I enjoy everything about this place , the people are nice , and the amount of support we are instantly given is extremely useful and helpful

The grove is a super awesome place to live i greatly enjoy being here and the atmosphere is great!! i love how i am able to bring my dog with me!!

The apartment was clean, and ready for our move in. It's so nice having a large bathroom, closet and bedroom, it feels like you are really getting your money worth. The train is just loud and comes by a lot.

Although maintence was swamped the first few days, any issues were resolved within a reasonable amount of time and I really enjoy the many amenities that The Grove offers to its residents.

Been an amazing experience! Everyone from the grove has been incredibly helpful. The living situation is very nice and everything has been super easy!

everyone here is nice. they pretty much keep to themselves. some other apartments are loud, but that is to be expected on any college campus.

There is a great staff at the Grove Cheney that has made my experience moving into my first apartment as easy as possible. They are fairly knowledgeable, and I am excited to be living here!

The grove is a great place to live in Cheney. The rooms are quieter than I thought except when there's parties lol. Parking can be difficult when the lot is full and you have to park on the other side of the complex from your building

I moved in a week ago, i Expected to place to be a lot smaller than it ended up being. It’s a nice surprise to have it more spacious, with plenty of storage space in the closet and conveniently close to stores in town

The Grove is convenient, affordable, and has lots of enjoyable amenities. There is plenty of parking and it feels extremely safe. I think I'm really going to enjoy living here!

So far so good ! I have been staying in The Grove for about 8 months now & it has been good so far. I havent hady anything to complain about.

This place has it flaws, but the staff is amazingly friendly and welcoming, I felt like I was a part of a new family. My roommates I was paired with are great and a bit like me so we don't fight much, if at all. I just feel like this is my home for college

It's been a great, welcoming place to live so far. I love the 24 hour gym so I always have time to work out. Also, the staff is very personable and helpful.

My experience here has overall been wonderful. The staff and community are so kind and welcoming. Whenever there is an issue they always get right in it and work with you really well.

Love my roommates and my apartment has everything i need. Still trying to figure out the thermostat but everything else is good so far. Excited for what this year will bring!

The grove is a great place to live if you enjoy a laid back environment with a chance to meet great people. The staff is always helpful and have great attitudes.

So far I am really loving this place, and there is always fun activities going on, and everyone I have encountered so far is pretty friendly.

So far, it's pretty nice living here! I like that it's quiet, though I do wish some people would clean up after their dogs, but its not a deal breaker for me. It's also super close to campus, so I can save on gas!

Moving in was great and I enjoy how our apartment came out and also the people we are surrounded are super nice and are willing to get to know us.

I enjoyed living at the grove for its several amenities and activities for residents. The cleaning fees were a little ridiculous towards the end but otherwise I had a good experience.

The grove is a great place to stay although the rent is on the higher side their are also great benefits I enjoy my time here. Another downside of the apartment is the pool which is on the smaller side.

The Grove is a great apartment complex for me because it's not too far from campus especially since I don't have a car. Staff is helpful. I like the fact that pets are allowed.

Everyone has been so helpful and made this transition easier than I would have thought possible! The staff was easy to work with and I have no doubt that this next year will be a blast.

Third year at this apartment complex. Apartment size is nice and The Grove hosts events all year round for residents to enjoy free food and giveaways.

I have not moved in officially, although the staff has been very helpful answering every question I've had about moving in! I am very excited!