I've really enjoy living in Northview. This community offers everything that I need. All of the facilities are clean and maintenance is always on time.

Nice people but a lot of miscommunication between staff about policies and rates. One staff member informed me that I did not have to pay for the transfer fee because that was based on the amount of people moving in and then another person told that I had to. They referred me to their manager and I have yet to hear back from her. It’s been almost a month.

View poor quality. Could do much better to improve conditions. Couches are made to rip easily. Ours ripped from simply sitting down. Need more guest parking or at least guest passes.

I havent moved in yet but I just got approved to live here! It looks like such an amazing apartment complex, and it looks perfect for me as I just got a job at JMU!

I’ve lived here for 3+ years and my experience with management and maintenance is a good part of the reason I’ve stayed for so long—they’re always so quick/responsive

The process was easy. I liked the room and everything, but it would be nice to know or have some more control over roommate selection. I have no idea who I'm going to be around for a year...

The people I’ve contacted have always gotten back to me immediately and responded to all of my questions with ease. Talking with the workers has been nice because they’ve been able to help me get along with the application process easily.

It’s been fun living in this complex because they put in so many activities to engage the residents. Also whenever there is something that needs addressed in the apartment, management is on top of it!

This being my first apartment rental experience, I didn’t really know what to expect. I did however expect the apartment to at least somewhat resemble the pictures online... which they definitely did not. When the upstairs neighbor’s laundry machine leaked through our ceiling and flooded our apartment, I was absolutely not satisfied with the repair job in both the regard of time it took, and quality of the finished product. The painters also need to step up their game. Paint on almost every piece of furniture in there. However, it was one of the cheapest rates I could find so I guess you get what you pay for.

My dryer had to be run multiple times to complete one load and was not fixed properly. The layout was okay however the walls were not soundproof enough.

I lived at The Hills: Northview for two years, and I never had any complaints. The rent was affordable, things didn't break often and the location was prime.

Cheap price but you get what you pay for. The rooms are small and some apartments have damaged walls, leaking, and other unfixed things. Could be better but I’m moving out because I want to live out my year in a better place

northview is worth the pay. The staff is friendly and helpful. I havent had any problems since living here and have chose to continue living her. Location is good too.

Better maintainence response time and more events in club house would be cool- different coffee available? Or creamer? If possible brighter street lights- can get really dark in certain areas

I love the price and location. Complexes could be nicer. Parking sucks and is rarely ever available past 8 pm. Definitely need more parking.

Great experience living here and renewed my lease because staff, location, maintenance, and residents are great. I would recommend living here to others

I have lived at Northview for two years and haven't had any major issues or problems. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Maintenance is quick and the community is welcoming. It feels like home at Northview!

Quiet place. Gym could be updated a little. Maintenance is great and super fast. Decent sized rooms. Basketball court should be maintained better.

I love how close to campus it is! Staff is super friendly and is always hosting events to benefit residents and these events are always super fun!

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It was a good place to live and was priced very fair for what you got for my first apparent off campus I loved it. Only down side is that you have to share a bathroom but got use to it real quick.

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I received my gift card very quickly and it was super easy to redeem. There are great offers that make it fun and easy to rack up points and earn great rewards.

No complaints until our third year living here. Our dryer and air conditioning have broken multiple times, and multiple maintenance requests later, nothing is fixed.

the management and clubhouse staff are great and very accommodating. the condition of the apartment are not that great but recognize that it is old and has been around for a while

For the price and the proximity to campus, it’s great. We have had problems with maintenance and a lack of concern when something was wrong with something in our apartment, but the past few months it has gotten better

My roommates and I haven’t had any problems with the apartment! When we put in a maintenance request it always gets fixed promptly. Would recommend living in north view