Great place, but my washer doesn't really work and we've probably put in 20 maintenance requests over the past two years. I also wish there wasn't so much paint drips on our floor.

I have lived in stonegate for three years and have absolutely loved it here! The staff responds to service requests very quickly. I also have been helped by the office staff a lot. The location is lovely. I have adored being a short walk from the arboretum.

I have just signed my lease for next semester but so far it’s been an easy process. Two house mates recently unsigned out lease so I am currently looking for two new people to live with next semester.

A little loud sometimes but not an excessive amount. I think everything is made a little cheap, but with that, so is my rent, so it's too be expected.

It's nice and convenient for all of my needs. I have had some issues, but they have been resolved fairly quickly whenver the problem would arise.

Stonegate has given me a great first experience in living on my own off campus. I have came across very few things wrong with the apartment and if there is, management is very easy to access and comes quickly. The clubhouse hosts many events which really bring everyone together and gives people a good opportunity to take a break and relax.

The lease process was very easy and understandable. It was an obvious choice to live here and I am sure to renew my lease until I leave JMU!

I think this place is a good place to live and everything about it is good. It is a good place to stay because the neighbors are all respectful and no one causes problems

Ammenities are good but quality of carpet and some furniture isn’t the best. We have had some issues in the past with management but recently it has been better

It’s not a terrible place the live. We renewed our lease here but only because we were too late to find a place somewhere else. I’m not a fan of the smell of our apartment. It’s something I got use to but when new people come over they say it’s a bit musty and now my cloths all smell that way too. Our washer and dryer units are a bit old. And every now and then we find bugs on the walls and other places. Maybe some other things I can’t think of off the top of my head but other than these it’s not so bad.

The apartment is pretty nice and good sized. The maintenance guys are pretty cool, and some of the management staff are alright. Lacks fun amenities.

really fun nice place to live. i like it there. management is nice and maitenence is really awaesome and very reponsive. overall i like living in stonegate

I’ve lived at the Hills for three years at two different properties and I can honestly say that I love the homey feel, and how welcoming the events at the property are.

Stonegate is the best bang for your buck. The staff are very nice willing to accommodate however they can. I love the location, if I wasn't graduating, I would live here again.

The rooms are too small for what you pay for. Management is often slow and barely fixes the problem. Parking is an issue at my building and they are ways doing inspections.

Stonegate has been my home for 2 years and it will be for another! Maintenance is very quick to respond, the rooms are spacious, I have my own bathroom, and the office does a great job at communicating with residents. And, I can walk to class! While college living isn’t glamorous, Stonegate provides comfort beyond my expections! I would recommend this apartment community to anyone!

Signing with Stonegate was super easy, with a helpful staff, a beautiful clubhouse and a prime location. My friends have been living with Stonegate now for three years and have nothing but positive experiences.

The community is overall clean and friendly. I feel that the visitor parking and overall driving/ long boarding that goes on is scary with the hills on the property. One of my friends a building over has recently found rat poop in his dresser drawers, I hope that doesn’t happen to me because it is a health issue.

Im living here next year ! So excited to finally get m to own bathroom and be able to walk to 711 up to the street and also u park. I really can’t wait

Personnel in the office were fantastic and answered all of my questions from billing to resident Life. Maintenance requests were always completed in a timely manner with kind personel.

Throughout my time at the hills of harriosnburg, I have no complaints. The management helped me to sublease, the workers fix the maintenance requests fast, and rent is cheap. All in all I cannot complain.

Honestly, I have had a great experience living in Stonegate.the community is nice and I like all of my neighbors. I wish we had more programs in the clubhouse.

They for the most part leave you alone, but come when you ask them to. I wish they'd stop with the quarterly inspections because they'll just do one when I move out, but they work with you when something goes wrong/unexpected. Something went wrong with the online payment and they knew that was weird for me and talked to me rather than just sending me a demanding email. Close to campus and I'm not usually bothered by others while I'm home.

My apartment and community is the best. A great environment to meet people and explore. The people are awesome and very inviting. I love this place.

I like my neighbors and we get along very well. However the people who live above us are very loud but this is just due to the thin ceiling and thin walls.