I enjoy living at Hillside Commons because it is a lot nicer than the residential buildings. I especially like being able to make my own healthier meals and do my laundry without having to wait.

I love living at hillside it’s a very clean place and has really nice people working here. I feel good coming home and knowing I live here and not at a house in Oneonta somewhere. I also feel safer here than if I was down in the town of Oneonta.

Cannot wait to move in and be able to have my own private bedroom and bathroom that I can decorate any way I like :) Also love that it’s so close to campus!!! The view is amazing and having a gym and free printing is definitely a plus!

I love having my own bathroom and washer and dryer, it’s very convenient. The study lounges are great for when I need to get work done when it gets too noisy in my room.

Signing a lease with Hillside Commons has made me so happy! I can not wait until I get to live there and call it my home! The entire process was easy and everyone there was very helpful!

My experience has been amazing! Everyone that works for hillside is always so nice and very easy to talk to. I’ve never felt more at home other than my own home. Thank you for that!

I love it here. There is no noise and its just so peaceful. Not to mention the view! It’s beautiful. A never seen before view honestly. It’s like Picasso painted it.

The apartment is great, the dishwasher and washer and dryers make life a lot easier. I love having a private bathroom and the shower never has a problem with hot water.

I love it here and every day im so excited to go home and see whats going on. I also love the respect everyone has for one and other and the helpful and loving place and the staff is truly the sweetest

I absolutely love it the tanning bed and the beautiful view from the study lounge rooms. It is super easy to travel from hillside to campus by bus

Hillside is absolutely gorgeous. I don't live there yet, but plan on living there next semester. It is extremely safe and the rooms are fantastic. I can't wait to spend the year with my friends.

I love living at hillside. It’s so close to campus and the building is beautiful. Everything is so up to date and it feels like living in a hotel, better that most apartments you’d find in town.

Amazing place to livd! Highly recommend. You get a private bathroom and private bedroom. AC and heat is included (which is a huge bonus) and there’s a fitness center!

I love it here! I love having my own bathroom and room! Some other things I really love about hillside are the study lounges, they have a great view and have really comfortable places to sit and get some work done! The pool table and ping pong table are also always a lot of fun!

Hillside is a great place to live. I’m happy I chose hillside because it’s new and everyone is super friendly. If something goes wrong the maintance or staff is there to help you within the day. Everything the apartment comes with works and it’s nice to have everything in one room.

It’s a great community. Many people coming together and housing accommodations are great. I’m very happy with my washer dryer combo, and in house dishwasher.

Great place to live! I was looking forward to living here because of the amount of space and the security. I won’t be ready to leave in the Spring!

Hillside has been an awesome decision for me. It is so much better than the dorms and other housing in the Oneonta area. Hillside has it all between you having your own bedroom and private bath, to the fitness center, to the lounges, etc. I highly recommend it.

Living here has been absolutely great. Having free printing is one of the many perks hillside has here. I love having my own bathroom and having so much space

Living at Hillside has been the best experience ever. Having my own bathroom and a full kitchen is easily two of the top reasons why I chose to be here.

Hillside has a wonderful community and the amenities they provide are truly outstanding. The customer service facet of the community is impeccable, the staff is knowledgeable and approachable and are willing to help with any sort of need. The apartment itself is wonderful the furniture is in great condition and the kitchen has everything you could possibly need and then some.

Great space to live in but a variety of maintenance problems makes it a bit frustrating at times. Great place... but not as great or nice as expected

I enjoy everything about living in Hillside. The convenience of being right next to campus, the cleanliness of the building, and the study room amenities are some of my favorite things. Although it is expensive, I think it’s all very worth it. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Living at Hillside Commons has been great. I love my private bedroom and bathroom. The staff is friendly and always available to answer any questions I have.

After some move in challenges with having to move units three times, I have finally gotten settled into my apartment. My roommates are great, and I am looking forward to getting to cook all of my own meals!