It's nice to have bedrooms, bathrooms, and closet to yourself. The rooms aren't perfect, but the employees are kind and always willing to help with any problems.

The apartment was not cleaned before moving in. Everything was dirty and floors were busted. Had an odd scent. Person at front desk was not helpful and did not know a lot about the Grove.

I just moved in and so far everything is going good. I enjoy having my own bathroom and closet, it makes things really convenient. Also, the staff seem really nice and are helpful.

I really like the layout of my room and having my own bathroom and walk in closet Is amazing. The on-site gym and the location to the bus stop is one of the best things about living here.

The staff is very nice and helpful. The buildings are arranged well making it easy to find your apartment. The view from the complexes is beautiful.

Living at the grove has been an amazing experience. I love my roommates and all of the amenities. I really enjoy having a private bathroom and a walk in closet a the common space for my roommates.

I am very pleased with the grove! I love it and how close it is to campus. The apartments are huge and I have the perfect amount of space. And I love that the staff is so friendly as well as helpful.

It’s been cool I like the pool the weight room is dope. The football team gets to grill round the the pool. The bus to Walmart is pretty clutch.

Looking at the pictures of the apartment, I would say it looks good though I haven’t seen it in person. And I have heard a lot about it so it will be amazing to live there.

Great living here, nice place, this is is just a really great apartment. Good place. This is a nice place to live. The apartment has bedrooms and bathrooms.

So far the Grove is the best apartment complex I've lived in, in Pullman. The space, the amenities, the staff, and the location is great! There is a lot available to residents and the service is great!

The rooms are so cute and perfect for my roommates and I! We love that we each have our own rooms and bathrooms! We are so excited to spend the year in the grove together:)

I have sent the maintenance required one week ago, but there isn’t anyone fixed it. Also, when I move into the apartment, everything is messy and not clean, I need to clean it By myself .

I haven't moved in yet, but every time that I have called or interacted with the grove and their employees it has been amazing !!!! can't wait to move in (:

I haven't had too many problems other than the roommate we had last year, but he's gone now and we have a better roommate. All the employees are super nice, makes life there easy and fun.

I haven’t had a huge problem with the Grove, but my roommate did and the front desk was no help at all. It was really disappointing. They just kept telling us they didn’t have a manager so they couldn’t help. Doesn’t make any sense.

No problems so far! From what I have experienced, everyone is super friendly and I have no doubt it will be even better once I move in. Super excited

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I have enjoyed living here the past year. While there have been a few hick-ups with maintenance requests, I have been very satisfied with the grove and wouldn't live anywhere else.

I haven’t moved in yet, I move in the 15th of August but the staff have been the best with helping me sign up. I have a called a couple times to ask about living arrangements and where to park my car and they not only told me where, but also mapped out nearby parking lots if the grove is full. Overall great experience!

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I love this place because it is lovely and quiet. It has a lot of utilities. For140 For140 For 140 For 140 For 140 For 140 For 140 For 140 For 140

I love living at the grove. I enjoy having my own bathroom and walk in closet and that my cat can live here too. Everyone in the office is really helpful and nice. I just wish there would be recycling services and that they would be more strict about parking for those who don't live here. Other than that, I love it here.

The place is well furnished. Clean and a great location next to campus. The rent is affordable, and comes with awesome amenitites; the fitness center, and a pool.

Overall the unit was really nice to have but at times it felt really cheaply constructed. The walls are thin and not well insulated, the kitchen cabinets are kind of already falling apart. All of our repairs were always met with almost instant repairs though so that was nice =. The office staff was also really helpful but at the beginning of Fall 2018 it was obvious that management was a flaming garbage heap so I'm glad that got figured out.

There was a terrible communication. I did not enjoy my experience because of the managers not knowing how to communicate well. My roommate match was no where near accurate and maintenance would never even show up.

The staff is super sweet and kind. The apartments are nice to live in. The puppies that neighbors have are usually sweet and its fun to see them aorund.