Apartment is located in a nice location in Harrisonburg, not for from campus. Noise isn't too bad and roommates are nice. Staff are friendly and maintenance responds in a timely manner if something needs to be fixed. Bathroom and kitchen are decent.

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The apartment is pretty quiet and the ammenities are nice. It's easy to live here with the low rent. The maintenence request are answered and resolved quickly.

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Pree good overall. Living here was nice and rewarding and I liked my roommates and sleeping wasn't too bad either and the kitchen was pretty good and yeah.

i like southview because of the value. it is a cheap place to live but i still have nice amenities, like my own bathroom and a walk in closet which is great!

For the money it’s a good deal, and you get your own bathroom. Living on the bottom floor though I’ve had some pest problems. Overall though not too bad and I’ve been here 3 years.

satisfied with the unit and maintenance. wish we had a pool but our gym is sufficient enough - wish it had a squat rack or a little more weights. love the proximity to food lion and other places.

Nice neighbor hood! Maintenance could do a better job and the place could be better. Everyone is friendly and the workers at the club house are nice

Living in Southview has been very convenient from price, amenities, and location. Although maintenance could be better, overall customer service is decent.

Southview is a great place to live. If there is ever a problem with something, they are always fixing it quickly. They do a lot of different activities at the clubhouse, which are always nice!

Very kind and made it very easy to apply and get accepted for an apartment. I heard that maintenance is hard to get in touch with though, and that they can be rude.

I like the apartment building in general. I think its a very good setup however. I like that we now have more visitor parking spot so i don't have to worry about where my friends will park when they come over.

Nice place to live, services could be a little better but overall good. I also wish maintenance wouldn’t just walk into my apartment if no one answers the door. Come back later?

Great place and love how close Southview is to JMU. I love the clubhouse and always go there to study or hang out with friends. The only downside is closet space in the rooms other than that love it.

We have cigarette smoke issues from people around us and the management hadn’t been to eager to solve the problem. We’ve had to contact them multiple times.

My experience in this apartment complex has been great! The quality of the furniture in the apartment (especially the couches) are very nice quality and maintenance is very efficient in doing work.

Southview Is agreat place to live as a college student! Affordable, comfortable and an excellent area! The people are absolutely wonderful and helpful at all times.

I had an enjoyable year hear at Southview. Amenities in the apartment were good as well as the layout and size of the rooms. Noise was not too bad and people were friendly enough.

Units could be more upnyo date. Things tend to break at times, or have an old feel. The location of southview is very convenient to campus though.

The amenities and location to campus is convenient for students. Also, the apartment complex is usually quiet so there's usually no need to worry about noise.

I like living at the hills of harrisonburg the rent is low enough to afford and everyone is really nice and respectable. Everything is close to like shopping and grocery stores.

parking is rough sometimes for guest can’t have guests because scared they won’t get a spot Good at repairs quick and do it almost immediately when needed

Pretty nice complex! Wish they would put in new carpet and would allow current residents to access the lowest deals available for rent though...

I really like my apartment community, the people are nice and the employees in the clubhouse are always friendly. This is a great location, it is in the middle of everything and really close to where my classes are at. I would give it a complete 5 stars if there were more parking for visitors. Which in the recent weeks they have uped the amount of visitor parking which is nice. Maybe if they adopted a system like the retreat where residents can check out 1 parking pass per apartment then that would be a nice little change. Otherwise, everything is amazing!