Great complex to live at. Best prices in Starkville and it has a ton of great ammenities along with it. It has a pool, a bistro with a Starbucks machine in it that is free to use, and a very nice study room area.

I am going to miss living here as I graduate this year. This has been the best residential community I’ve been a part of at Mississippi State. The staff really cares about forging relationships with each guest and anytime I’ve had an issue to be resolved, they work hard to get it done as quickly as possible. Living here was such a highlight!!

Really cool place to live, nice quality apartments and the staff is super nice. Love the events that they have for residents throughout the year.

Ive had a pretty great experience overall. Helix is close to campus and walking to class is pretty easy. The pool is always clean and gorgeous during the summer.

Overall I enjoyed staying at Helix. I enjoyed our apartment and the neighborhood. One complaint I had was our noisy neighbors. My roommates and I called the police officer in Helix many times but the noise always continued. It was usually on Wednesday nights when we all had class early the next morning and were trying to sleep.

The apartments themselves are great and are so close to campus, its very convenient. However, there are a few things that need some change.

My experience was awesome with always a friendly staff to welcome me. The apartment complex was always very neat around and well kept. This allowed for a great experience for Helix that I would recommend to anyone around Starkville.

I really love living at Helix! They always have fun functions to attend with free food and the work out center is amazing! The pool is really nice too! I would recommend living here, especially if you’re looking to walk to class because it’s right across the street from campus!

The apartment itself is very up to date and nice. I do dislike how clearly I can hear anyone walking past my apartment. I am also disappointed in how long the back gate has been broken at the apartment complex. It hasn’t worked sense November.

So overall it’s a pretty nice place. The maintance crew is very nice and helpful, but not so much the rest of the staff. People who worked there quit to go to another student living and said it was better there because price wise it was cheaper and it was nicer. There also is a problem with trash being left laying around and the outside hallways are dirty. The pool is well maintained though. I wanted to renew but didn’t know if it was worth it if there own staff said it would be cheaper and better somewhere else. Lastly they don’t work the best with matching competitors deals and the workers in the office aren’t the friendliest. The best part is the distance from campus.

Living at the helix is nice and I feel safe while i am there But there are some things that I have not liked such as having to sign a new lease half way through mu current lease

Helix is a decent place to live without looking at the trash that is left around by other students who just want to make the place look bad so don't take it out on helix. They are trying their best

Absolutely love this property! The employees enjoy their jobs and try everyday to make the experience better! Every time I have a maintenance request it usually gets completed within that same day!

I’ve lived in the helix for 2 years. The service here has been wonderful. Everybody in the office is so helpful, approachable and friendly. Maintenance is also very deliegent with responding to work orders.

I love living at Helix. The convenience to campus is perfect and the pool is always fun! I love having my own bed, bath, and closet. Also, already being furnished when I moved in was a plus.

I absolutely love living at helix. The staff is very friendly and i love the community here. Its very convenient because it is so close to campus so i can just walk. I would highly recomend living at helix!

This place is really good. I love the pool and the stuff they have in the club house. I love that you get our own bathroom and not have to share. It’s more private

Lovely place to live with an amazing pool and club house. Great crew members but there are some problems like every place. Fines for everything.

Since I’ve been living at helix they have made sure we had everything we need and it is real close to campus which is very convenient. This makes it real easy to get to class on time.

It’s been a really great living experience. The availability to get to campus is unmatched by any other apartment complex. Also, the service there is amazing.

Helix is a great apartment community to reside in. Lots of fun activities. Has an exercise room. Has a pool for hot summer times. Besides internet connection messing up every now and then, you have peace and quiet at night.

The staff is friendly, they know me by name whenever the enter the office. Which some of the appliances worked better, but definitely a nice student apartment.

Helix is an awesome place to live! The staff has always been super helpful when I have problems, and I love the 24 hour gym! Being across the street from campus is another MAJOR plus!

It’s a fun college experience. The pool makes me feel like I’m on a beach. The lobby area is very upscale and it makes me feel very welcomed.

Very good place to live at. Nice rooms and good parking. People above us are loud and the people below us call the cops on us all the time other than that the apt is nice