An amazing experience :) so happy i renewed my lease again for next year; i would not want to live anywhere else!!! Living here has definitely made everything a lot easier!

My experience has been great so far. I love having my own room and my own bathroom. I also love having everything provided for us in the rooms!

I love living in Hillside! The rooms are spacious, the building is kept clean and all the staff are always super friendly and helpful! There are also events that happen at Hillside that make it easy to meet your neighbors!

The people who live and work at hillside are so friendly and helpful ! Maintenance requests are always done on time and super quick. Being so close to campus is a huge plus too !

So far I haven't had many complaints! Starting the year off well. Other than a few things before school started, the apartment has been great! I like the new style (Seneca) that I moved into.

I love hillside! It is so nice to have my own bedroom and bathroom and even laundry room. It really feels like home. The kitchen has so much storage space which I love. And the maintenance team is very reliable!

I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone in the community, people are very friendly! I always see people playing games in the lounge and relaxing.

I absolutely love living here! Everyone is so nice, the apartments are beautiful, and all of the amenities are to die for. Everyone always complains about their living situation in college, so I never imagined mine would be this great!

Hillside is an awesome place to live. I always feel very independent, yet the staff is always around to lend a helping hand when you need it.

Hillside is quite a peaceful, homey place to live. Along with beautiful scenery, this apartment is a convenient and reliable place as well!

I love living here! The amenities are amazing and having my own room and bathroom feels like home. The only downside is that the buses aren't the most reliable with timing. I love how we get emails when our packages arrive and they're usually pretty promt with that.

Love it! All of the amenities are so useful and always clean. The shuttle is super convenient. I would definitely recommend any student to live here.

Initially, I was very impressed by hillside and I still really appreciate all the amenities available to us. There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to sit in the study room and overlook the view of campus. I love having my own space as well, it really is a luxury. However, over the past week I’ve noticed that my apartment isn’t all it’s talked up to be. We have multiple maintenance problems which have yet to be taken care of and it’s at this point affecting our well being.

So far I have had a great time living at hillside commons. I love having my own bathroom and being able to control the air conditioning. I have had no complaints

A milkshake machine would be nice and more gym equipment. Also a better bus schedule. Maybe some hot tubs as well. Other wise, everything is great.

Hillside is so beautiful. The apartments are spacious and the bus down to campus makes living here easy! I am so happy I chose to live in hillside.

Living at hillside commons has been a great decision. I enjoy cooking for myself every night and not having to eat dining hall food. Also love having my own bathroom in my room.

The kitchen could be bigger. There is not enough space for three people to comfortably function in the kitchen. The rooms with two people in a room have twice the amount of space as me. This is kind of unfair.

So far being a Hillside Resident has been great! The amenities are amazing and it’s so nice being able to have my own space! My favorite thing about Hillside so far is the shuttle bus that brings you to campus!

So far I have the best experience at Hillside. The staff is friendly. The rooms are clean. One of the best parts about living here is free printing.

It’s a nice place. I like my roommates and the people on my floor. I love my room and bathroom. The kitchen is a nice size and the living room is nice.

Such a nice place! Great view, friendly people, my own private bedroom and bathroom. What more could I ask for? This has been a great first apartment for my friend and I

I am absolutely loving it here! The amenities and atmosphere are fantastic. The room was a little dirty when first moving in but otherwise no complaints!!

Being a Hillside resident has been nothing short of amazing so far! Living in a college dorm for 2 years straight is not easy, so it was a breath of fresh air moving into an apartment. The rooms are modern, clean, and spacious. They are fully furnished and you get laundry, cable and WiFi included in your rent, just to name a few. Not to mention the many other perks including tanning, a gym, free bus transportation, movie theater, and beautiful lounge. The amenities are endless! The staff has been very accommodating as well. Can’t wait to see what this year brings me!

i am having a grat time lots fo fun so cool so pretty such nice staff people air conditioning i camt wait to see the meomories that will come and things i will share. i wish the bus ran on sundays. I wish the bus ran later at night