I like the apartment community here at the Grove. There are events that everyone is encouraged to go to and everyone is included. It is a nice atmosphere to live in.

Whenever something is wrong with the apartment, they are up here to fix the issue within a timely manner. The staff generally knows what is going on and are more than willing to help and answer questions to the best of their knowledge.

Overall I found this place to be pretty good, only complaint being the location (since it is a good distance from campus). Also its worth noting that I still have yet to receive my incentive cards. Other than that I have received excellent service!

So far not bad. Upstairs neighbors can be loud, but maintenance is quick to repair issues. Roommate matching isn't great. I ended up with someone twice my age and we don't speak the same language which is starting to become an issue because she keeps changing the temperature.

At first, there were some issued with room assignments but the grove got things in order so that everyone got places with comparable people.

Apartment and community is good. Though the wall protectors are in strange places, I have one that is not near a door and another one on a door that does not even open.

I enjoy my house and my roommates and feel the staff cares about me! I love coming home and being around everybody here and the atmosphere is so great!

What a great place, so many nice people and mostly college kids. That helps because we all can interact and get rowdy with each other lol. Idk great place tho, really good facilities too

So far so good! Really enjoying living at the grove. One of the best perks is having a 24 hour fitness center. I can’t wait to see what else the grove has to offer!

Great place to live with friends, inside of apartment not maintained the best before move in. Would live again, but not with current broken items before move in occurred.

Clean room on move in, and the staff was very helpful; they even offered to stay late to make sure I got keys to the room. Only issues are the thin walls.

There is always something happening within the community it is awesome! At the same time, some people aren't always considerate on weekdays and constantly slam doors or play music loudly.

Living at the Grove in Moscow, Idaho has been a wonderful experience. It's a nice gated community with many amenities and services not provided by most apartment companies. I am going on my second year living here, and I'm thinking about a third. You don't even have to be a student to live here!

Though I have only lived at the grove for a month or so, I have found it to be a great place to live. I love that it is pet friendly, and having the pool and gym makes it a great little community.

Well everything is good and I'm really happy for living here and it is really cool to see people all around over here so thankful for all of you

I really enjoy my roommates and the club house's events are great. Waffle Wednesdays are the best days of my life. There service is supreme.

I'm really loving living with my best friend and my furbabies! There's so much space that we cook every night and have coffee every morning!

Everything has been great so far! A couple things have broken in our apartment but work orders are fairly easy to put in, which is great! The apartments are not as sound proof as I would like, for I hear my neighbors cupboards a lot or hear them going into their apartment, but nothing so noisey that I have had to call the front desk. It's a great experience so far!

The grove is awesome the only thing is the other residence hitting cars and not reporting it. I feel as if Cameras would be a good idea in the parking lots.

I've enjoyed the coffee and everyone has been super welcoming, but having a bit of hardship finding where things are. For example, the community garbage is somewhere, but I don't know.

The apartments are wonderful, but some people don't always pick up after their dogs. The furniture is nice and sturdy, which is another plus.

The amenities are great when the weather isn't crappy. The maintenance is quick at solving problems and very friendly. I appreciate everything they have done.

Nice apartment. I am glad that i get to have my dog and that the Grove has features for dogs. I would like the dog park to be a little bigger and more secure but that is it.

Smells gross, parking is a nightmare, there's so many things breaking in my apartment, however I will say having a pool is wonderful. Staff is relitilvly nice, male Manager however is extremely rude

This is a great place to live! Very clean and affordable! The staff is very friendly and are always willing to help the residents when needed.