I have had a great experience living at the Heights. They are quick to respond to emails and maintenance requests, and the staff is helpful and friendly.

Overall good experience, however, the constant change of management is a little confusing. I don't like the annual inspections. It feels like I am living in a dorm

My experience has been divine. I live with the best people in the best apartment and the best apartment complex. I wouldn’t trade the memories I have made for anything in the world. I love it!!

The staff at the heights is wonderful. The maintence people get things down super quickly and are always so nice. The location is close enough to campus to get there in a hurry and not hit much traffic. Overall we love it here.

Great. Awesome service and maintenance is good. Paying rent is quick and easy with the app. I have had very small amount of issues with my apartment and love it. Signed for my 3rd year!

The Heights is perfectly located! It’s close to campus and downtown, and management is amazing! The units are clean, and the amenities are great.

The office team is great, Especially Andrea Heady. She is so easy to talk to. The complex is always clean. The only drawback is the hot tub didn't always work.

The Heights has been a great place to live. The apartment is spacious, the grounds are well kept, and the amenities are great. If there’s ever an issue maintenance respond quickly and always fix the problem. The office staff is friendly and helpful.

Decent community for a cheap price. Not a fan of the rent going up every year, but that will happen everywhere you live. Get what you pay for

Amenities are okay, internet is barely functional and shouldn’t even be considered an amenity. Parking situation is okay, but the spots must’ve been painted by a blind person. Managment is not very helpful. Walls/floors are paper thin so there is a lot of noise. And people are drunk and loud on weeknights.

The Heights is a really good deal for student living. We've had some issues with maintenance, especially on our air conditioning, but other than that it's a great apartment not far from the UT campus.

The community here is nice and quiet. Everything has been taken care of in a pretty quick fashion. It never looks dirty and they’re always working on making the site look better.

Great place to live with no issues with community other than having loud upstairs neighbors but you get that everywhere. I wish the bus stopped at the lower end when dropping off. It picks up down here but never drops off.

I enjoy living here. Sometimes maintenance has to come back and re-fix a problem, but they are super friendly. The office staff is nice and helpful. But the neighbors can be noisy.

The staff are usually very helpful whenever you are having difficulties with something. The other residents in general are decent, til one steals your roommate's car battery.

I love living here, but some of the other residents are really inconsiderate to noise and cleaning up after their dogs. The office staff has been helpful, but management has not as I’ve reached out to the office 5 times about issues. Additionally, the people who live above us smoke weed all the time so my apartment is constantly smelling like it and it even longer a on my clothes and doesn’t look good for a nursing student to show up somewhere smelling like weed. Other than the issues with the office, I haven’t had much trouble living here and maintenance has been amazing.

I have lived here the past 2 years and everything has been great! The only issues i’ve ever had are the hot tub doesn’t work 9/10 times we try to use it, and either the washer or the air conditioning/heat do not work.

The heights is an okay place to live. It has got the job done for the two years I have lived there. I can’t expect much more. Some times the extra charges are unnecessary.

This has been a pretty good experience. I just don’t like that the system messes up and I can’t monitor my account on the app. Other than that I have enjoyed living here.

The heights is a nice place to live and the community and management are super nice. However, some parts of the apartment could use an upgrade such as the fridge and stovetop and sinks. Also another shuttle that doesn’t break down as often

Our stuff always breaks and when it gets “fixed” it ends up breaking 3 days later. Our washer was broken for over a month. Our dishwasher has never gotten fixed either.

I have lived at the heights for about 3 years now. The apartments themselves are pretty standard but that’s not what made me stay so long. With the location so close to everything you could want to do on a weekend or for studying with the price you pay it’s hard to beat. The other part of it is that there has been problems sure but the staff has always fixed it in the fastest way possible and with great customer service.

It’s been a good place to live, happy with my experience. Aside from the mouse problem and some floods from washer and dishwasher, it’s been easy.

This apartment complex is average. I have not been very pleased with maintenance requests, as far as the results. Office workers are usually pleasant.

Only issue I’ve ever had is a little mold, everything else is great! Office is always super helpful. Maintance always does a great job! Fitness room could use a little work but not too many complaints.