Great Staff. Beautiful Apartments. Friendly neighbors. I could live here long term. I love the different places to go to in this area. Nice!

We have loved here for several years and even transferred from one apartment building to the other with ease the apartment we are in isn't remodeled yet but it's very spacious and comfortable.

Been living here about a month and I am loving it. My neighbors the community, every is so friendly here. The pool and grill are a huge plus that I am taking advantage of

The staff is very friendly. Our AC wasn't cooling when we first moved in, but maintenance responded quickly. I've only been here a week but so far so good.

We really have no issues. When things need to be fixed they get done quickly. The management team is really helpful and nice. We have lived here for over a year and enjoy living here

Awesome place! Everyone is so friendly and courteous. The pools are really cool and the complex is overall really quiet which I love! The balconies are huge!

I have been living here for just over two weeks and thus far I am more than pleased with the quality of living. I would definitely encourage other people to lease at Hyde Park!

Doing great so far! Moved in a couple weeks ago & we got free pizza with their pizza night & the staff has been pretty amazing! I have never really been a fan of apartments because I've always felt like they invade your privacy, but this place is just great so far!!

Great staffing and facilities in the front. The community is trending in the right direction with new residents moving in every day, and friendly groundskeepers.

Moved in a couple of months back and it was the best decision we could have made. Friends and family love our place and I would definitely recommend to others who are looking for a place to call home. Quiet and clean environment. Beautiful pools and grilling areas. Definitely a great place to be at.

It is nice. I like the community here in hyde park. Everybody in the community are friendly. Generally good place to live. The apartment inside and outside clean. I like it.

Nice community. Really nice upgrades to both pools and the fitness room. Friendly and responsive staff. Really like the community events and Starbucks in the lounge.

Office is doing well. After hours there is no security to kick out parties at the pool. Wish the company would do something about that the office people only work during the day so I understand the problem is in property management.

Great place to live with nice spacious apartments and a clean livng community. Nice pools with barbecues and very friendly staff. Defeinitely recommend!

Great place to live. The apartments are really beautiful on the inside and the pool and grounds are well kept. The staff is very efficient and the socials are very nice.

Very nice place to live. The residents and staff are great. Maintenance is very good as well. The remodeled apartments are fantastic. I enjoy living here.

Good no complaints, first complex I'm choosing to stay another year in, love that it's gated, no crimes or anything, no break ins, friendly people in office

My boyfriend lived here for a year before we decided to move into this apartment. We both liked the value for our money. We moved into a two bedroom and there is a lot of space for what we pay as compared to moving closer to the city. It's a great location and the front office staff is always willing to help. I will say there are a few things that are bothersome but not a deal breaker such as the craftsmanship when we moved in. There was paint everywhere; on the windows, bathroom tubs, counters. There are also a lot of animals here and people don't seem to pick up after their animals (although this has been my experience with every place I have lived). Despite these things, I like it here. It's newly renovated which is really nice and it's quiet for the most part (depending on where you live). There are a lot of families though, however, so if you don't like kids this probably isn't the place for you! I would recommend it!

Great community renovations are beautiful. Location is perfect in between 35 and Mopac easy access to expressway. Office and maintenance staff are awesome.

Great Community, awesome office staff, highly recommend Hyde Park to everyone. The upgrades are the probably my favorite, and everything they did with the pool area is great!

Nice upgraded units, staff is all very friendly, upgraded appliances all are very nice. The only issues we have had are the dishwasher( doesn't clean very good) and poor workmanship by make ready and maintenance that was fixed but took time

I’m excited to be a customer. I’m glad to pay rent. Very professional staff. Very timely responses. Im glad to live here. I hope to live here for a bit more

We are in a two bedroom that has a great layout and view. The amenities are nice with a well equipped gym and relaxing pool area. The office staff are usually very helpful.

Doing well, very responsive to requests...need more social activities to get to know the neighbors and also good parking available. Overall i enjoy my stay here

There has been a lot of car break ins. Need better have place under surveillance. Security officers walking the premises early morning so these crimes do not happen it's become really hard to trust my car out in the parking lot