my experience living here has been great so far, I like having my own space and my own bathroom, just wish i interacted more with my roommates or had more things in common.

good staff & i love my roommates! the pool is fun during the summer, the gym is easy access and tanning beds are nice. love the fun activities they put on

Great place for student living. Of course the downside to that is occasionally you will here other tenets playing loud music. Staff is friendly but they have to follow strict rules which can be frustrating.

i personally feel that the people who work here are great. Whenever i go get my mail they are always nice. But the management is kind of putting to me. I also wish there was at least another trash area instead of it being on one side of the property.

Walls are thin and often I can hear people walking on the stairs at all hours. I enjoy having a washer and dryer in the unit and private bathroom is a plus.

I love the grove for its amenities. I also love the floor plans and the level of privacy. The office folk are great about helping you with whatever they can do. However, if it is something that they can not do and that the upper/regional management needs to, then good luck because you will be waiting a while. I also enjoy being on the edge of town. It makes for watching beautiful sunrises/sunsets over the Palouse.

It's an absolutely amazing experience so far! I got paired with great roommates and the community get togethers show you to meet a lot more People.

Since moving in, the grove has been a wonderful place to live. The grounds are very well maintained and the staff is super friendly! My neighbors are nice and the apartment is in great condition

The Grove is a nice place to live in, amenities are good and community life is satisfactory. However, maintenance could be faster and the location could be closer to campus.

I love living at the Grove! Having my own room and bathroom is exceptional. The common living room and kitchen are spacious and allow for great times with my roommate!

Besides not being informed on everything the grove offers (previous renter should have). I have greatly appreciated the help from all Grove staff members.

Overall it’s been nice leaving here. The clubhouse team is always available and efficient in dealing with any issues or questions that have arises for me. So far so good!

My stay at the grove has been very fun. We had a little bit of issues in the beginning with our upgrades and miscommunication, but now everything is perfect. I am so happy to be living in such a nice place, where there is fun events and staff!

Been great overall however management communication with residents has been below average. Complex is very clean and kept nice. The programs they provide for residents are awesome!

I like living here and my roommate is great. I have run into a few issues that were annoying but figured out. The pool is great and the staff is very friendly. AC compressors next to the window which makes some noise from time to time. hope they can find a solution to that. overall great.

Very nice apartments, I love having my own space but also a large shared living space. The privacy and feeling of luxury that comes from having your own bathroom and walk in closet is amazing!

I recently touched into a replacement housing once being in my previous place for over 5 years. I’ve touched into innumerable residences before, however this is often the primary case within which I’ve had many time — a touch over 2 months — to contemplate the move. each previous move felt hurried, that meant creating plenty of compromises in terms of location, article of furniture choice and post-move setup. I’ve noticed some things this overshoot that ironed the method or benefited the result in how. perhaps they’ll facilitate create your go in a replacement housing successful.

My experience with the Grove has gotten better the less I have had to deal with the management (maintenance team and front counter workers are great).

So far, so good. I especially like the accommodations provided for my dog. I am concerned that the dog waste procedures are not being followed by all residents. The solid waste and recycling procedures need improvement. In this regard I'm concerned that the level of recycling is not as high as it should be. Also, I see lots of loose trash/recyclable materials blowing around the grounds and it is not being picked up in an efficient manner. I don't hold your employees responsible; it is some of of the "younger" residents. Your maintenance staff have been very helpful and are hard working based on my observations. I do pick up some of this material on a voluntary basis but I don't think it is my job. Overall, I like this facility and I'm going to my first waffle Wednesday. Thanks.

Seems as if the Maintenance simply doesn't care at this point. Needed a fix for A/C for weeks and they came in once, said they would come back with the proper parts and never came back. Along with water coming through the ceiling and the below average floor installation that came along with new wall scuffs and scrapes after the fact, this has been a less than great start to the year.

I love the grove ! It is very spacious and super dog friendly! The community events are great and everyone here is so friendly. My room is very spacious and it is overall a great living experience.

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So far it's been great! I love using the fitness center and having my own bathroom and closet and not to mention my own room! A good roommate helps as well

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Whenever there I have a concern about anything, the office staff has it sorted fairly quickly- sometimes faster than I expect. Maintenance has responded to requests within 24 hours of initial contact and they’re great with my fur babies.

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The walls are paper thin. I can hear everything my neighbors around me do... when they use the shower, the washer, walking around the apartment, and the conversations.

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Management can be hard to deal with, there seems to be little to no communication between staff members. And the state of the apartment moving in looks like it wasn’t professionally cleaned. And if it was you should think of switching companies. Other than that living here is comfortable and fun.

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