Very nice living space for students wanting to live off-campus. The apartments are spacious and offer kitchens and a dishwasher which is nice.

The community is not bad. I wish people would take a few seconds to dispose of their trash properly. I also wish there were more events on the weekends when people with jobs could attend.

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The facitilites here at the Grove are really nice, however, I wish the bus came to the Grove more often as promised when I first signed my lease

I love the way the grove promotes neighborly events, they are great a creating a strong community. I also love that there is always parking, as opposed to other complexes on this road.

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The living area is spacious. However, the walls and ceilings are very thin. Also, I feel as though the space is not used effectively. There should be more cabinet space and more storage space. I appreciate the quick response of maintenance and how we have a dishwasher and washer/dryer in every unit.

It's not a bad place to live. I like how close it is to the student parking on campus. I wish it had more parking in front of each building for it's residents but overall it's not a bad setup.

So far this is a great experience for this just being my first year up here. I enjoy going to all the activities that go on around here for all the residents, and being able to meet new people while doing it.

the grove is a pretty nice and quieet place to live at, except the problem is the clubhouse closes so early! nice events and staff are okay. kinda depends on their mood, sometimes they are nice sometimes they arent

While maintenance has so far been responsive, the main area is not always open when the hours say it will be, the printer is often out of ink and toner, and it is hard to get in touch with anyone but the people at the main desk when there's a problem.

the community is very good. I have a lot of fun living here. the walls are very very thin however and it makes it difficult to study. But overall its nice.

Overall I have had a great experience. Maintenance comes fast, the staff is very friendly and we have lots of events. Only issue I had was lease renewal last year. I signed up early before the new year and the complex very sneakily removed our $25 allotment towards electric but left rent at the same rate. I wasn’t aware of it until I received my first electric bill. I am still not happy about that issue.

Employees in the clubhouse are better! They all seem genuinely friendly which makes being there for help less of an issue. The apartment is cool.

Apartment itself is good, but management should think about the parking problem. Also, I live at the first floor, there are noisy here every night. Apartment should help with the noisy control.

Open the club house later so residents can print and use the study area at any time. I'm hoping for more things to do at the club hose such as drink

The clubhouse hours do not benefit anyone who works a full-time job. We should have access to clubhouse amenities 24/7 since we pay a premium for these services.

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The View is great. It really does feel like home here and the people are pretty nice. Only negative is the management change they had this year. Because of that, so many changes happened, specifically to benefits that convinced me to choose the View over all the other apartments.

Its been good so far, i am next to the stairs and they are very loud when people walk on them unfortunately. Otherwise, things have been good. Its nice that there is bus access here and the location is very good

Seems interesting and nice so far, would be nice if we had a chance to give feedback on the events we attend. I appreciate the event but some could be done better. Also we should be able to contact atleast one staff member after hours in case emergency

Maintenance is great. They work quick, fix any problems you have. The apartment and community is great. The View is always doing something cool for its renters. It's great.

Make sure when people call the front office they know what they are doing because a lot said we don't know you have to wait until manager comes back.

Great place to live. Updated features. Complaints are the club house is never open & people are super loud. Maintenance can take a long time

Great apartment complex with a majority of your utilities included. Downside we do not receive some of the major TV channels (ABC, NBC, CBS).

Great amenities and easy access to them. Walls are way too thin in the actual units but the spacing and amenities provided balance out well.

This is pretty awesome I like having this app and getting things off of it, it always me to do fun things and get rewarded for it! This is a great app and I would recommend it

This place has nice and up to date apartments. The staff can help with most problems. Pet friendly which is nice. I like being away from the hustle of campus and downtown areas so this community fits my personality. I also like the fact that there is a back woods trail which is a nice bike ride to and from campus and to surrounding neighborhoods.