Had a good time with great people, maintenance is quick when there is a problem and the front desk can be very helpful. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because my room was messy when I showed up.

The experience was very good. Good location, apartment was set up well liked the individual locks on each bedroom, was easy to make payments.

Great location and nice apartments. I appreciate easy one payment per month and all that is included in the apartment like laundry machines and furniture.

very easy to use the website and other platforms to achieve a lease, didn't have to be on a wait list and this place comes with a free parking space, can't wait till move in day.

Place is good, parking kinda sucks. Not bad for rent, and people are friendly. Management is decent, but sometimes rude. They have fun activities, and Good amendities.

The gym is cleaner; the events are on point, staff is very nice and helpful! The neighbors are mediocre! The only thing I would suggest is putting a stair master in the gym and opening the pool at least for tanning and grilling at the beginning of May. So many people are upset about the late pool opening.

So far the grove has been great, I don’t move in until August but everything I’ve seen makes it amazing. I really like how close it is to campus and the gym and pool. To top it all off it’s within my budget which is super nice.

The grove is a very nice apartment, you have your own bathroom and walk in closet. When you request maintenance work they are always quick to respond and fix the problem.

Great place to live with walking distance to campus. The only downside is that the walls are thin so whenever you or someone comes in the walls shake from the door.

I loved living here. Most front desk people are very nice. The only downfall is the walls are thin and the landscaping all around is always full of dog poop or trash

I have been a loyal resident since the summer of 2016. There have been some issues while I have been a resident but most of them have been taken care of eventually. Maintenance is beginning to resolve work orders much more quickly than before. Living in the clubhouse is great, but also sucks because there is no increases "allowance" for utilities even though we pay $50 more and looking at the dirty pool everyday isn't very pleasant. Other than that, I love it here and will be here for another year!

It is really friendly and i like all of the things in the apartment and all of the awesome things the grove has to offer, the free food is pretty nice too

I have not moved in yet but when i went on tour the staff was very nice and helped us with every thing that my roomates and I needed. The show appartment also looked very nice and I cannot wait to live here.

I love the grove!! Everyone who works there is super nice and really easy to work with. They explain wverything super well and make sure to help solve problems fast

I don’t have an apartment yet, but I’ve been to my sisters a lot. I like the atmosphere here and the fact that as a resident you don’t have to worry about bills too much. It’s nice to just pay rent each month and just focus on school and work. I’m really impressed by these apartments and look forward to moving in this summer!

The staff has been awesome and always helpful. I love the clubhouse events but wished the clubhouse or at least the game room could be open later even if it's with key fob access like the gym.

The apartment staff is very helpful and outgoing. While touring the complex, we were shown many of the aspects such as the living arrangements, outdoor spaces, and the clubhouse. Everything was very clean and everyone was very pleasant.

Good part: the apartment is located in quite place and has a clean environment, close to parks. Bad parts: the big trash house could be more clean and the door is heavy dirt wood

Its been great everyones very nice and welcoming. I love the location and being close to campus. The apartments are really nice and feel at home to me

The Grove is nice for the most part. Sometimes I feel as if we are getting over charged for what is available to us. But then again the prices are going up around us as well. Overall I love the Grove.

Has been good this year so far. Maintenance has improved a lot since the new management and respond very quickly. The only thing is that the walls are paper thin.

I really like how helpfully and friendly the staff is however they are unable to answer all questions which can be a little frustrating. However overall they seem to do a good job of finding the answers in a timely manor.

Through all the ups and down through out my time here I feel as if my experience has been okay. I have made good friends through the roommates I have and had.

The maintenance crew is great! Staff is nice too. I have a pretty view of the sunrise from my room every morning which is lovely! So far I have had a good experience here, I even resigned my lease!

The amenities have been amazing and whenever I put in a maintenance request it gets done within the week. Everyone is so nice and I appreciate the help so much.