I loved Northview, because it was cheaper than most complexes but offered the most stuff. All my friends say they love it so I hope I do too

Decent sized apartment for four people. The kitchen is pretty small for four people but only when all four of us are trying to use it at the same time. The bathrooms are definitely the biggest complaint because the showers are so squeaky from being made of plastic, and the water doesn’t divert very well from the faucet to the shower head, so half of the water is still coming out of the faucet when you’re using the shower head. It makes you use way more water for showers and decrease the water pressure badly.

Ive had such a fantastic experience with Northview this year, I even signed a lease to continue to live here for one more year. Maintenance comes very fast.

There is NO WHERE to park if you come home after around 9pm. My shower / tub was pretty gross when I moved in...so bad that I can't even take a bath. Not to mention the layer of mold on the balcony. I will definitely be living somewhere else next year.

I honestly love where I live. I find that living in my own apartment is the way to go. Everything works nearly perfectly and when a minor issue comes along, maintenance is right on top of it!

I think the hills northview is a good place to live for the price. The clubhouse and gym is really nice and the apartments are decent for the price

I do enjoy the community of the apartment complex. Everyone is really nice and I like that someone stepped up early on and organized a recycling program because I was disappointed there wasn't one, to begin with. However, I think the program could be improved by assigning recycling bins so it's not as unsightly just sitting outside the door.

Living in Northview has been mostly great. There aren’t any major issues, but it can sometimes be clear things were made cheaply. In our shower, if you want water pressure you have to either use the hottest or coldest water. There’s a spot in our floor near the door where the floor goes in if you put any pressure on it. Our couches are the most uncomfortable couches I’ve ever experienced. But management is really good. They have come really fast when there’s an issue. The kitchen is nice and there’s lots of storage space.

It’s very close to campus which is convienent but it’s pretty low quality. My bath tub creaks everytime I move, and the patch jobs where there were holes in the walls are completely botched.

We have some minor issues with our house this semester. The dryer doesn’t dry clothes properly, our ice maker wasn’t working correctly, and our back door doesn’t lock.

I've enjoyed my two years at Northview. The price is right for the amenities and I've had relatively few issues with the apartment besides noise from the neighbors.

Northview is great, always helpful, and very friendly. My one complaint is how run down the apartment is, but can’t complain with rent so cheap!

I love it here. The location is perfect because everything is so close and usually only a 5 minute drive. The people are awesome and every time we’ve had a problem maintenance comes and fixes it

It has been a great experience so far. My friends and I love our apartment and that is why we re-signed for next year as well. We can't wait to see what else Northview has in store for us.

We've had to call maintenance a few times but they've always come and fixed everything in a timely manner. The only thing that concerns me is the safety of the area

I think northview is great for a cheap apartment complex. Nothing in the apartment was gross or badly messed up and it’s close to campus. If not looking to spend half of tuition on an apartment this is definitely the place to be.

This was a great place to start out. It was close to campus and the rent was low. Its hard to believe these past 2 years have gone by already.

Overall I have had a good experience living here in Northview. The ladies in the office are always super helpful and kind. And I couldn't ask for a better rent price. The only thing that concerns me living here are the people who live in my surrounding apartments. I thought this was a complete student living complex but a few of my neighbors are older men that clearly are not students. That is my only complaint so far living here.

The SouthView staff is really nice and helpful. I'm not a fan of the bedroom sizes I got the second bedroom and it's the smallest of the four which is not fair because we pay the same amount of rent. Overall it's a great for a first apartment!

Great! My only complaint is that you don't really take care of messes soon enough. On time there was a party in my building on q weekend that made a mess and it was left there until Thursday of the next week. I know the people who had he party should clean it up, but they don't and it looks trashy. Also sometimes the trash overflows before the trash truck can get here and that also looks trashy

Management was a little unreliable. We were told we had to move things for someone to come in and paint an accent wall in December, and we have yet to have someone come in.

An awesome off-campus living experience. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Heavily relied on bus system and was not disappointed by the routes.

Really great how quiet this place is. I have never heard other tenants through walls. Service requests are responded to almost immediately and always fixes the problem.

I think that stonegate is a great place to live and that it is very underrated. However, there are so many amenities that are offered in other places like a pool & tanning that stonegate does not offer.

The staff is super friendly and I like the community. The work orders get filled quickly too. The only complaint is that the neighbors are a little loud.