The whole complex is nice (the staff, pool, and community. But they take two weeks to "prepare your apartment for you to move in and in my case it looked like they did two days worth of work.

I love the ladies in the office, they are always so sweet to me and my family. My neighbors are friendly and the neighborhood is generally calm and quiet.

It’s a great area and an even better location. I never really have any problems with any other residents and I’ve made some friends here too

I have enjoyed my time here at Hunter Chase. I've lived here for a few years, and I plan to stay for a while. The staff and maintenance guys are always friendly and are always very helpful!

Dawn has been absolutely amazing through the moving in process. Everything here has been quiet, and friendly. I appreciate getting the monthly newsletters as well.

Many improvements have been made in the four years since our arrival to this property. I do appreciate the effort to improve the environment, such is the dog park and the redone pool area. I do wish that they would take down the volleyball court. With the sizeable feral cat population present on the property, it is simply turned into a huge litter box for them to use.

Great community ! Very safe and pleasant area up keep of community area for residents like grass cut and gutters fixed on apartments during fall months.

Love the staff and apartment. With the issues that were brought to the attention of the staff, maintenance was at my place super fast and efficient. Everyone I have met here thus far is very nice and personable.

So far I have had a wonderful experience. Any problems we have had have been sorted quickly and done very well. Very impressed with the Hunter Chase staff.

We have lived here for the past year and a half. We enjoy taking our puppy to the dog park. Pool was basically never open this past summer, however.

It’s been good, in hindsight I wish there were hookups so you had the option to have a washer and drier. Going to the laundry facility and paying for laundry every time is a pain in the butt! The time given on a swipe for the driers doesn’t dry your load half the time and the washers are small! Other than that it’s a good place to live, quiet and beautiful

I have had nothing but positive experiences living here. When something breaks down it gets fixed fast, the office staff are very nice and easy to talk too.

We have lived here for about 3 years now and have enjoyed it. The price isn’t bad and the people that live here are really nice too. I also like that you can paint or do whatever you want to the inside of the apartment.

We have renewed our lease this month ( August ), We're in our 4th year here and still enjoy our home here at Hunter Chase Apartments. Enjoy swimming in a clean pool.

I love living here, me and my kids have been here for about 4 months and I have nothing but great things to say about hunter chase! Would definitely recommend

It's a pleasure be a resident here they come right out to repair things and they work with you when there are issue on the property and they check on make sure u ok

Overall, it's been great. We wish that some of the cosmetic things they have been doing the past year on the outside of the property were going on in the apartments themselves instead.

Hunter chase is a pretty good community. We do wish the laundry was free or at least not as expensive. The pool is great, when it is open that is. We have loved the dog park now that it has warmed up.

Living here so far has been not bad so far. The only complaint I have is the constant smell of cigerettes. It can be annoying to come home to a house that smells like smoke. Another thjng is that I can here my neighbors arguing and it makes me nervous.

I have been living here since January. I like living here. It’s quiet and the people really genuinely care. Only issues i have is we had a broken closet door and stains on the ceiling and dishwasher issues. But it is a great place and all of the neighbors are so welcoming. They work with me on rent and solve any problem i have.

Quiet community, rent is affordable. Only complaints are the pool being closed for 4 weeks during the summer and a leak in our kitchen. Maintenance was here within 10 minutes about the leak.

Great environment.. Friendly place to live..apartment is spacious.things do get fixed in a timely manner..staff is willing to help with anything that you need assistance with

Everyone is really friendly, from my neighbors to the staff. It's a good place to live, especially with children. Things get fixed in a timely manner.

I've been living here for the past year and a half and I wouldn't change a thing. The only changes I've like about our apartment complex is all the upgrades in our community.

So far I love it here! Everyone is so nice. It’s extemely clean. The maintenance guy is super attentive and helpful. The staff is willing to help and friendly