Lovely place to live with an amazing pool and club house. Great crew members but there are some problems like every place. Fines for everything.

So overall it’s a pretty nice place. The maintance crew is very nice and helpful, but not so much the rest of the staff. People who worked there quit to go to another student living and said it was better there because price wise it was cheaper and it was nicer. There also is a problem with trash being left laying around and the outside hallways are dirty. The pool is well maintained though. I wanted to renew but didn’t know if it was worth it if there own staff said it would be cheaper and better somewhere else. Lastly they don’t work the best with matching competitors deals and the workers in the office aren’t the friendliest. The best part is the distance from campus.

Y'all are doing good. I like how y'all added the trash valet. I love how friendly the staff is to residents. I don't like conservice. I would love to switch back to simple bills.

I️ have enjoyed my stay at helix. The apartment is amazing.My room is nice and comfortable. The neighborhood is nice and sweet. I️ love the offices little party and events

Although I love the amenities Helix offers, I don't appreciate that it takes so long for things to be fixed (such as account problems, maintenance, etc). Helix is also very expensive, and I personally don't feel that the price is worth it.

It's rather frustrating when you watch the place, that you're already paying money to every month, put signing new people above the needs of current residents.

I feel as though, Helix could put forh a better effort in cleaning the complexes. I will however say that, the staff is friendly. Also, Helix needs to evaluate the proper companies to outsource when it comes to amenities.

You are doing a phenomenal job but you could work on a few things and get a little more organized. Other than that, the community is terrific.

Many of the maintence requests have not yet been completed. There is some miscommunication. Overall a great experience for those living here

Helix is a nice complex to stay in. I would recommend it if you want to stay closer to campus: You can literally walk from helix and get to campus in 10-15 minutes.

So far my experience has been great with this website, and I hope everything continues to go smoother in the future. Also The reward prizes are great

Helix is a pleasant experience, except for the fact that the water pressure is not very good on the 4th floor, and the water often smells like rotten eggs. Showering is not something that I would consider enjoyable when the water smells like rotten eggs

The staff is nice and hospitable, but there are times where it is rather difficult for me to get in touch with the right people to get things done.

They are nice apartments just parking needs some work. Other than that I really enjoyed living at the Helix. The staff was super nice as well

Very good place to live at. Nice rooms and good parking. People above us are loud and the people below us call the cops on us all the time other than that the apt is nice

I really like helix. The only times I have issues is when there is trash all over the floor or the wifi is not working. Overall, it has been a good experience so far!

I am very excited about living at Helix! You all are doing a great job. The staff are very friendly and happy to help in any way they can. The apartments look great, too!

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Since I’ve been living at helix they have made sure we had everything we need and it is real close to campus which is very convenient. This makes it real easy to get to class on time.

Love the location; it's very convinient. Wish it wasn't so expensive to own a pet while living there. But overall a good apartment complex so far.

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I think most everything is good. People do leave trash all over the place and in the elevator and that's kinda gross, but that's not y'all's fault.

People are very friendly and not pushy at all at the signing office. Very good experience. The model room was in a refurbished office which is less than ideal but Helix worked hard to make it as similar to an actual room as possible.

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I wish the people who signed their lease early in the semester had the chance to spin or receive a $300 gift card! Everything else is perfect, love how involved and connected Helix staff is!

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I have been here at Helix now for two yearS, and I can say that though it has not been perfect, I do in fact enjoy living here. The scenery is beautiful and the theme is modern.

The apartments themselves are great and are so close to campus, its very convenient. However, there are a few things that need some change.

The people in the office are really nice and helpful. They can't solve every issue that is brought forward but that doesn't mean they don't try.