Nice community, people are pretty friendly. They are very pet friendly. Maintenance is slow to respond, however, they eventually get the job done.

vintage pads apartments are good for college students they have a community garden or you could grow whatever type of vegetable or fruit that you want they have great parking services.

The place is ok, and your getting what you pay for. The staff isn't always the best at notifying people but overall the apartments are pretty nice and are in a great location.

The carpet and interior needs to be a little updated as well as the dog park. It would be nice to have a few more amenities, but I like some of the office activities they do.

Friendly staff. Maintenance leaves a little to be desired - I put in an air filter change request and didn't actual get the service until 3 months later. The condition of the actual unit is much different than the show unit, however, and the bad conditions are not exactly covered up by the white paint and slight redecoration/touch-ups. But rent is cheap, the location is fantastic, and the neighborhood is relatively quiet. 3/5

I like the area, quietude, and layout of the apartment (so do my two awesome cats). If the office and maintenance staff were accessible that'd be great

Good place near Texas State. I like the layout of the Apt. The only downfall is the overall aesthetics of the buildings; and, the lack of pre-rent maintenance.

Good, I like the community activities and the management is very friendly, maintence is slow but considering its only 2 men, its understandable. Overall, iconic seems to be a great place to live

The office workers are very nice, but there are not as many resident-related activities available. Besides this website. Also the dryers in the laundry room keep breaking, which is very inconvenient

It's a cool place to live. If you like mostly calm places than. Otherwise apartments are very old and neighbors are okay. University is little bit far to walk.

Iconic village is ok; many wild cats that pee on my porch. There are often broken washing machines on site. But no bugs and that's great woo!

Walk to campus is nice. Have some maintenance problems though and it's always uber cold by the windows. For awhile my shower wasn't even warm enough to be pleasant.

No work out facilities. Lots of maintenance. Great office workers. Dog park is not well maintained. Cheap place to live though. Staff is friendly.

Very cozy, I love the open floor plan, and I've been able to take ownership of my apartment. I just have had some serious issues with leaks.

Iconic Village is really a unique place. I love how close it is to campus and the very laid back atmosphere there is. I also love the price. At Iconic Village I am able to afford a two bedroom which means I only need one roommate, which is wonderful because it means I don't have to try and keep up with a lot of people when Electricity comes due.

i think that vintage pads are nice although I have experienced a few issues with them. When I moved in I had no window in my bed room and it was never fixed all though I put in work order forms .

This is a very cool apartment complex with a groovy vibe. Yes, it's got its quirks, but it an excellent place for a student to live. SO close to campus!

The apartments aren't so great but the kindness and service to the residents is great. Their service somewhat over-sees the appearances of the place. Over all it's a really chill place, some things need to be fixed but the service is awesome.

The community is quiet and super close to campus. The staff is friendly and really helpful. Maintenance does take a long time to respond and a lot of the apartments at Vinatge Pads needs upgrading. But overall, an good living experience.

Vintage pads buildings are pretty old but the maintenance guys will become your buddies. People at front office are super friendly and will always help you out. Cool community and conveniently close to campus.

The complex isn't as nice as some of the other complexes. The appliances are old and the apartments are kind of dingy but its what you pay for. Had some troubles moving in but maintenance came quickly and fixed them. Kitchen is very small especially for two people. Courtyards are littered in dog shit. Also don't like that you have to walk all the way down to Hillside Ranch to catch the bus to campus.

I think the front desk is super sweet & always willing to help! I love the people that live around here. The area is very quiet & relaxing (at least where my building is)

I enjoy the property a lot, however maintaince is very slow and the window unit is poor. Front staff is nice but do not make things happen when it comes to maintaince.

Communication with staff seems to be unreliable. Maintenance requests will take undetermined amount of time to be fulfilled, if at all. Quiet community.

This place is okay-- maintenance turn around is slow, recently have hired some new faces that are much nicer than the last bunch they had in the front