I love the area and community. The staff are great and I absolutely love the amenities. There are some downsides like any living situation however I feel at home and that’s what matters at the end.

close to campus and great floorpans. some downsides are the price and unfinished looking areas. the appliances in the apartments are really new and work well!

I don’t live there yet, but it seems pretty nice. I like the location because it means I won’t have to pay for parking on campus, and all of the amenities seem very nice.

Such a warm inviting environment that the staff and other residents provide. The Hudson has great amenities and it’s a great place to live overall.

i enjoy it! i am comfortable, well, and happy living here! i like my room space, shower area, and living room area. i also like my access to the TV. i would recommend!

It's not just like an apartment, more likely a home to me. I'm considering to renew my lease because I really want to stay here. Guys here are truly friendly!

Love living here. Walking distance to campus is the best thing. The gates and elevators have a tendency to break though usually they’re fixed pretty quickly.

very nice complex. The rooms are furnished. The location is good and close to campus. The amenities are great too. The hudson also has a price point that is managable.

Somewhat confusing once I signed the lease but everything else was good :) I like that this complex allows pets!! And the study rooms are really cool.

I enjoy living at the Hudson. It’s so close to campus, great amenities, and overall easy living. There are some complaints about the staff and fees, but other than that it’s a good place to consider living for a student.

The location is a five minute walk from campus, which is incredibly convenient for college students. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the amenities are great.

A great place to live. I've spent the last two years moving after each summer, but I feel as though I will be staying here until graduate. Plus, The complex is really close to campus making commutes easy and quick.

Great place to live, I have been living here since they opened and will be next year as well. The apartments are very high quality and very modern and sleek.

Really great apartment with great management and a convenient location. It has been a very good time living here so far and I look forward to next semester.

The location is nice and there are no major issues that i have experienced yet. The gym is always a mess and some of the lights outside on the patio don’t work.

Love my apartment and the location, roommate could be better but other than that I am very pleased! Wish the Starbucks was available after office hours or in a different location to be accessible after hours

Overall, the price is very good for what you get. The location is amazing, the actual rooms are very nice, and the staff is friendly. However, there is usually only one elevator running throughout the entire building and that can be very frustrating because it can lead to up to 10 minute wait times for the elevator because it’s stopping at every floor both on the way up and the way down.

Great location. Really close to campus just a 2 block walk. Roughly 5 minutes. Has its problems just as every student living does, nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that isn’t taken care of in at least 48hrs. A little pricey but overall good solid student apartment.

I have loved living here at The Hudson!! The Hudson has the friendliest staff ever, with the best environment to be around!! My favorite thing about The Hudson are the awesome study rooms, they are the best when you really need to focus for school!

Amazing amenities! Great staff! All around great place to live! Love the Starbucks machine but it would be great to have Bluetooth music player in the yoga room.

The garage gate is always damaged. They take about 2 weeks to complete a work order and not clear on anything goin on. The girls in the leasing office are nice but not all of them tell you the same thing.

Good units but walls are kinda thin. The elevators are slow and the garage doors break from time to time. These issues, however, are often fixed rather quickly.

The Hudson is clean, modern and safe. The staff cares and is always ready to help. I have enjoyed living here because the management puts our needs first.

I really enjoy living at the Hudson! It is in a great location, close to campus. The units are a good size and the amenities are awesome. Also pet friendly which is great for my furry friend.

Right when I started researching for apartments I automatically loved the hudson! They were so easy to talk to on the phone and it was even easier applying/signing for my lease! I would recommend to anyone looking for an apartment super close to campus because it also has great pricing!