if they would start offering short term leases earlier in the year. Maintainence is quick to fix problems and ammenities are good.

It’s awesome place to live.well maintained apartments . But staff needs to know about offers n available apartments correctly. Thank you....

The managers are really nice and helpful. Maintenance is quick and comes very soon after sending a request. Property is very quiet. I’ve had noise issues from neighbors and the manager on call has always taken care of it—even ventured out in the bitter cold of January to handle noise.

It‘s comfortable to live in Grindstone Canyon. The staffs in Office's are friendly and offer good service. Grindstone Canyon also has perfect equipment.

Everything is okay! Big and clean room with furniture is really nice me. I don’t need to worry about the furniture. For the office, there has good environment for study and workout. Office collect my packages and I don’t need to worry my packages will be taken away. Because I don’t have the permit for school’s parking, everyday the shuttle picks residents between school and home. It’s really good. Also, office often organizes activities for residents. I think I will make a lot friends here. I’m very lucky to choose Grindstone Canyon.

Love it! Apartment was very clean when I moved in and the staff has been very helpful and accommodating. The shuttle is great and I love how it goes downtown as well as campus.

It is great place to live in with great location and good prices. No noisy naighbors, I think if they provide extra trash container near buildings F and E will be great.

Living at grindstone canyon has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me this year! The staff is very helpful and the apartments are very well taken care of!

Overall my experience here has been pretty good but sometimes there isn’t anyone in the front office when I go in to pick up a package and when I have problems with my utilities there’s no one on site to help I have to call the company and then they send someone out which takes much longer. Still very happy with my experience overall though and the staff are friendly and professional.