When we first moved here the grounds were patrolled daily to keep things clean and tidy. I don't see them around anymore. Instead, I see items of trash lay around for days. What happened to keeping the complex clean? I know it isn't from a lack of funds, since our rent is raised every year.

Y'all aren't doing to bad. I've lived here going on 4 years. Wider spaces for parking and cleaner breezeways it would be close to perfect. Thank you

Reply from Hyde Park at Ribelin Ranch


The building breeze ways need to be kept clean. The stairways are very dirty. The community also should provide more tenant activities. I enjoy the office staff and the maintenance staff respond very quickly

Staff is very accommodating when problems arise. My only complaint that it took almost 11 months for me to get my own gate clicker. I do hear my neighbors above.

I would give it a five-star if it was not for all the birds nest art of the sprinklers, everybody so friendly maintenance people so friendly

Parking is not enforced. Cars are parked for months, left, & are parked so no one parks next to them. Would consider moving just for parking

It's a great community, very well located and with a good cost/quality balance. Feel that the buildings could be better cleaned, especially the stairs but everything else is very good!

Love our friendly maintenance staff, amenities are always super clean, and overall I'm super proud to live in this complex and show it off to my guests. Only things I find disappointing are the lack of community events (c'mon there are so many people here and they're so friendly--it'd be easy to plan a football tailgate/watch party or "donuts and cocoa in the office" to get people to meet!), the lack of communication from office staff (I don't think I've ever gotten an email response, I always have to go into the office....but somehow the office can always find a way to tell me--email or door flyer--about a fine or new rule) and the tiny, tiny, TINY parking spaces. Lot just got restriped and you couldn't change those? Despite all that, I still love RR and wish I could afford to live here forever!

Apartments and amenities itself are good but parking is hell. Not enough and constantly have to squeeze getting in and out. Staff is nice from time to time.

Overall, this a pretty nice apartment complex to stay at. We have had only a few issues, which have been addressed. For the most part, we enjoy staying here.

I enjoy my apartment and the staff is very friendly. However the building area is dirty and trash stains and trash in the stairwell is normal. Wish the the buildings were better maintained.

the staff and neighbors are great, very friendly overall. But we would love to see some Apartment upgrades (appliances, kitchen, restrooms, etc.)!

Love living here. Spacious apartments and great maintenance. Only issue is Parking. Get a garage or a spot. It makes your life so much easier.

Enjoy the community. Great location. Would like for management to consider mixer options to enable residents to get to know their neighbors.

Everything is good except for the not enough parking spaces, and no speed bumps. Some residents drive very fast through the property. Once I witnessed a car almost miss the curve because of how fast they were going!!

Everything is superb other than the parking situation. The staff is friendly and helpful. I was pleased to sign a lease here and it has been an easy transition to Texas.

Everything here is going pretty well. I do want to complain about the traffic that comes in and out of the apartment complex at insane speeds. There are many kids that ride their bikes outside and play around the complex. This is out home, not an interstate, or race track. Myself along with MANY other residents would appreciate seeing speed bumps installed before someone gets hurt or killed.

I've lived here for 6 years, great place to live and relatively affordable. It's also great that the area is starting to blow up with more restaurants and shops!

I love the community and the neighborhood I have been living here for almost 2 years now I am moving out to a place closer to work unfortunately I will be missing this place so much though

Great location and well taken care of property. The workers here really seem to actually care which is more than I can say for past apartment complexes that I have lived at.

The parking spaces are small, and residents often double-park, but the staff is friendly and helpful. Plenty of areas to walk your dogs with clean-up stations.

Good and nice atmosphere. Nice stay but little congested though. Tough to get proper parking during the evening or late night. Good maintenance.

We love everything about Hyde Park except the parking . Motorcycles and compact cars take up full size spaces leaving no parking for full size vehicles.

Wonderful maintanace & amenities. They take care of any issues immediately. Staff is cooperative. It would have been nice if there are more covered car parking slots.

It is a pretty nice apartment complex. I have lived here over two years now and I have no major complaints. It is in nice family friendly area.