Very friendly staff, helpful and timely maintenance crew, welcoming pet policy, and good location that's always kept nice and clean! Would recommend!

Very nice place to stay in Statesboro! Very safe and not loud at all! It’s also a gated community and it’s very close to all the fast good places!

Great staff with excellent service. I have never felt unsafe or unwelcome here. I am always pleased to walk into the office and be greeted immediately with smiles.

The apartments are clean and the staff are nice. However, the roommates are not the ones I picked. They're allergic to my animals so I have to rehome them which is the whole reason I moved here to begin with. It hasnt been the worst experience though. Just wish I had my animals.

Rates are fairly cheap. When the weather is nice, I really enjoy using the sand volleyball court, basketball court, and swimming pool. The Grove does several fun things each month for their residents such as a baked potato bar, late night breakfast, bonfires, breakfast at the gate, etc.

Not a resident yet but I have high hopes. On the tour I was excited for the rooms. They looked nice and they were not really expensive. I look forward to staying there in the fall

I’ve been living here for 2 years now and I can’t say I have any complaints. The staff is always amazing and nice and the neighborhood is pretty quiet for the most part. The only thing I have a problem with are my neighbors but who doesn’t have those problems in an apartment.

This place rocks! I have yet to live here, but my experience is already superb! The tour and the community in general is just fantastic. I can’t wait to live here next year

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The overall living situation is great however maintenance takes a really long time whenbyou first move in. I love that the gym is 24 hours however none of the rest of the clubhouse is such as the print station. The people at the front desk are nice and everything but every once in a while I’ll have to go down to get maintenance requests processed correctly.

I love staying here at The Grove at Statesboro! This is my second year staying here and it has been a great experience. The staff is always friendly and are helpful with anything. The maintenance people try to fix any problems in the apartment as fast as they can and the residents staying here are super sweet. I would definitely stay here again.

Great experience, For sure will stay here again. Love how helpful the staff is with issues and maintenance. Especially love that The Grove has slushy days, breakfast days, etc.

I have been with the Grove now since August. and this is also my second different time living with the Grove. I really like the living experience

Living at the grove has been so amazing. Great staff and amazing facilities! My roommates and I love the gym and the awesome events throughout the year!

Great apartments! Plenty of living space in all bedrooms. The full kitchen is amazing compared to most other local apartments. Staff is super awesome and work with residents perfectly!

Overall pretty good, good staff, and good maintenance crew. The apartment is good and everything works and if something breaks they fix it immediately

Overall, I am very happy I chose to live here. The environment is friendly. I feel safe, and I can't complain about the noise level because I never hear it. Staff is always willing to help the residents and provide fun activities.

Living at the Grove has been an amazing experience. They're always ready and willing to help and greet residents with positivity. I never have to worry or feel like any issue won't be taken care of right away.

The amenities are nice. The staff have always been friendly even before I moved in and that hasn't changed while I've been living here. They're very helpful. The apartment is nice with very spacious bedrooms, the only thing I would want changed is to maybe have a bigger kitchen but I don't really dislike the one I have that.

I have lived here going on three years now, and over my time here it has only gotten better. The staff is super friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help with any problem. Management is also pretty great and super accommodating.

I love it. The office team is very friendly and maintenance is very punctual when requested. The events are awesome and are at least once every week. They encourage you to resign and enjoy your stay even longer!

Great location, great staff, and fun community activities. They also have a bus that makes it easier to get to campus every day. A good place for a student to live!

The apartment is great, furniture needs to be cleaned a bit. The management is super friendly and always willing to help. Overall a great complex

I absolutely love living at The Grove. Everybody has their ups and downs when it comes to their living spaces and apartment employees, but peraonally I haven't really had any downs with The Grove. They're pretty awesome all around (:

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I'm so glad that I chose to live at the Grove and that I am renewing for next year. It has been a great first experience living in an apartment. Everyone is always helpful and ensure that everything you need is taken care of.

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Living in the grove is great. The internet is always fast and the heating and air always does it’s job. My favorite thing about the grove is that it is affordable but still quality.

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