It’s been great leaving at the heights. They have great features like a pool, hot tub, basketball court, and a gym. The community is great and everything is until 3 miles.

My experience with the Heights has been pretty great! The amenities are wonderful and the best thing I think is having a bus to campus. Since it’s been summer, I have used the pool a ton and my friends love it too. The location is nice and quiet, and I feel super safe with the complex being up on our own hill!

The Heights is great, especially since it is one of the cheapest student living options in the Knoxville area. The apartments come fully equipped with pretty much everything you could need.

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So far, the time I have spent at the Heights of Knoxville have been great! Even for student apartments, I've never really had a noise problem, and the amenities provided are perfect for my lifestyle.

The amenities are awesome! I love how I'm able to access the fitness center 24/7, and I also love having a hot tub to destress in after a long day of work and school.

The rooms look great, and they have a lot of space in them. It is not the biggest place a student can rent, but, for the price, it is a great deal.

Great value and location. Response to maintenance orders is very fast, and handled extremely well. Staff is friendly and usually available for questions

I’m not a resident yet but I’m so excited to move to the Heights! Everyone is so nice and friendly! I love how each apartment comes furnished, rent it’s affordable, the view is great, and there’s always something to do at the Heights! What’s going to help a lot this fall is the shuttle to campus!

Everyone is always SO NICE!! I love my apartment and I plan on renewing my lease soon! The amenities are GREAT! I just wish the pool was open longer than to just eleven because I work from 2pm to 11 pm and I never have time to swim.

The atmosphere is great so far! easy to sign your lease and get everything together for the year. Easy to talk to and great with community involvement!

Decent unit for the price. Had several insect problems and noise issues as the ceilings are thin and could hear everything from above. Other than that, the Heights is a nice first step to living in Knoxville as an independent adult.

It was nice living at the Heights. Management is friendly and efficient! The space is nice especially for what you pay. I wish the gym was bigger.

I love living here , they try their best to make accommodations for you. They are a good community to be apart of we’ve had our ups and downs but I’d live here for another year.

This community that I live in is perfect for students wanting to have the community and amenities, without having the crazy cost or the craziness of being close to campus. The rates and perks are what made me look into this place, and the 10 minute drive to campus is worth it.

The heights of knoxville is a great place to live if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck. There are many things that you can enjoy while living here and the staff is always friendly!

This is the best apartment I have ever lived at. You truly get what you pay for. My dog has made so many doggy friends and loves going to the front office.

Great place to live at a very reasonable price. The amenities provided rival those of other more expensive complexes. Would recommend living here.

It has been amazing. I wouldnt choose another place. I will definitely be recommending this place to my other friends who are younger than me. This is my home.

The apartment community is incredible! All of the workers are so nice and helpful and my neighbors are really nice to me. It never gets too loud around me and I love living here!

I've really enjoyed living at the Heights. It's wonderful being in a part of Knoxville that is a little quieter and the view is amazing. Maintenance is also great and the apartments are nice.

I love that it is pet friendly for my furry little friend! I love the room set-ups, and it’s in a convenient place to get to campus or the store!

Cool community, wished the events lasted longer and the office was open longer for those students who have classes until 6 or 7 pm! Sometimes shuttle delays can effect how many/when you get to class

I am not living there until the fall so I can not actually fill this out with useful information so instead I am just kinda typing so stuff in here.

Many maintenance issues; were handled in timely manner. Nice view of the mountains. Shuttle to class was convenient. The trash system could be better managed; would be an eyesore coming in to the apartment.

I’ve had a good resident experience, I really like the apartments and the office facilities and the pool. We’ve had some problems with flooding and pest control but we’ve been able to get help with that.