Friendly staff and great amenities! The rooms are top notch. Nice furniture, cabinets, spacious rooms and bathroom. Definitely the best student living in Starkville!

Its a nice place to live in a very convenient part of Starkville. I would reccomend to people looking for a student apartment close to campus

Love it here but wish they would clean the hallways of the apartments more as everyone keeps littering. Or even give out fines to those who litter.

Living here is like a home that is a walk away from your classes. It’s an amazing living experience with great workers that make everything easy.

The community at Helix Starkville is super friendly and always helpful! I feel right at home all across the complex, from our computer lab and study room to the recreation area!

It is has been a great and comfortable experience. Although the cost of living is too high, the apartments are the best in student living. Everything is great.

Helix is a wonderful place to stay. I would highly recommend staying there! It’s a great distance to walk to from campus, that it’s very convenient!!

Helix is the best apartment complex I've lived in. They have a great staff, lots of involvement opportunities, fun activities and are conveniently located.

Helix is a good community with friendly staff. The apartments are well maintained and comfy. The gym and clubhouse are very nice in particular.

I enjoyed my time at Helix. I had amazing roommates and made new some friends along the way. The trash pickup service was really helpful. Maintenance was always there for me when I needed was nice being directly across from campus.

I just moved into the Helix recently and so far I am loving it! Staff is responsive in a timely manner. Maintenance is also responsive in a timely manner.

I actually like it here at Helix Starkville. Besides crossing the heavy traffic towards campus, my experience here has been very pleasant. The workers are very helpful, the neighbors are friendly, and the maintenance crew keep the amenities and neighborhood nice and clean.

so far so good. i have yet to have a bad experience here. everyone is so nice and friendly and the atmosphere is great. recommend moving here for school

I love the apartment. I just wish that the walls were not so thin. You can hear people talking. The people who stay above me are extremely disrespectful. other than that all is good

I like The Helix because it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. The office has this very exotic professional vibe to it. Makes me feel like I’m not in Starkville which is a good thing!

Amenities are very nice to have. I can at any time go to the gym. and visit the pool or game room when they are open. Staff is very kind and will work with you. The rooms could be a bit better for the price, as well as some things break very easily. Overall the living experience is worth the price.

Helix living is a great experience. It is clean, up to date, and close to campus. The free printing and paper is a plus as well. I love living at Helix.

Helix apartments has a lot of great amenities (24 hour gym, well kept pool, free printers) and I love that I can save gas money by walking to my classes.

Staff is incredibly helpful and the community is very nice. As someone that just recently moved to Mississippi, I did not know how I would be treated, but the people here have been welcoming.

Helix has been my favorite living place since moving out, I’ve made a ton of friends and the distance from the school is extremely convienent. Would recommend to everyone!

I have been here at Helix now for two yearS, and I can say that though it has not been perfect, I do in fact enjoy living here. The scenery is beautiful and the theme is modern.

Helpful at times, but sometimes they miscommunicate or give wrong information when answering questions about the apartment, but overall the facilities are extremely nice

Huge apartments that are very affordable and clean. All the residents (at least in my building) are never super loud or anything. So much to do in the community. Just wish the app worked

Really Great experience living here. It is much better and comfortable apartment. I would recommend these apartments to my friends. I will miss state and helix.

I’ve loved Helix so far! Move-in was a smooth easy process and the apartment is very nice and luxurious. Only negative is that at times the administration/staff can be a bit disorganized and not always on the same page.