Apartment is in very close proximity to campus, good amenities, friendly and helpful staff, maintenance requests fixed in a timely manner. A little expensive.

Overall, very pleased with this apartment complex. Great amenities and staff. Only complaints are parking during the school year is sometimes difficult to find.

Outside: Gorgeous area right down the street from trails, well kept landscaping. Inside: tall ceilings and huge closet and bedroom. Love it!

I've only lived here a month, but I really enjoy it. Staff is nice and easy to communicate with, apartments are super great and in an awesome location.

For the most part, I truly do enjoy living here at Grindstone. My apartment is spacious and comfy and the amenities such as the pool, computer room, workout center and shuttle are great. The only thing that I can say I feel is a downside is that the wifi can be very buggy sometimes and will randomly go out. Thankfully it has not happened yet, but I would hate to be doing a homework assignment and the wifi go down and I can't turn in my work. Other than that, I love living here!

I've loved living at Grindstone Canyon. This is my 4th year here and I can't imagine living anywhere else in Columbia. My biggest priority is safety, and I've never had an issue at Grindstone. Staff and maintenance are awesome and everyone in the community is respectful and friendly.

It's is all great I'm really waiting for the hot tub to open then it will me fantastic. Great facilities and my dog loves this place. Can't wait for summer fun

I love Grindstone Apartments! Appreciate the staff, maintenance crew, and all the events that are held for residents! Love that the area is very quiet, no noise complaints or excessive partying.

Great! I appreciate the notification of events via email and flyers at my door. It is not too overwhelming. Although I am not able to attend most, I have been interested in many of them.

Like the activities that are offered but would like them to be planned on the weekend or some other times than wednesday and thursday nights.

I enjoy living here for the most part. I think the rent prices are a little high because the apartments are so out dated. Office and management are friendly and try to help you with problems. The complex really tries to make a community within.

Grindstone Canyon has been a great place to live under this new management. They clearly have a grasp on what their residents want in an apartment home and are willing to go the extra mile.

Grindstone Canyon is a great place to live and I would advise anyone that I know to live there. I have a pet and they are very okay with her and are very accomadating

I think the internet service could be better. The internet stops working on me sometimes. Other than that, everything else is great about Grindstone Canyon; staff is friendly and the noise level is low.

I really love the locations and the complex is really pretty. They spend time making sure the outdoor area always looks nice and they're always really responsive

I enjoy the facilities and community activities offered at Grindstone Canyon. However, I find that some of the other residents are loud at times, which makes it difficult to study. I think the rent is reasonable given the furnishings and other facilities, but the utilities are much more expensive than other apartments I have looked at. Additionally, the WiFi cuts out frequently, which is very frustrating.

This app is really fun. It is nice to get something back from the community while also giving. It runs a little slow, but nothing too aggravating.

The internet needs improvement and then beds are extremely uncomfortable but those are the only two real complaints. Replace the beds and fix the internet that's the general complaint concensus.

The parking lot up front around building B gets extremely full during the evening. Also people fly through the parking lot and there are a lot of blind spots. Super great with being pet friendly though!

We are having loads of issues with our apartment that require having to order new parts or a new system, It is a very annoying hassle. We shouldn't be having this many problems.

Nice apartments and great amenities. Plenty of space and nice furnishings. Only problem I have living here is finding parking spaces at night.

Grindstone Canyon is a great place to live! It's close to campus with a quick shuttle. The apartments are nice and roomy. Though they can be a bit delayed when fixing maintenance issues and the internet could use improvement, overall it is a very nice place to spend your time in college.

Grindstone Canyon is honestly a good place to live. We have the best sunset view everyday and facing the woods is very quiet and comfortable. We are very happy to live here :)

Everyone is Great! Love the apt and the amenities. The maintenance is always kept up and the guys are helpful... the green areas are clean!!

The apartments are great, good size and the furniture is very nice. The staff is always happy to help, especially the maintenance workers. A fine place to live.