I am very happy to be living at helix. It’s very convenient and a great place for college kids. Easy walk to campus and has all the necessities needed!

Love how close helix is to campus! Overall stay has been great and staff is nice. All units have a nice modern, clean look and the price is worth it.

I like staying here, it is convenient. I say this because it is right by the school so getting to class & back home is a breeze because the walking distance is minimal

The location is fantastic since I can just walk to class and not worry about parking. I like having a free gym and pool on sight as well. I enjoy living here

I have enjoyed my time here at Helix in Starkville, there’s no place like it. The wonderful staff and accommodations that this place offers are unparalleled.

So far everything has been good. It’s great that we can just walk to our classes. I wish we could have access to the coffee machine in the clubhouse 24/7 though.

It’s been amazing! Love the rooms love the space... the pool view is amazing... have a great room mate.. her dog is amazing too! Great distance walk from the school!

Love the community, apartments, and the ammenities. There needs to be more guest parking because it is always full. Also they need to do away with some of the premier parking spaces because there are times I have to circle the complex for a 20+ minutes to find a spot and sometimes I end up on the otherside of the complex. Overall it is a great place to live but there are little thing that need to be done to make it even better

Highly recommended bc of the convience of walking to campus. I would have to say that my experience with staying here has been overall pleasant.

it was really exceptional. Everything was good, the view.... Everythibg is clean and nice. The staff was really kind... the app was really clean.

I really like living here. It's close to campus, there are multiple activities, and Helix staff is very nice. They keep you up to date on events and the events are actually pretty cool.

Expensive but very nice. Lakeside, the last place I was at, couldn’t even be bothered to fully clean the place before we moved in. Appliances here are up to date as well

Overall, Helix is a great place to live. There are nice amenities and the location is very convenient for walking to campus. The staff members are also very friendly.

Great staff, great place to stay with it being so close to campus. Offers good rates that are affordable even for a college student. Beats living on campus any day.

Great community, very close to campus which makes it easy to get to classes on time even if I’m running late. Amazing office staff, always has a smile on their faces when I go to pick up a package !

I love living at the Helix! It’s right across the street, so I can walk to class. The furniture is modern, new, and clean. I love that I can move my furniture around the way I want to.

It’s a nice place to enjoy your college life. It’s close to school, so you don’t have to go by your car. Well organized and maintained. You will never regret your decision.

I’ve lived at Helix for almost two years now and for the most part it’s been great. I love the events that management has every month. My biggest complaint is the utilities (even though it’s out of their control), I’ve been charged ridiculous rates by Conservice.

Helix is more than I could have asked for! It’s spacious and has so many amenities to allow students to have fun as well as be successful in their classes. The staff is always patient and friendly, and they are always willing to help.

My experience so far is going pretty good. I have great roommates and we all get along. Helix have a nice pool but it about to get cold so, I can’t get in it until it warm up again. Overall helix is a great place to stay and I enjoy it.

Apartments are very nice, but Helix is not on top of making residents aware of issues. People still have not completely figured out the gate issue because no formal email was sent out, and the back gate still doesn’t work! Other than the lack of communication, I’ve enjoyed my time so far.

My experience here has been so much fun. The staff is wonderful and they made moving in a breeze. The complex is so neat, quite and beautiful. I hope I have more great experiences.

So far Helix has been great. Me and my roommates put in a work order and it was fulfilled within the week. Helix is great. The only thing I could complain about is the noise sometimes through the walls from other peoples apartments.

Helix has been a great community to live in! It's so close to Mississippi State that walking is a breeze and I don't have to wake up super early to make it to class. The staff are also eager to help with any issues that may arise. I would recommend Helix to anyone that is considering coming to Mississippi State!

Everything is great except parking and I feel like 500 a month is steep but. Everything is great. Also the gates still aren’t fixed so there is that too.