I think the Community Assistants are doing a fantastic job. I was given an awesome tour and all my questions were answered. If it wasn't for the community assistants I wouldn't have been so egar to sign my lease at the Grove for Fall 2017.

The grove has been effective and efficient with any and all requests made over furniture and apartments. Only complaint is dog owners in complex that do not pick up after their pets.

As I have yet to move into the grove community, I have observed and been around the are well enough to know what it is like. I have heard great reviews both online and in person in regards to the community itself. The amenities that it provides seem very beneficial and fun for everyone.

So far, so good! The leasing process was simple and easy. I am really looking forward to living at the Groves next year. It is in a perfect location with great amenities!

Staff incredibly welcoming and helpful. Everything is clear and to the point about finances & resident responsibilities. Really enjoy the atmosphere and character of the grove apartments!

The Grove is a really nice place to live and it is close to campus, so I like Grove a lot. The apartments are nice and the staff is really nice as well.

The workers are very helpful and kind. When I was first deciding whether or not to sign a lease one particular worker kept calling to check up on me and answered all questions I had. They workers definitely take care of you.

Good and fun community area and the customer service when applying to the appartments was super helpful every time we called. I am excited to live here.

Though I have not yet moved in, I absolutely love the apartment complex. The rooms are very spacious and it is great to have both a walk in closes and bathroom for each room. All the amenities and fun things in the grove like the pool and volleyball court are great as well.

Love the location, how each unit has its own bathroom, the pool area, volleyball court, parking, and how the apartments are outside. Management could use more training.

The complexes are spacious along with friendly service and plenty of things to do at the complex. The grove is inclusive and thought of important things that students need including the printing room.

I love it! The grove had an awesome atmosphere that is very friendly! I love hanging around the pool area and playing some games in the lounge. Their gym is the perfect size

Nice place to live since it's so close to campus. the management is prompt about taking care of maintenance requests and is always friendly.

these apartments are nice i really enjoy the community atmosphere however, they do get pretty loud at times so before living here you should be aware of that.

Very welcoming and I'm excited to live there next year. website is easy to understand and navigate, making paying and managing my account very easy.

like the community and the rooms are aight. the basketball hoops are nice except one of the nets is half cut off, ummmm. and is there a hot tub?

Great so far! They're the first apartment complex in Fort Collins to seem to really care about their residents and is unlike some of the other apartments I've stayed at.

They are doing a good job at trying to make a come back, but honestly the maintenance is the biggest problem. I love the location though and the bus stop is super convenient!

All in all I have had a great experience at the grove, one problem is it seems to take along time for a matiance guy to come fix things. It would be nice to have someone come either that day or within the next few days.

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The grove is doing great. I'm almost half way into my lease and haven't had too many problems that couldn't be fixed by letting the leasing office know.

First time using so it's hard to say. All of the rewards seem to be sold out. We will see how it goes! Looks promising for sure. Apparently this review looks like spam

Living at the grove has been a great experience! The staff here is always extremely nice and maintenance is completed exeptionally quickly !

Great place to live, good community, friendly staff. Amenities are great good place to hang out, close to campus and all the exciting places in Fort collins

I really enjoy living at the grove. There have only really been some minor management problems. Service requests usually take quite awhile to be completed. Trash is usually all around our building (beer cans especially). I also have frequent problems with noise in other apartments. It seems strange that an apartment right above the office playing extremely loud music doesn't bother and of the staff. Overall, the grove is a nice place to live.