Very nice and clean apartment complex, very dog-friendly as well! Apartment interiors and common areas are very spacious and conveniently already come furnished.

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The apartment is very nice and I one be living there. It is not too far from the campus and is a nice quick walk in the morning to school! My roommate and I love living st the grove!

I really enjoy the amenities. I like the gym and especially the pool area. I also really like how there is a coffee bar it was really nice to have during finals week.

The Grove is my other home away from home. They are very helpful and friendly. They are awesome at announcing events and the best part is free coffee!

It is a very nice place to live! I really enjoy it! I wish the rent was a little cheaper, but I am okay with it for now! The staff is very friendly, and i like the free printing.

Very nice and safe neighborhood. Good place to be with friends and lots of community activities. Apartment is large and has washer and dryer included.

Love the grove. Also like how they offer free food and activities during finals and randomly throughout the months. The caramel apples were dank and so were the s'mores. Thanks!

So far I am happy with how the homes look and the stuff inside the community building. Wish that the sign up process was simpler and that there

Everything at the grove is nice and it is a well suited home for a college student. The only problem I have had with the Grove is the cable company is not very good

I love it here and I feel like it's home. Everyone is so happy and outgoing like me. The roommates I have are awesome. The weather is great.

Could have been paired with roommates my age. I'm not a fan of living with freshman as a senior. I love the grove though and all that they have to offer to residents.

I have never in my experience at the Grove have I ever had a problem. The staff is professional, helpful, and attentive to help me with anything that I may have questions on. I'm truly going to miss living here! Thank you Grove for all of the awesome memories!

It's great, everyone is very friendly. I love the welcoming atmosphere, and of course I love the pool! All of the apartments are in great shape, I feel like they are brand new.

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The apartments look great with a very nice look to them for your money. Somethings can be better like mismatching chairs or a squeaky door but for the most part pretty goo

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Been living here for couple of months and I’m enjoying my time here! Just renewed my least here for next year along with my roommates. Great place to live

I like how convenient the location of the grove is to campus and the numerous amenities they offer to residents living there. Would definitely recommend to students who want to live close to campus.

Awesome repair time. I hadn't even submitted an official work order yet, just mentioned an issue while I was in the office and they got it fixed.

I have had a good experience with the grove. I enjoy all of the extra things they have to offer. It has been nothing short of fantastic and fun

Absolutely LOV The Grove. I had a bad roomate experience and the staff was very understanding and helped me through a move and is always a happy place to be!

I love where the Grove is located. I feel like I'm close enough to campus for classes, but not too close. I also have the best views being on the south side!

I have enjoyed it so far. This is my second year at the grove and renewed the lease for a third year. I like the location as well as the amenities included so it was a no brainer to resign.

The apartment is nice. The employees are great. Any issues I have they take care of it with little hassle. My neighbors can get a bit loud but it’s not going to make me leave the Grove.

The rooms are very nice and have a cozy feel. Being close to campus and Dutch bros is also a huvee perk for me. Whenever I go to the front desk no matter how many questions I have the staff is always kind and helpfull

Every time I visit the community I always have a pleasant experience it is an easy neighboorhood to navigate. I can not wait to live here this coming Fall in 2018.

Love living here super fun and nice apartments. Location is great, walking distance from NAU and not far from restaurants and shopping. Highly recommend