Just moved in a week ago. The carpeting in my unit is threadbare and stained and should have been replaced years ago. The HVAC is 30 + years old and noisy. Service requests are not addressed in a timely manner . This is not the advertised “...modern living redefined...” There is a resident in the building adjacent to me who allows his dog to run free off leash throughout the property. If I could give a -1 star rating, I would. I definitely regret committing to a 2-year lease. On a positive note, Gary, the maintenance technician, is very personable and kind.

There are lots of bugs and some roaches. Even if they spray chemicals they come back. The wood paneling is old on the stairs. Electric Bill's are so high due to inefficiency.

Place changes management too often. There's never a parking spot available, water gets cold too fast, always noisy and yet they still went up on rent. Only perk is it's in a convenient location.

It's fallen off somewhat lately. The grounds aren't as kept up as before. Hallways haven't been power washed in over 6 months. The buildings themselves look worn out. And late evenings there are several shady characters parked in lots for hours on end. Doesn't feel as safe as before.

My home has flooded twice in the 6 months i been here. Other than that...its pretty quiet over here. Wish i wouldnt have gotten the previous flood apartment. Nice neighbors though!

Good apartment community. Need to adjust responsiveness and completeness of the maintenance request. I have submitted maintenance request and they tried only once to fix the issue, and then closed the job as being completed without fixing anything.

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No residential property is perfect but Highland Oaks has been a fairly decent place to love so far. Have had numerous issues with the apartment unit that has resulted in high utilities, the walls are thin and I see maintenance staff very often for repairs. Great location. Has potential to be a great residential property.

Upon moving in, my apartment was not like the apartment described to me. My power bill is outrageous in the winter months because the heater is older than I am. My neighbors have woken me up multiple times yelling in the middle of the night. On the plus side, I enjoy the pool and being close to everything in town. My room is a good size and the floors in the kitchen and bathroom look nice. To be a “remodeled” unit, it needs a lot of attention.

There have been a lot of new things coming to Highland Oaks that have been great. But it seems that sometimes resident voices aren't really validated or affirmed, they are just treated as problems to 'deal with.'

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I really enjoy my move in to Highland Oaks Apartments in Winston Salem North Carolina in the United States of America. The is no other place like highland oaks.

Idk what to do with this really. I don't really consider these challenges but more of a way to get the word out there about this website....

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For the most part, it’s been good living here but I’ve been overall disappointed with the management. They’re hard to get in touch with when you call, and don’t often respond back to emails. My roommate and I have both sent things in that have either gotten a response several days after the fact or no response at all. I think everyone here is nice, it would just be better to have an office that’s responsive and we felt like our voices have been heard.

So far, the experience has been okay. When we moved in, the apartment was in disarray and not super clean. The shower didn't work and the blinds were all broken. There was a leak in the bathroom and cockroaches in the kitchen. The maintenance people have been SUPER responsive however and all of the problems that we have had have been addressed pretty quickly. The neighborhood is quiet and so far seems safe. The location is great. The kitchens are beautiful! The bed rooms are a modest size but on the smaller size for sure.

Overall the apartments are decent and the management staff is excellent. The neighborhood is primarily strip malls, the typical tenants are families with children or older individuals. There are an unfortunate amount of spiders and webs all over the exteriors of the buildings (common mailboxes, all light fixtures, ceilings, stairs, etc).

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The staff is great. The location is ideal and the community is well kept. This is my home as I am a recent college graduate, starting my best life. Pleased to be a resident.

Quiet, peaceful community. Actual physical quality of complex isn't amazing, but that's ok. If you're looking for affordable, quiet living, this is your best bet.

Had a rocky start at move in with the apartment not being completely done and ready, but everyone in the office did their best to correct all issues. Very nice staff and understanding staff.

I enjoy my large roomy porch and the beautiful shade trees. The location, so close to the I-40 interchange, is so convenient! It's quiet here at Highland Oaks and that's important to me.

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The residents are pleasant and no one bothers anyone. I like that it's quiet and my apartment is just what I need. The managers or landlord's are very nice.

Apartments are mostly aesthetically pleasing. Some outdated interior. Kind people, and kind management. Windows leak air. Needs new windows.

No community is perfect but I have great neighbors, the common areas stay clean and maintained, and my privacy is respected. Maintenance staff is great. Some of the units need more attention.

Overall a nice quiet community just wasn’t pleased on our move in process. Our apartment was nowhere near ready to be moved into. However, been here about two weeks now and haven’t had any problems other than that.

Not worth the price, but it is a good location. It is pet-friendly with the pet waste receptacles, but the dog park is more of a fenced area. The gym is very small and it 2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, and some free weights. The pool is too small and the apartments are old with a fresh coat of paint. That sums it up.

For the most part good with everything. There was a maintenance request never completed. And the property maintenance in itself has been somewhat lax compared to when I first moved on.

This is my very first apartment and I’ve absolutely loved it here until recently. I don’t know what happened but staff response has been slacking especially during time of emergency. My ceiling has flooded several times in the last year and I was still wanting to stay because of location and previous experience but after the slow response and growing issues I decided to leave.