My bathroom ceiling has been leaking and an on going issue ever since I've moved in. The manager repeatedly calls my mom and I liars and continues to make up excuses.

Staff isn’t helpful, apartment was very dirty when moved it holes in the walls, carpet was dirty, fridge was dirty, dishwasher broken, toliet over flowed

Honestly it's been pretty horrible trying to talk to management. We have been told this one thing multiple time and yet nothing happens and somehow it's our fault? We have literally been calling since November of last year to figure this out.

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Dealing with bed bugs and passive management. Living here has been a nightmare, with two sprays for bed bugs so far. Took FOREVER to get a second spray, and I was honestly very discouraged by the treatment of management, telling me to deal with this inherent problem myself, until we made it a bigger issue. I cannot wait until my lease is up, this place is disgusting.

Roommate match was as bad as it gets. I am a non Smoker matched by management with two roommates that smoke. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the unit!

I am a new resident here at the Grove. The first couple days as I settled down I believed living at the Grove would be satisfying. However, it has not been around 6 weeks and it is terrible. There is no hot water, the furniture was bought at the 99 cent store, and the wifi is terrible to do homework with. Also, the show room is false advertisement.

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I used to be happy living at The Grove, but after seeing how much management "really cares" about their residents is not fair. The pool has been closed the entire summer and they don't care to send out an email letting the residents know what the issue is, which I think we have every right to know.

I feel like y'all charge unnecessary fees and are intentionally incompetent in terms of communication sometimes. It has cost me actual money, I haven't been able to use amenities, and I can't rely on maintenance to fix something promptly without the constant reminder. For the amount of money I am paying to live here it shouldn't be so difficult to get ahold of someone nor should I have to jump through hoops to do the basic things like paying rent. The front office is disorganized and as a result, my problem may get bounced back and forth between managers for months before it actually gets fixed. It took like three weeks for me to get my mail key. And the lease agreement is exploiting the renters by charging all these exorbitant fees for things that should be the company's responsibility.

I have not had a good experience so far! My apartment was very dirty when I moved in that I could not actually move my stuff in until the housing staff cleaned my apartment - they are also not prompt with maintenance requests!

I move in today and even though I’ve called the leasing office many times a week for the past 3 weeks they won’t give me my apt assignment. Every single time I ask they say they’re about to send it or I’ll have it no later than a certain time they continuously fail me. I regret signing this lease. If I can’t trust them before I even move in I’m nervous to see how it is actually living there.

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Pro: social atmosphere, maitinence people are nice and helpful. Cons: apartments seem cheaply build aswell as appliances, furniture is bad quality

The apartments themselves are not bad, however the management is quite horrible. I wished I had known moving in how unfriendly the staff was.

the management is kinda crappy, the property is always dirty. the unts them self are not bad, but the walls are super thin and easy to hear through.

Management doesn't care about the residents. They barely fix broken things, and even sometimes they don't fix them until you annoy them enough. My AC was broken for 4 summer months before they bothered to call someone to come and fix it.

The Maintenence staff is about 4 years behind on repairs and my apartment has been leaking for a month. Upon moving in I found numerous things broken that took weeks to fix.

Although the Grove does have nice facilities that are both spacious and fitting for a college student, the management is definitely sub-par. When we had bed bugs they were incredibly rude and unhelpful. Despite what it says in the lease, there are health code laws that require apartment complexes to create safe and clean housing for their residents and bed bugs are definitely a health hazard. The rooms also weren't clean when we moved in. Definitely would not recommend anyone living here.

The student staff at the desk has been very helpful, however, our rooms were not cleaned when we moved in in august, and the professional staff were rude and unhelpful with our bedbug problem

It’s a place to live and a roof over my head but that’s the only good thing I have to say. The gym is tiny, the tanning beds barely work, the maintenenance is unreliable, the management is awful, and the overall quality of the apartments/furniture is terrible. It would be one thing if it was cheap but it’s up there in price with all of the other apartment complexes in Fort Collins that are 10 times nicer.

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I just moved in and I was very excited to live here but was disappointed the moment I moved in. My room was so dirty and disgusting (stained carpet, pubic hair in the dirty toilet, staining on the mattress), the view from my room is also disappointing considering it looks into the parking lot and everyone can see in my room when the blinds are open (a small tree would help the privacy issue). I've noticed that many other buildings have nice grass and trees around them while my building (7) only had over grown weeds. When I brought these issues to the attention of a staff member he said "well you have to understand this is a college apartment". Yes I understand that but that doesn't mean the landscaping and rooms shouldn't be well maintained considering the cost of living here. As of right now I am unhappy with my apartment and staff and would not recommend living here to any other college student.

The front office workers are rude and keep you in the dark about issues with your apartment. A'so nomenof the owners pick up there dog poop so it is everywhere. Even on the sidewalk.

My experience has been filled with empty promises (not fulfilling a signing promotion, not fixing a hole in my wall [made by prior residents], ect.) and a terrible first week here. Not only was the first apartment that I was given uninhabitable, but then the replacement was not much better. It would be an understatement to say I am completely disappointed, but that's where I will leave it.

I feel like theses apartments are way over pryfor what they have to offer. I pay the most in rent out of all my friends and yeah they are a little nicer I do not feel it is worth an extra 150-200$ per month.

Have not even moved in yet and feel like we picked the wrong place. The Grove is deffinetly losing its cool. Between the Districts and the Cottages the future of the Grove is not looking like a bountiful harvest. Staff is unprepared for questions, move in date is really late, and billing has already over charged us (they fixed it but still).

Management is inattentive towards work orders. I have reported the leak in the ceiling several times and nothing has been done. Additionally, people keep entering the apartment without notice or permission. We don't know who they are or why the grove has given them keys to the apartment.

The apartments are okay but have had many problems since moving in. When I moved in there was actually maggots in my sink and the keys to my bedroom door didn't work and have still not been fixed.