The management has always been pretty chill the entire time I've been here and the community of people around me has always been constantly rather fun to be around.Not to mention the low rent. It definitely doesn't hurt by any means.

Walk to campus is nice. Have some maintenance problems though and it's always uber cold by the windows. For awhile my shower wasn't even warm enough to be pleasant.

Iconic Village is really a unique place. I love how close it is to campus and the very laid back atmosphere there is. I also love the price. At Iconic Village I am able to afford a two bedroom which means I only need one roommate, which is wonderful because it means I don't have to try and keep up with a lot of people when Electricity comes due.

it's extremely close to campus. Management is extremely friendly and will do whatever they can to help you with your problems. Surrounded by numerous bars that I can walk safely home from.

Iconic is fairly good overall, and has the best prices for being so close to campus. The pool area is always kept clean, as are the yards and grounds. Maintenance can be a problem, but they recently got a new crew so things finally got better. Overall not bad, but not the best.

This is a very cool apartment complex with a groovy vibe. Yes, it's got its quirks, but it an excellent place for a student to live. SO close to campus!

Iconic Village is an awesome place to live. It's close to school, I have amazing neighbors that I happen to know, and the staff has always been nice to me.

I love vintage pads its so close to campus and has a great staff! They are so nice! I love the floors its easy to maintain and my room is spacey.

Iconic Village is close to campus, which is great! The community is good. Parking is easy to find and always close, so are the trash cans. I haven't had maintenance issues, and management is very friendly and pleasant to work with. I love living here. I just would've gone for a washer and dryer in my apartment.

Chill environment, good maintenance, but overall the whole place to live thing gets taken care of one hundred and fourty-while-characteworth

Iconic Village is a great place to live. Can't beat the proximity to campus and relatively low rent. Love having a washer and dryer in my unit and all the quirky touches.

It is pretty close to school and really cheap. I also like that I get my own dryer and washer. There is also a really nice pool plus there is always free coffee.

Friendly staff. Maintenance leaves a little to be desired - I put in an air filter change request and didn't actual get the service until 3 months later. The condition of the actual unit is much different than the show unit, however, and the bad conditions are not exactly covered up by the white paint and slight redecoration/touch-ups. But rent is cheap, the location is fantastic, and the neighborhood is relatively quiet. 3/5

Close to campus!

It's an older complex but I love the place. Management has always been willing to work with me. I've seen others complain about management but in my opinion they're more than willing v to help bc as long as you approach them like adults and not stampede in making demands

I love how close these apartments are to campus it makes going to and from class very convenient. Some of the appliances in the apartments are a little outdated, but other than that it's a pretty nice place to live.

Y'all are great. You stay out of my business yet are very helpful and want us to be comfortable. I really enjoyed living here. More parties!

I enjoy living here, but the kitchen drives me crazy! Other than that everything is awesome. Oscar is fantastic and always willing to help. Also, I enjoy the community style, but the bats are a real problem. They scare the crap out of me every time they are out, which is quite often.

I love the feel and look of the apartment. The entire atmosphere just kept me coming back. Everyone is super friendly that I've met so far and Im really looking forward to moving in.

Nice location. It is walking distance to the Texas State Campus. The stained concrete floors stand out and give a modern look. Pet friendly. Walking distance to Grins

Place is alright. Things are always breaking down. Walls are flimsy. Always smells Lome dog feces around here. Washing machines aren't very efficient but they're still expensive.

This palace is great! It is walking distance to school and great community. The rent is cheap and the office takes care of you pretty well..

I like living here but I wish some things were a little different. I wish we had more washers and dryers. I don't like the parking passes. It's very inconvenient when friends come over to surprise us.

Office is friendly and works well with resident issues. Maintenance sometimes takes awhile but gets the job done. They are a very pet friendly community.

I like Iconic. No complaints so far! Thomas & Genna seem to be pretty helpful in the front office. I thought there would be a lot of noise here but there isn't. The only downfall is the construction going on to get here