Maintenance helps you very quickly if anything needs fixed. The View also tries to hold something (a party, food, activities) every month for their residents.

doing great, excellent community events and services provided in this complex. I like have you have your own room and bathroom. I like the view

Have loved living at the View so far. The Apartment was all ready for my move in. I was able to quickly pick up my move in packet and get settled. It made the process easy.

Very good I love living here everyone is very friendly and helpful. Furthermore I really like all the activities and stuff there is to do at

The View is a great place to likve. The staff is friendly, and they have the best amenities and services to make you feel just like home! :D

Very good everyone is very friendly and the apartments are very nice. Whenever we have a problem it is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

The view is a great community. I love having my own bedroom/bathroom and have found the community and employees to be friendly and accommodating. The rent being raised was unexpected and unfortunate because it is so expensive. I am happy with my apartment though.

Living at The View has a ton of perks, like a clubhouse with a gym and free coffee, most utilities included in rent, and the ability to own a pet. There is a bus pass included in rent as well, which is super convenient for getting on and off campus. The staff has always been friendly towards me, I just wish the clubhouse had extended hours.

I think the app is a very good way to connect with the community as well as giving people who live in that community free rewards for being in that community

Great apartment complex with a majority of your utilities included. Downside we do not receive some of the major TV channels (ABC, NBC, CBS).

Overall the apartment is doing well. Though I do wish there could be a few changes here. I've noticed that other apartments in the area have longer/24-7 hours for their clubhouses while ours closes at 7pm. If there could be later hours to 10pm at the minimum that would be great.

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Really spacious apartments. Huge bathrooms/bedrooms and nice sized closet. Great amenities. Love the free coffee and printing. Beautiful pool and clubhouse

I have really enjoyed my time at The View even though I have only been here for a few months. The apartment is awesome especially with the private bathroom. People are nice, and the gym and pool are awesome.

The View has a lot of great amenities and holds events for the community rather frequently. The people living here are really friendly as well.

Open the club house later so residents can print and use the study area at any time. I'm hoping for more things to do at the club hose such as drink

Love this place so far! Very dog-friendly for my pup, 24-hour fitness center is convenient, and the pool is great after a long day. Also love the mountain view!

The View at State College is an awesome quiet place to live with a ton of awesome amenities and lots of free food and events! Staff and maintenance are also extremely helpful and friendly.

"The View" is a simple yet very fitting name. The view from the pool deck and the upper level apartments is absolutely stunning throughout the year.

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I love living at The View! It's extremely clean and I love the area. There are a ton of resident events going on all the time, usually with food which everyone loves. :)

Everything has been really great so far! Only thing is summer hours, I'm usually at work before the clubhouse opens and get home after it closes, which is a shame and could be problematic with packages, printing, etc.

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I like the apartments and the atmosphere the staff instilled via there group gatherings and celebrations during holidays (i.e. Cinco de mayo party)

Workers are very nice and try to help you in any situation. The events are a nice touch, as well as the pool and gym. The apartments are nice. The setup is a little awkward, but overall living here is pretty good

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I really enjoy living at The View! The apartments are spacious, the Clubhouse is a great amenity, the staff are tremendously kind, and they always sponsor such awesome community events. Glad to live here!

Fast service, friendly people, and lots of things to do in the clubhouse including parties for the holidays. Overall it's a great community to live in.

Nice Amenities. Great location. Easy commute to campus on bus. The price has gone up, but still cheaper than other properties with similar amenities.