I love living here! The staff is great and while the conditions of the apartments aren’t perfect, they’re pretty close. The only complaint is that the walls are kind of thin, so if your neighbors are being loud, it can get annoying.

The apartment is great though one of your staff from the spring are quite rude when you ask her a simple question. So maybe some more training in communication with the residence would be good to think about.

I really love my experience here. Things I would improve however: -almond milk/non dairy at bistro -coffee available when bistro is closed -making sure random creepy people have not moved in with their significant others (eg. in building 3)

overall acceptable. The sound insulation is not very good. And there is construction near my apartment, it is not good. Also, it is not convenient to throw the trash

Great amenities like free coffee, gym, a good pool, etc. Maintenance is pretty fast and helpful as well. One critique I have is that I wish the gym was better stocked with more weight machines, but I understand that space is limited

I love living here at the view! For the past 2 years the amenities and staff have been great. The pool is always a joy and grocery bingo is my roommate and I's favorite part

I'be lived here for the last four years, and I'm definitely glad that I chose to live at the Grove, which then turned into the View. Even through the ownership change there weren't really any issues with figuring things out. They've always been dog friendly which is great since I have two dogs. I sure will miss living here and all the benefits that came with living here!

It’s been great living here! Everyone is nice and easy to get along with! The amenities that are offered here make the experience of living at The View amazing. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Great amenities - free events, gym, swimming pool in the summer, free coffee. Although being a student with a summer internship, the summer hours at the office are quite limiting.

its extremely noisy and the parking is horrible. I mainly moved here for the free printing, which they are threatening to cut back on. the kitchen is also too small for 3 separate residents. however, the closet, room and bathrooms are all very spacious. the leasing office sends out too much spam advertising events, it's more like an extended dorm building than a professional housing complex. also, the current hours (9-5, no weekends) make it very difficult to pick up packages

I am a huge fan of the View. I have lived here for two years and have been so thankful that I have chosen to join this community. As a graduate student, it is wonderful to have a home which is close to the action of campus while far enough away that I can study and sleep in peace. The study spaces are incredible (although the wifi has gotten much slower in the past few months), I love the free (and delicious) coffee, and the free food events and wonderful staff help me to feel at home.

Area is nice and has pretty good amenities, having a dog enclosed area would make it ideal. Rooms are pretty spacious, price is alright for what you get, wouldnt pay morr than 660 though.

The staff of The View is very good. The only reason I remove star is because of the tenants. I concede that we are all college kids, but we don’t have to leave our trash outside of the trash compactor until a massive mountain has been built. Come on guys. Since were in college, we should at least act like were trying to be adults. Throw trash away.

Community is nice, quiet, clean. The management team is very polite and professional. I've lived here for 3 years. The internet wasn't so great initially, which was my only complaint. But it seems that the management team has made the vendor to do regular maintenance. Love it!

Hands down, The View is the best student housing in State College — spacious living arrangements, lovely staff, free coffee, and super fun events. I would recommend it to both undergraduate and graduate students wishing to live in the State College area.

Overall, I could not have picked a better place. The only downside is their gym. They did expand it a little which vastly improved the space but if you are a gym rat, this would be a plan B place to get in a quick workout.

I really like the View, I have met some life long friends here, the construction is a little annoying living on the first floor, but over all I've gotten use to living here and will be sad when I have to leave. I recommend the view!

The View is a nice place to live. Their best quality is the private bedroom/bath combo with a good sized closet, and washer and dryer as well. They try to do events and offer freebies and fun and the people at the desk are always friendly and have answers quickly. The rent is a little high and I think their internet provider could be better because there have been too many outages related to them.

I really like living here. I like the privacy I get from having my own room and bathroom. The people who work in the clubhouse are friendly and helpful.

Room is very large, I love it!!! Furniture is fine but some are with bad quality. The clubhouse is good and the maintenance services are perfect. Easy to go to campus by bus.

Very nice living arrangements. The only problem is that that the walls are so thin that I can hear everyone's conversations around me. Very unnerving

Great apartment complex the amenities included make the stay very worth your while. Downside is rent has increased and electric is separate. Overall great community!

The furniture doesn't hold up very well to basic wear and tear and there have been quite a few repairs and appliance replacements due to them failing. However, maintenance is always very quick in responding. As far as residence complaints, the management will reply to them but generally no progress gets made. Walls and ceilings are very very thin.

I really enjoy the view. It has been a good experience thus far. I would recommend this to a friend. it is quiet and peaceful which makes it nice

I love the living space here. The office staff could be nicer. Noisy at times. The activities for the community are super fun! I enjoy Getting to go and meet others that live here.