The Henri is a great apartment that is conveniently located near restaurants, grocery stores, movie theater, retail stores and the metro station.

I love my apartment and the amenities, the package lockers and the doorbell service. I do wish that the hallways would be vacuumed more often.

Solid building. Lots to do in the common areas. Community continues to grow with plenty of shops and restaurants across the square. Walkable to the metro.

They held the apartment for me when there was an issue with my check which was cool. I appreciated that they would do that for me allowing me to secure it.

We need to have better updates on coming events and become a better community. What happened to trivia nights? Or maybe a happy hour or party for everyone in the common areas!

Since living here I’ve had a great experience. I appreciate the convience of the community and the friendliness of the residence I’ve encountered.

living at the henri at pike and rose has been a very wonderful experience. great neighbors, really classy and nice places to hang out just steps away .

I like what I see in community so far, just moving in look forward to exploring the community. I shop at Gap and HM regularly so I’m sure it will be very beneficial for me.

I like the airport but the noise from the street outside is difficult, especially when the ice rink blares the music for 8 hrs a day sometimes, as well as the construction noise.

The apartment has been fine, but it's often difficult to get maintenance in on time. One time I've called them and they showed up, told me "your door is broken" and left. They never came back. I'm aware my door is broken, I called you all to fix it.

Moving in process was easy and efficient. The neighborhood is easily one of the best in the DMV area and would recommend it to anybody willing to move.

Really like the apartment and building atmosphere, although i’ven observed some technical difficulties related to doors that won’t open, and parking access cards that are not properly configured.

The amenities and the maintenance staff are wonderful. The arcade and gym are things you may not find in other communities. The lack of a concierge is frustrating and the leasing office is greatly disorganized, although certain staff members are great. Not a bad place for the area and the money!

I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Pike & Rose. This is a location that continues to evolve & grow. I look forward to see how things progress over the next year !

The Henri is by far the nicest apartment I've lived in with great amenities, especially if you have a dog. Very pet friendly neighborhood and community.

Going well. Wish they offered a shuttle to the metro but other than that it’s good. No noise issues even though my neighbor plays music. I can hear it from the hall but nothing from my unit.

Great location with shopping and restaurants. Very responsive staff. Cleaning crew at the henri is the best would like more social activities for building. Holiday party last year was great. Please bring it back

Love the proximity to the metro. Great Halloween activity for kids. More kids events, please, with advance notice - pumpkin carving was announced by email the morning of the event.

Good place. Starting to get crowded but quiet and peaceful. Great location. Close to metro and many shops and restaurants close by. Good amenities.

I really enjoy my apartment and the building amenities. The people in the building are also very friendly and the neighborhood continues to grow. However the leasing office continues to be problematic and parking is a nightmare due to poor planning.

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Love the area! Location Location Location! Lot of restaurants and shopping. Close to the metro and other shopping centers. I have found it idea for brunch and girls night

I love the neighborhood, but it can be loud at times in the courtyard, elevators don't always work, packages get lost, maintenance is quick, but if they have to return to deliver something sometimes they never come back, fridgerators are smaller than the ones I had in a much older building, nothing fits and there is not kitchen storage, & I wish there was a concierge.

Leasing office and amenities have been great. Loving the community and the building itself. Great neighbors and a fun vibe around town. Couldn't be happier

I love how quiet it is in the building. I love how the apartment is styled, especially the floors and the backsplash in the kitchen. The cabinet space in the kitchen is great.