I lov love where I'm living but I haven't been able to enjoy my apartment because of the upstairs neighbors are very disrespectful I think they threw red potatoes at my daughter car and her dads car we have pictures I've been staying at my moms house sometime to get some sleep but over all I love it I've should have moved in one of the townhouses . Thanks be bless

Mostly quiet, excellent maintenance, and great management. The people who live here are nice and it’s a good community to live in and very pet friendly.

I moved her a week or so ago and I absolutely love it. It is so quiet. All my neighbors are quiet the community is clean and welcoming. I have enjoyed my move

I have lived here since June and have no complaints! I love the newly renovated apartments and love that the property and dog park is always well kept.

I just moved in and so far I really like it. I love the community and my apartment is great. I hope for this place to be my home for years to come.

Good people and good amenities for a great price. The only thing I want, which is out of their control, is more sidewalks and things to do around the neighborhood.

Living at Hillhurst is great! The location is one of the best features, only 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. The complex is nice and quiet. People here are friendly, the office is helpful, and the apartments are nicely done.

I just moved to Nashville last week, and I’m so glad I chose Hillhurst Apartments as my new home. I had driven for about 7 hours before reaching Hillhurst, but the staff member that assisted me was super sweet and helpful, so signing my lease and getting my keys was a pretty painless process.

I love it and it very quite and I luv the manager she was very nice and really help me with the apartment so I am looking forward in growing in the community with the people thank for letting me be apart

The pool is awesome. The management staff has not always been professional. The maintenance crew reacts when quickly when notified. The water saving toilets are awful and needs to be flushed several times to clear them.

The apartment really is great. Maintenance responds to problems quickly, the complex stays fairly quiet and clean and it is perfect for couples and family who enjoy quiet. My only drawback is sound really travels through the floors so being on the bottom, if your neighbor is loud, like a previous neighbor, you’re being tortured when they are home. Otherwise, for the price in Nashville, it’s excellent.

My apartment complex is amazing. I never see any problems as I come home and it’s always so peaceful . My neighbors are great and the workers are so friendly

Love living here its quiet peaceful friendly neighbors plety of space to park love this place this my very first apt me never had my own but this place is the best

Only good experiences.staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful.Clean apartment complex and on time maintenance staff.Its quiet and nice neighbours.no parking problems at all.

Awesome place to live! Repairs and maintenance completed in a timely manner. Staff is very friendly. Overall I enjoy my apartment home.I highly recommend it to future tenants.

Was the best complex I've ever lived in, clean well kept. And I felt safe. The staff were always so kind and thoughtful. All request were met on time.

When we moved in 6 months ago we were looking for something Quiet, Clean, Friendly, Safe, close to everything yet off the main road. We found Hillhurst and have never wanted anything else.

Honestly one of my favorite things about my 5-6 years living in Hillhurst is the Maintenance team of Chris and Keith. Incredibly friendly, timely, and skilled. The pool/pool area having just been revamped is such a nice touch.

Great complex and community. The worst thing I can say is that the ceilings transfer noise very easily. Otherwise, everyone is quiet for the most part and nice.

It GREAT! And the staff is amazing and I love the space in my apartment and it is so peaceful. It’s the BESTEST COMMUNITY I LIVE IN🤗🙏HILLHURST IS AWSOME🙏

Since I started the moving process the Hillhurst staff was nothing short of amazing, they gave me all the help and time I needed, especially with a death in my family that caused me to push back my move in date. They really showed that they care about the community!!

I use to live here years ago and I decided to come back. It’s quite and nice neighborhood.Close to the school my son was already going to. Nice 100%

The neighborhood is quite. The staff always complete job orders in a timely manner. I enjoy going to the office. I free to express my be opinion for upgrades. Awesome place to live.

This property is really nice. The maintenance is really quick and the office staff are available pretty much everytime I need help with something

New resident. Minor office staff issues. Cant rate it 5 stars just yet. Quite, cozy, great location with up to date amenities. Easy access to all interstates.