From friendly neighbors and helpful staff, to pet friendly and the best office team, we truly have nothing but the best to say about our home. ❤ My personal favorite thing about living here is how beautiful the landscape is kept with the lush greenery, majestic oaks and the perfect blooms of hibiscus flowers, this is a true Miami home. ❤

I have been living here for almost 6 months and I have very little issues with the place. The staff in the leasing office and the maintenance workers get things done. Only issues are parking, I got a ticket because there was no where else to park and I can hear my upstairs neighbor's dog walking around and them opening closets.

The community is nicely preserved except for the garbage areas. This is not due to the property staff but the inconsiderate tenants that don't care and throw stuff all over the place. The rest of the community is great as well as the apartments.

Have loved living here for 14 years now! Love my apartment on the 3rd floor. Hammocks is a great little town as well and close to everything!

I have been living here for 2 months now at the beginning everything was good until I was verbally attacked by a neighbor tge worst feeling.

great place to live, excellent community, always clean and people are very nice. The pool area is great and the gym always open is a plus. in may i will renewed my lease

Centrally located in front on a very well established shopping center, you have Publix, youfit gym, mcdonalds, bank of american and chase bank and the ice arena. The apartments are well taken care of and the staff is super nice. I love this place.

I’ve been a resident here for almost six years. In the beginning it was a joy to live here. It was peaceful, clean and everyone was pleasant even the other residents. Since then management has changed several times and with each change you can see the negative effects. The people that are renting are not people who care where or how they live. The noise, the garbage and the dog poop, just to mention a few. I can see that management tries a little here and there but they have no control over the residents here at the Hammocks Place. We use to be a gated community, that is no longer. We use to have towing, that is not longer. We use to have security, that too is no longer and that’s just a few things that is no longer. Yes I must say that the office staff are very nice and attentive and so is The maintenance crew but there’s always room for improvement. I would suggest since you have no control of people not picking up after there dogs, then you should control the size of the dogs you allow here just like most other rental places. As for the garbage, well that is a big problem for me. They drag the bags on the floors down the stairs but caring the residue they leave behind or if the bag breaks. The floors are filthy, the grounds are not clean because the supposedly morning cleaning crew must be blind if they do not see what is thrown on the floors everywhere here. People put there Christmas trees outside the apartment on the lawn. I don’t know where these people come from but they are disgustingly filthy people. Now, I give credit where credit is due and I had a list of things to be done in my apartment which were approved by management and I must say, it is taking them a long time since August to complete them but they are being done, still not complete but I have hope. I believe management should stick to what they say they will do when tenants disobey the rules they put out. Oh and the parking, everyone parks how and where they please. They take 2 parking spaces, they park in no parking areas and trucks park leaving very little space for cars to go by and the motorcycles take up all the corner parkings and there are a few motorcycles here. No order there either. This place needs much improvement. We not only need sprinklers and hibiscus trees to make the place look good but the tenants to care and abide by the rules of this place but management has to lay the rules down and follow them through as well.

This has been the best decision we’ve made to lease from the location to the hw entrance to our home everything about living here is perfect . Everyone that we’ve encountered as far as staff goes have been super friendly and go the extra mile for us

Nice community and great management. Community has good connectivity. Across the street there are good stores. Community is quite and clean.

My overall experience living here was good, but I do have one small complaint. I don’t believe it’s fair to charge residents $20 for trash services, if the trash man isn’t going to take all your trash. I might as well keep my $20 and take out my own trash, since i have to throw out my boxes and large containers myself.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Quiet and clean community with spacious apartments. All apartments include washer/dryer. Close to shopping, schools and public library.

I Love everything about hammocks place !! We felt like it was home from the moment we took a tour of an apartment. I love the quality of service , it’s definitely home!

Good place to live but the parking space are really small and hard to park your car. No elevator, 2 and 3 floor good luck. Overall family friendly place.

Great place to live. I have lived here for over 3 years and there is no place else I'd rather live. Thank you for everything that you've done

The management staff is very helpful and reply promptly. Any issues get resolved quickly. It’s a nice neighborhood with friendly people. My only complaint are people don’t pick up after their dogs and in certain areas it smells like dog urine or feces.

I am staying from 6 months, good place to stay. Well and immediate response to work orders. Security is good. Maintainane of lawn, community is good

so far so good the only thing we don’t like is that the “trash” accumulates because they don’t pick it up and we are paying for trash removal. What’s up with that?

The past 3 years my family & I have been here have been pretty great Quiet neighborhood, fast maintenance service &friendly staff all around

el mejor condominio de kendall, muy bien ubicado y la tranquilidad que me ofrecen es de lo mejor. siempre preocupados por mantener el area limpia y todo en buen estado

Great community which is always clean with perfect maintenance daily and very secure with the plus of schools and shopping stores right nearby

This is great place to live. I have live since 2008 and have renew my lease since they have fix my apartment and have always taken my my place

Ever since I moved into this community I have felt right at home. From the office staff to my neighbors we are all one unit. Making it a pleasure to come home after a hard day at work to peace and quiet.

This is my first home and my husband and I moved in as newlyweds. We have absolutely loved our time here and love the location. It's beautiful and peaceful and has everything we need. Maintenance personal is super fast and responsive and the office employees are also extremely helpful and responsive. We love our little home at Hammocks place

Common areas need some paint. Replace exit signs. I’ve noticed they are cleaning hallways more frecuently. Exterior windows need a cleanup too.