So far it’s been great! If I’ve ever had a problem, they’ve been very kind and fixed it for me. The community is great and they do a lot to make us come together.

So far there have been a few bumps in the road I have been unfortunately dealing with since move in but the staff is very helpful and capable of working with residents

People are kind and friendly. The apartments look nice and clean. I just wish they had a system for when employees are going to show up for furniture or to fix something etc.

Friendly staff, upgraded appliances, fully furnished, cute neighborly dogs. 24 hr library and gym! Exciting events almost every week for people to mingle.

So far has been great. Weather has helped. The place has plenty of parking. Love the extra stuff such as the game room. The pool has been great. The staff is awesome always have a smile on their face.

Staff and community here are amazing! Love the pool too. If you are looking for an amazing apartments to meet new amazing people than the Grove is the place you!

The kitchen was much smaller than I expected the dryer doesn’t work work and it was very dirty. But the people have been so nice and the whole place is awesome.

I love the grove moscow! The fact that they’re pet friendly was a must for me. I also love the pool, the staff, and the fun events they host at the club house!

The location is great and close to campus! The staff is always super helpful; if they don't know the answer, they will find someone who does. Overall a great experience. I'm starting my second year at the Grove soon.

I mean. You all alright. But have you tried Wendy’s 4 for 4 deal though?! Because they are pretty Phenomenal. Who trying to come to Wendy’s with me?! I’m buying!!! 4 For 4!!!!!

It’s been great so far! We will see what’s to comeback later in the year. I’m hoping it’s a steady liking and not a roller coaster of trials

I haven't moved in yet, but they keep putting these in my inbox, so...Hurray! 5 stars!!!! Wooooo!!!! What? 140 Character minimum? That's probably to encourage people to post meaningful reviews. Too bad i dont move in for a couple days...

I really have enjoyed living here. I moved from California with my partner and my dog and have had a great experienc so far. Overall the people have been welcoming and kind. The amenities and cost at The Grove are amazing.

I love the Grove. They are really involved and generous with all of the residents. The Grove has great features that any person would love: great staff, gym and constant social attractions.

Living at the grove has been an amazingly experience especially with all the staff being super nice and friendly. The pool and gym was my favourite part.

Everything so far hasn’t been great the fully furnished apartments are awesome! The laundry room is so nice because it is right in our room.

I Haven’t moved in yet but everyone I talk to who lives here loves it so I’m very excited to move in. Also I’m able to have my dog here with me which is a huge bonus

Oven had amazing service since day one everyone at the grove had madness moving easier. With being able to call and get the answer I need or even just them calling me to make sure I understood everything. I’d recommend the grove to everyone!

I have lived here since 2017 and plan to for the next year. I have enjoyed my roommate matches and have had a great experience. Staff has been friendly and I haven't had any issues as a resident.

Super friendly staff! Very big bedrooms and bathrooms The outside is always upkept. I love the gym and tanning. Very happy with everything so far.

I have loved living here for the past 3 years and enjoy the complex and the amenities. My only complaint that hasn’t hindered my experience quite a bit is the way that it is ran, it puts the workers in tough spots because of the shortcomings and rules of the company

Overall living here at the Grove has been a great experience. It's in a really nice and safe location. The staff is super helpful and friendly and maintenance responds quickly. Before moving here I did not know who my roommates were going to be, but the Grove matched me with wonderful roommates who I got along with wonderfully. The only complaint I have is that it can get pretty noisy at times. Our upstairs neighbors would come in late at night and would stomp loudly. When the weather is nice there are usually quite a few people playing at the volley ball courts and pool and they would have really loud music on for quite a while. However, I was studying for my masters so for other people this might not bother them as much if they don't have a lot of studying to do.

Very friendly and helpful staff, in both maintenance and the main office. Pet friendly and a nice package of amenities are convenient and helpful. Has been a pleasure living Here for the last 4 years! Highly recommend!

Living at the Grove has been great! The staff is so nice and the apartment has all the things I could ask for and more. I’m so glad I renewed.

Good place to live but the subleasing process is not easy to do, they don't help you find a person. The front desk people were very responsive though