Nice and a very quiet area. You are well taken care by a respectable staff. They are contuuously working very hard to improve the community.

Some furnitures are damaged and old but still good because it above normal for student housing condition. It is great place to live if you are looking for low price

This apartment is in a very good area, close to town as well as quiet. The people upstairs walk very heavy and stomp often but it’s nothing anyone can do. The apartment could probably get updated appliances by now and maybe carpet that’s actually flat but for the price it’s what I would expect and is still appropriate.

For the most part, living here has been good. Mostly everything is nice, up to date, and clean. Only a few complaints. Our dryer sucks, there seems to be black mold under our kitchen sink, and the front desk has a scammy vibe in regard to finance related things.

Love it here! They always answer there phones and maintenance is always so fast! They always fix the problems I have Nd and very nice down at the clubhouse

I love living here the neighborhood is so quiet and everyone is super nice !! There’s always something to do around here. The staff is super friendly also!

I have lived at The hills southview for about 2 years now and I can Honestly say that I’ve enjoyed living here! The staff is amazing and I have not had any problems.

I have had a wonderful experience so far with Southview! It is very affordable, the apartments are nice inside, and the all employees and maintenance workers have always been great!

The apartment is nice and works for the needs of college students. One thing I think they dropped the ball on is when we checked in you have to wait in a really long line. Another thing is the design of the kitchen. If you like to cook hopefully you won't get paired with someone else who likes to there isn't enough counter space for two people to cook at the same time. But overall it is a really nice apartment and it suits the quiet atmosphere I like when doing homework or studying.

Very good area to live in, very little noise except on the weekends occasionally. There is always plenty of parking available nearby no matter what time of day it is.

not a fan of my roommates picked for me but other than that its okay. rooms are smaller than I would like. parking is great but more guest spots would be nice

I have nothing to base this on, since this is the first apparent I have lived in, but I really do enjoy living in Southview. The apartments are big, have enough bathrooms for everyone, and the neighborhood is fairly quiet.

Maintenance was fine, just took way too long to get more visitor's parking. The bus stops and systems were great, also the gym and printing were also very convenient.

It's fine. It's not really good or bad. Mas o Menos. I don;t really know how to describe it. It's cheap you get what you pay for. I'm over it honestly

its great for the rent I pay. Not everything is incredible but it is worth the money and when something breaks down maintenance is there in no time!

Nice community, good location, quick maintenance;; nice benefits as well, such as the clubhouse printing and gym. Also love that there are 4 different bus routes that run through here.

So far, I love living here! There are so many community events and the staff is so friendly. Maintenance requests are taken care of very quickly!

Overall I have really enjoyed living in Southview. It’s affordable and has really great amenities. They also listen to the residents as they’ve added more guest parking spots!

I really enjoy the features the Hills has to offer. I like having my own bathroom and updated furniture. Sometimes it can be a bit noisy, but that's typical for a college apartment.

It’s been great living here! I haven’t had any real problems so far. I really get along well with my Roomate and I appreciate your consideration with giving me a profession and not a college student.

This is a decent property, with enough space in the apartment. It’s nice to have your own bathroom, and the maintenance is really quick to fix things. The only downside is that the walls are very thin.

Its a great and convenient place to live. Management is wonderful, and commuting to/from campus is good. The gym and study/business area is a wonderful addition with the free printing and coffee.

Its good, pretty cheap and enough space for 1 person. Noise above can be pretty anooying as well as random roommate assignment but overall not too bad.

Southview is a great community. I think it is a great transition apartment between moving off campus and living alone after graduating college. I also like how we all have our own bathrooms

The gym could be updated. There is no place to put jackets, etc. The apartment is fine but a little run down. The clubhouse is nice. Maintenance is always helpful. The staff are not always helpful in solving issues that come up.