I love living at the grove! Everyone is so nice and the eminities are top notch. The apartments are really nice and for the most part it’s pretty quiet.

The Grove at Auburn has been a great place for me to live this year so far. Compared to dorm life last year, this is a great improvement. The apartment is clean and amenities are very useful each day.

I like how the apartment is furnished and inludes utilities and internet. The tiger transit stop is also amazing! The maintenance people are great. Major trash problems. Needs to be better waste management around here

The Grove is a great place to live. I am pleased with the management and the amenities. The location to campus and community events are a plus

I enjoy living at the Grove because of the location and the business center. The proximity to campus is awesome and I enjoy when the office gives out free Chick-fa-la breakfast as I leave for class in morning.

I love the community and the apartment is the perfect size. The bugs...I am not a fan of. But the location is good, and overall the apartment is good.

Always welcome parents to site. Receptive to any ideas and complaints are addressed in a timely fashion. Feel safe with daughter living there.

The Grove offers so many incredible amenities. The pool is beautiful and the gym and courts are so nice. The bedrooms, bathrooms and closets are huge!

Its been great, it's loud sometimes, but thats ok because all of the people I have met are awesome. One thing that I wish would be fixed is that my room is on the first floor and there is a buzzing noise that goes off in the storage closet that I can hear when I am trying to sleep.

I just transferred to Auburn, so I really wasn't sure how I would feel living away from home. So far, I really enjoy living here and I would definitely recommend this community to my friends!

This is a great first apartment for me!! It’s close to campus and within walking distance to the frat houses if I chose to go there. It’s just very convenient the location and the rooms are nice and new looking compared to other apartments near by. Also the closets are amazing and having my own bathroom is a dream.

Its hern great so far. The rooms have PLENTY of space and the amenities are just wonderful. The only extra thinf I would appreciate would be a hot tube and/or the pool to be heated.

I really enjoy living here. My apartment unit is really wonderful and I love my building location. Being close to campus as well as right beside the transit stop is great.

Been living at the Grove for the third semester now. Haven't faced any major problems yet. Friendly and cooperative staff. The lab and the game room is pretty convenient if you just want to take a break or study.

Love living at the Grove!!! Everyone is really friendly, the rooms are nice, and it’s close to campus! The staff is always nice and really helpful

The Grove really stepped it up in the last year in terms of maintenance and management, Much better than my first year living there! Very helpful staff and the grounds were kept relatively clean.

Just recently moved in and it was an easy and fast experience. Loving the place so far! The community feel here is great and the grounds are well maintained .

The apartment has a good amount of amenities as well as good room layouts. The roommate matching service was very good. Four stars because there was a lot of maintenance that needed to be done when I moved in

It’s only been five days but already feels like a home. The staff is nice and the place is very clean! The amenities are great. The game room is nice and the pool is awesome!

The Grove staff is amazing-I have called them numerous times to ask questions and confirm stuff. They are super outgoing and always ready to help. Its just a great community.

It could get very dirty and usually takes about 2 days to clean. Great area and neighbors. Apartments could be better but they aren’t bad. The pool is awesome.

Yooooo this place is dope. Haven't moved in yet but im excited af. Lobby looks really nice and everyone is friendly and helpful. I need to rack up these points up.

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The community is really nice and i felt really welcome here. The staff is very professional and genuinely care about helping you. It can get loud at times, but it is just a minor inconvenience.

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I look forward to living at the grove this upcoming semester as there is a pool, grill, and basketball court. The rooms look very nice and parking is included.

great place so far! I move in this upcoming fall semester with my friend and I love it so far. the pool and the workout facility are fantastic and it will be a great year