No tuve una muy buena experiencia cuando entre aqui, pero ya repararon lo que no me gusta en si el apartamento y la ubicacion es por eso q regrese despues de 7 años....

Hyde park at enclave is an adequate apartment complex. I have had issues with maintenance that too quite some time to resolve, but have been resolved.

I have been living here for4 fours now and I can't complain. I have loved every moment of my stay here. Even with management changes transitions are done smoothly and in a professional manner

I'm here because it's quiet. Management appears to be improving, finally, after two years but there is still more that could be done. This apartment complex is listed as "luxury apartments" but they're far from luxurious. The sidewalk to the west of the Fallsview office has been broken for years causing that area of the sidewalk to easily flood. It will sit in high water for days after a hard rain. I know the staff is aware because it's right outside their office window. Our gates are RARELY closed! Here's a thought: if the incoming traffic gate is going to stay open why not just leave both incoming and outgoing sides open? Why just have ONE gate open? In regards to our gate, why can't you extend the box to actually reach a vehicle window? NO one can pull up and scan their fob to get in ... everyone has to exit their vehicle to just open the gate. Management told me over a year ago that this was "in the process" of being fixed. Lie. Correct these very fixable issues and you may earn more stars for me. Common sense is lacking in management decisions. .

Hydepark management did a great job. They need to extend pool timings and also need some more security inside the society. Gym facility is good.

There is a growing trash situation that needs to be seriously addressed. Parking lots and grassy areas are full of disposable cups and plastic sacks. The landscape sure could use some replacement and freshening.

I think you are doing good which makes Hyde Park better place to live. However, you must improve on few services like some good deals on lease renewal and some preference, special offer & discount to the old residents to make Hyde Park amazing and attractive. Also gate access is a big issue, please provide us with the remote to access main gate as earlier because its really unsafe during night or while its raining.

So far we have been safe in our apartment for the past 3yrs but the recent burglaries is making us worried if we will be the next victim. I felt safer on our first year. The sheriff lives below our apartment.

Everything is fine I just wish maintaince were a little quicker with fixing request. Love the pool area but it would be nice if they were open past 10pm

There needs to be some improvement on landscaping and the abundance of trash in the parking areas. Roaches have been a large problem recently.

I love my floorplan here at Hyde Park - it looks more like a home than an apartment. The exterior plantings could use some improvement and upgrade. We seem to have quite a few water line problems as of late.

Neighbor apartment was broken into. I have seen security at night. I believe the breakin happened during the day according to my neighbor. Really not safe anywhere.

I am now pleased with the quick response when maintenance request are submitted. There is always room for improvement. You have succeeded in my book.

Grounds are kept well. Safe community. There are roaches everywhere in my apartment. Treatment has been done 3 times already since January 2016 and I've lived here since Feb 2015. I feel like its hard to reach the front office and you guys don't communicate with each other.

David is the only nice person on the management staff. Property needs to fix sidewalks on Fallsview side (it’s cracked and water puddles) and many of the outdoor lights need to be replaced. Very thin walls. There are multiple grills around the complex, but most don’t work and all are usually dirty.

Quality is diminishing. Some of Anybody can apply and reside here. People are thrusting trash everywhere. The security gates don't worth and are never closed.

Great community to live in. It's very nice and well kept, it's also very quiet. Maintence responds fast to any situation or problem you may have.

Most things are good except for the front gate constantly being open and when there were several car windows busted out, there was never any warnings or notices sent out.

In general i like living here because of its location, ammenities and the staff. It would be perfect if security was better. Hire a guard and install a few cameras. Also, keep the gate closed and working properly

Very Good in Most of the Issues..Response is good whenever there is a complain. Maintaining the community clean and green. Thank you for your continuous efforts.

Everything has been good so far, quite neighborhood been living here over a year, but dont like the roaches!! There should be none for someone who cleans religiously

Moved from Chicago to Houston and I LOVE living here! great amenities in the complex. Whenever I have maintenance issues it gets taken care of immediately. All the ladies in the office are such sweethearts. Would highly recommend this complex to anyone.

Maintenance can do a better job of fixing problems in a timely manner. Entrance gate pad on Phase 2 side could be closer to the driveway. Better pest control should be used.

Its a good place for live... I am happy to live here I have 9 months and this had been a good experiences. I hope renevew my rent the next year :)

Management is doing a great job for the HydePark Apartment community. Maintenance team is very prompt. Helpdesk facility is very useful. Staffs always welcome everyone with pleasant smile.