Great location ,office staff and maintenance are friendly and efficient. My only complaint is that parking overall is bad. Sometimes even as a resident I don’t have anywhere to park, and you can’t have visitors because they’ll get towed. Wish we had either more spots or a more efficient method of parking.

Great Apartments, and also great location. Management needs a lot of work and parking needs a better system and improvement. Maybe if everyone got their own parking spot, no one would fight for parking.

It could’ve been a better experience only thing great is the fact it’s right by campus. The staff could be less bias and more understanding.

The convenience is so great. I love being able to walk to class and not have to worry about parking. The apartments themselves are very nice. Neighbors can be noisy but what do you expect for college

The office staff always is available & wants to help answer any questions. Apartments are great & clubhouse has something happening most all the time. Glad to have chosen to live at The Helix!

the helix is such a great place to live I've heard so many people say that they have trouble with parking but I dint think its bad at all. plus, the helix always wants to know your opinion on how to better the community which is amazing.

I feel that my experience could be better if management stepped up. There have been countless things that have gone wrong in my apartment and have been neglected as well. When first moving into my room, I could tell that it had not been cleaned, our air conditioning has already leaked (and that should not happen in the first place), our neighbors above us are loud and we have complained and nothing has been done. I just feel that if the office stepped up our living experience at Helix would be a lot more enjoyable

The rooms are nice, but the maintenance is not good. When I first moved in, I had a spider problem, but I don't see much of them anymore. The community is nice and has nice amenities.

I really do not like the parking situation or that the prices for rent are going up. It’s hard enough being out late and then having to worry about parking when coming back to the complex. Especially when the only open spots are premier or staff because then you run the risk of being towed for something that isn’t even you’re fault .

I really love living here because it creates a great environment to live in. It has everything we need gym, study room and so much more. I would recommend to anyone!

It's good enough. Close to campus which is nice. Kinda small but they also offer single units which is good if you hate roommates. It's all right overall.

Everything at my helix apartment has been great so far! The staff is friendly, I get reminders and notifications online, and paying rent is easy. The size of the apartment is bigger than I thought it would be and it’s pet friendly. An easy transition from home to school.

So far I have really enjoyed my time at Helix apartments. They live up to their standard as a unique student living experience. Super nice and convenient place to live beside campus.

I love being so close to campus and the friendly staff! There’s so many events and incentives that make it so fun. I’ve never had any problems and am so glad i renewed my lease!

It is a good place to live. Very short distance to campus and friendly workers. My only complaint is that I wish maintenance can work faster on work orders.

Love living here, my only complaints are that the power goes out sometimes and the trash butler does not always take away trash when scheduled.

My experience at Helix has been pretty good so far. I feel like management can seem a little unorganized, and occasionally they can be very unhelpful. For the most part, however, I have enjoyed my time here.

Only concern is that whenever I ask a question on the housing portal it is never answered. The workout area is great but I just wish there was a better chest press and also an ab machine.

Love living here! The rooms are super nice and clean. Comes with every amenity you need. It’s very safe and has a great location to campus. The only downside is I Wish there was more parking. I rarely get to park near my building after 9.

Very pleased with interior of apartment and proximity to campus. Not so in love that the outside of the apartment is disgusting and not kept clean. Also, I think that if you have a premier parking permit, you should have to park in that spot only because it leaves their spots empty and takes up spots that could be used for the general parking permit.

It's a really good place with a great location! I enjoy being able to walk to campus and they chose great roommates for me. The staff is really nice and amenities are nice. The only downside is parking.

Awesome location!! I walk to class everyday it’s so nice! I’ve had a great experience here! From the location to the quality of my apartment to the services offered!

I really like the apartment and community as a whole. Most of any issues I have are neighbor related due to certain smells coming through the vent system and their very loud dog. The walls are thinner so I can usually hear the dog as if it was in my room.

I’m so excited for Helix and their rennovations and it’s easily the best living experience I’ve ever had in my life. It’s like a home away from home.

Enjoy living here nice amenities however the renovations of the clubhouse and study areas should have been timed better. The living accommodations a very spacious.