The only thing I can complain right now is the dogs off leash outside and they are from our building, We have been attack 4 times by dogs of the leash.

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The apartment is great and concierge has been really helpful. We submitted a work order and it was completed the very next day. I’m glad everyone makes sure we feel at home.

So far it’s been a great experience,I love the location, beside the train noises and traffic It’s fairly quiet area I love staff they are nice.

So far its been great Maria has been amazing with the whole application and choosing an apartment process. I can’t wait to look at the spectacular views of the great Hudson

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Love this place! Summertime is really when life on the water starts to feel special. Listening to free concerts from my balcony on Friday nights is great!

I've only been here about a week now but I have loved every minute of it. The staff is fantastic and very friendly. Everyone that I've met so far has been very kind. So far, Hudson Park is a fantastic place to live!

Beautiful apartment in a perfect location on the Yonkers waterfront. Wonderful service entering and exiting the building with friendly faces and convenient to hop on the train!

Had a wonderful tour with Keith! 5 stars for Keith no question. You guys should really get an receptionist onsite though. I called 15 times throughout the process just to ask some questions, schedule a tour, and get an update on my leasing application and no one ever answered. I finally got a call back on Friday after calling since Monday. As a business development consultant, I suspect this is losing you a lot of business, if people are calling to make an appointment and no one is answering. You might want to consider implementing and online booking software. You’ll book more meetings that way. 😉 The leasing application software is EXTREMELY buggy and the user experience is lacking. It made it very hard to tell if I completed all the necessary application steps. When I got approved it was unclear online. When I finally got an approval email, I was confused as to if there’s a mistake with the automated emails. The email I received started off saying I got approved... but then there were two paragraphs on how the decision was made and how I can dispute it. See why this is confusing? This content only need be in your rejection emails. Your approved emails should just say, “Congratulations, you’ve been approved!” and explain that the leasing agent will be in contact shortly with next steps. If the other information has to be their for legal reasons, but it in smaller text at the bottom of the email AFTER the email signature as a disclaimer. That will make things MUCH less confusing. I will say that when Keith called us back he was extremely helpful and personal! 6 stars for Keith!

Overall apartment is nice. The amenities could be better, such as grills. The best control is another thing that could be better. They only come once a month and when an issue arrives I have waited a month to have them come out. I would like preventive pest control quarterly

I love living on the water front. Please bring back the garbage cans so we can properly clean up behind our pets. Been seeing a lot of dog poop on the grounds lately.

Love living here. Beautiful apartment and great neighbors. Staff is friendly. Great city views. Close to everything I do. Will be renewing my lease.

Peace of mind receiving my packages... having a parking space, concierge service, security, maintenance quick response..I luv it.. here no complaints.

Management has worked hard to improve its responsiveness to resident concerns. This, along with other improvements to the property make Hudson Park feel like home.

Apartment is a good size and we do not hear much noise. The only issue is sometimes getting on/off the elevator, it stinks of marijuana and it should be smoke free.

The management team is pretty friendly. I teach yoga where the residents would come and bond, and we have formed a great community. I would recommend Hudson Park to my friends!

We really enjoy living here so far. The staff is friendly and helpful, and neighbors are friendly- it’s nice to make conversation in the elevators, which I didn’t used to do often when I lived in the city.

Hudson Park Apartments was a place that I really fell in love with just by viewing the pictures and seeing the view of the water. The apartments offer me everything that I need as far as comfortable living such as washer and dryers, maintenance, and area stores. I feel proud to be part of this community.

Living here for 14 years, and love the waterfront view and the wonderful concierges(Ms Yvonne and Ms Linda) they are attentive and listen to your concerns, and helpful!

Compared to my previous apartment, this one is far superior. The newly renovated apartment is incredible, great quality appliances. Very fair price for what is offered

The view is excellent! I love the new free events planned! The updates to the gym, lobbies, and new building look great! Hudson park is a great place to live.

Like every place there are good and there are bad. Lately there have been a lot of good. So I would say that’s a good thing! Come and check it out.

The only complain I have is that electrical bill is too high every month even though use is the same or less. Other than that I love living at Hudson Park, can't wait for the summer!!

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Electricity too high, gaps in the ac makes the apartment extremely cold which makes it impossible to not put the heat on. The alarms go off at random times and hours for a false alarm. Smell of weed in a smoke free building is always great too.

I have nothing but loved my home since I moved to Hudson Park! Can’t beat the easy commute to the city or the amazing Hudson River views. Everything you could possibly need is such a short distance away.

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Everything has been really great since we moved in at the beginning of November. The only slight issues we have really had are with the windows. The windows can be very difficult to open or close, and this can cause a very cold draft especially on these cold windy days. Other than that everything is great. The location, the service, the concierges, everything we have encountered has been amazing.

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