its been an okay experience, got better since I moved in and got settled. my roommates are chill and the community is a good one to live in, check it out.

Walls are paper thin. Can hear almost anything everything through the walls next to me as well as above. Outside is not kept tidy all the time. Have found dog feces scattered all over sidewalks.

Very good place just kinda takes long for maintenance to come. And sometimes very stetchy people will be walking around at night. And when I moved in the place wasn’t even clean at all and the carpets were very dirty

So far it has been good I have not had too many issues and the few I did have were resolved in a some what timely manner and fashion so all

Love It! Still even thought I’m going through a very rough patch! Indigo At 110 was forever a blessing for my family! Thank you so much! From Galloway family!

My roommates are very quiet and clean so of course that is a great thing. My room may be the smaller of the three but I love having such a big bathroom.

Moving in this week, and looking forward to being a part of the community. My experience with the staff has been great so I expect to like it here

indigo at 110 seems to be a promising complex. there are so many amenities and the staff is very nice and helpful which is one of the most important things i look for when choosing where to stay. i also like that they give good feedback when asked questions.

The staff is very nice but the apartments are in poor shape and the people I live around make me lose my mind. But I mean other than that its good.

It’s a great place! I’ve loved my experience since I’ve moved in. I love my room, bathroom, and roommates! I would not pick any other place!

Staff ,management and maintenance do an incredible job, my experience here has been really good, the price is really good I've enjoyed being here I look forward to the next chapter

I’m giving Indigo 2 stars for 3 reasons. Indigo changes policies on you, they add charges to your account without fully explaining the charge, and lastly things don’t get fixed within a reasonable time. You cannot pay in partial payments anymore even though I have been doing it for the past 4 months without penalty. (and i always pay off my balance) This was changed in the middle of my lease time period, so this is a red flag!! Be aware

I was attracted to this place because of the cost of living. It is much more affordable and cleaner than other apartments closer to coastal. All of the things that come with it is dope too! Maintenance, is always available and that's lit cause I be needing them. The staff is so nice especially to me cause I'm always getting packages. I've never had any major problems with the residence. They also did a great job with the roommate match because I get along with mine well. I like it. I'm always resigning my lease, so my experience speaks for itself.

I love staying here. My roommTes are like family, and my neighbors are really cool. You really get what you pay for. I didn’t think i was going to renew my lease, but i just might.

Too much noise after midnight, I thought all inclusive including utilities was a given, deposit on utilities is ridiculous. Being threatened with eviction over 54$ is stupid, especially if i wished to add it in increments to monthly rent. It took me over 2 months to get WiFi, but thats fine. Just an overall awful experience.

I love the event and activities that are thrown for residents here, it fosters a real sense of community and allows residents to meet and interact with each other.

If you’re looking for a cheap place to live in South Carolina with basic security this place is not bad for college students and individuals starting to get on their feet I would not make this a long-term place

Not the best so far, Dryer doesn't work at all takes multiple times to dry. The washing machine had to be replaced after overflowing multiple times and us requesting a new one then finally got it. Move in day was a disaster gave me a room that East even ready and the place was trashed and not cleaned at all. Still haven't got a table in our place in which we should because its suppose to be furnished.

Living here is very nice. I just love the feeling of having my own place and Indigo really satisfies me in that way. It can be a little dirty at times, but that is just a minor thing when you look at the entire picture.

I’ve been living here for awhile now , it’s been really good . The staff is so helpful and nice and they always try there best to help in any way

Indigo 110 has a great price for the living space you get! The staff in the office is friendly and helpful and I don't have any real complaints after a year and a half of living here! I would recommend Indigo 110 to anyone looking for a place to live in the area.

I have only been here for a couple weeks. But I love the fact I can work out, tanning bed, and pool area to enjoy. It's in a great location, close to Myrtle Beach, convenient.

I Love This Place Because Its The Best Bang For Your Buck! I Would Def Recommend To Anyone Looking For Great Affordable Housing In The Grand Strand Area!

Affordable linving and close to campus. I dont see an issue anywhere i look. The grounds keeper keep things pretty tidy outside. If you dont have a roommate then thwy will pair you with one

Apartments could be cleaner when moving in. They’res a lot of litter outside. Everything else else is okay. Office people are nice, pool is big. The only other complaint is that the speed bumps are HUGE