I received my gift card very quickly and it was super easy to redeem. There are great offers that make it fun and easy to rack up points and earn great rewards.

No complaints until our third year living here. Our dryer and air conditioning have broken multiple times, and multiple maintenance requests later, nothing is fixed.

the management and clubhouse staff are great and very accommodating. the condition of the apartment are not that great but recognize that it is old and has been around for a while

For the price and the proximity to campus, it’s great. We have had problems with maintenance and a lack of concern when something was wrong with something in our apartment, but the past few months it has gotten better

My roommates and I haven’t had any problems with the apartment! When we put in a maintenance request it always gets fixed promptly. Would recommend living in north view

Overall an amazing college living community with amazing maintenance staff, but definitely needs improvement in all of its appliances since they’ve broken down so many times since we’ve started living here. The maintenance staff make up for it though, and respond extremely quickly to everything. Nice clubhouse too!

I like the amenities that Northview provides. The clubhouse is always very clean and staff/management are very nice. I wish there was more parking.

The community is very pleasant: the clubhouse is a great amenity and housing is suitable. The neighbors are never a problem, so it is great to never have to deal with community conflicts.

Overall really good place to live. Only downside is parking. Love the location and price. Only having 2 bathrooms to deal with is really nice - I wouldn’t want the have more.

I mainly like it cause it's cheap and furnished. Appliances aren't as cheap as you would expect for the rent, maintenance requests are handled quickly

I don’t really feel welcomed when i enter the leasing office. Some appliances need renovating and my keys doesn’t really fit in my door knob. The staff doesn’t really explain how the bill cycle works until you bother them about it

I feel at the hills there is just a sense of community and I feel with the apartment complex becoming my new home that I can really thrive as a up and coming new adult

From what I have seen from this community, it seems like a fantastic place to live. I had a sibling live here for three years and he never had any sort of issues.

Messed up our housing arrangement from when we moved in, but overall the apartment is great! The clubhouse is very welcoming and they have free printing which is a plus :) very calm and peaceful complex

The apartment is nice for the price but it’s small for four people. I like the free food events and the website is easy to use. I like only paying for water too

Maintenance has always been extremely efficient, professional, and very nice whenever I've encountered them. Other staff has been average, but are typically very nice.

good apartments for the price. wonderful maintenance people!! the apartments are nice, the floors and showers are super creaky but hey, what can you do

I chose Northview originally because of the price. I am a very involved student so I didn't need an apartment that was completely decked out because I was mostly on campus. As it turns out, I really enjoy the events and Northview offers more than other apartments do.

You can’t beat Northview for the price. You do have to share a bathroom but honestly there has been three times in the past two years where we both needed the bathroom at the same time. Great place to live or the price and they did a great job matching me with roommates.

I have enjoyed living in Northview although there have been some problems with our dryer and garbage disposal that take a long time to get fixed. Our garbage disposal is still not fixed and the heat in the winter is very off. Other than that everything has been very nice.

I enjoy living in my community. The staff is very friendly and maintenance is always on time to fix whatever is needed. I also enjoy the location.

I have not yet lived in the residential community, but have toured multiple times. The first tour was with my future roommates and following tours were with family members and friends. I was pleased with each tour and looking forward to living there next year!

So far my libing at the hills northview has been very enjoyable. I love the setup of the apartment and love everthing it comes with. Also the people i see around are always very nice which is a good perk.

The noise is awful at night. The people above us are so loud and obnoxious. But the maintenance people help a lot and are quick with fixing our broken things. I’ve lived here for years and wouldn’t change it.

The community here is great! The maintenance will take care of your request within the day. The clubhouse also has many events that include getting to know your neighbors with free food.