Inwood station has wonderful management! Easy access to all amenities. They have security cameras. They also have an easy accessible parking garage with guest parking.

I love this community! It's been a great place! Employees are always very friendly and helpful. It's been a pleasure living here! They always have community events!

Could improve on security... there has been multiple car break-ins and thefts, which is obviously unsettling. The leasing office is aware of this but hasn’t really taken the proper steps to ensure this stops happening.

Loving it so far. I have great neighbors, management does a great job at trying to keep the community safe and keeping the community informed!

Love love love my new place. Everything and everyone here is so nice. I wish we had more community events, so neighbors could get to know each other.

Everything has been good thus far; I feel when they see an issue they try to get a handle on it and that’s what I like. Maintenance shows up in a timely fashion. And they keep the place clean and I appreciate that.

Good community for the most part (about 98%). The other 2% should really try to put their trash in the chute to make this a better community.

The apartment has a very new and modern look that I love from the appliances to the set up of the apartments it gives a luxurious feel. Five stars!

I moved to Inwood Station last December and I’ve had a great experience. Kevin was my leasing agent. He was very professional and kind. I love the quickness with repairs once I submit my request. I love the atmosphere here.

Pretty decent place. Residents leave trash busted out of trash bags and strewn across the trash room floor sometimes. Other than that pretty cool place.

Beautiful facility! Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I am looking forward to meeting my neighbors and being a part of the community here in Dallas!

Beautiful apartments, awesome amenities, friendly staff, in a super convenient area! The price is a steal for everything that you get. Highly recommended.

Beautiful place with great amenities and appliances. Gym is awesome as well as study areas, lounges, and the pool. Security could be better...

The management is proactive to communicate on issue such as security and social activities. We got In & Out delivered to our door last week. Awesome!

More visitor parking on the 5th floor would be great! Otherwise great facility and location. Really fast maintenance response and outstanding front desk staff. Never had security concerns but we also live on the 3rd flood.

The property and location are great. Easy access to highways and very close to the airport! Love the community and staff. We’ve been here since the property opened and recently renewed.

This place has really become home to me. The staff is fantastic, the amenities are great and the gym has saved me a lot of money on a membership. Can’t say enough good things about this community and it’s staff. KEVO is the man!

Living here is a dream come true, it’s peaceful, and they always have something to do for their residents, the really show they care, I love it!

This is such a great place! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There are a lot of amenities and great things to do. The staff is also great!

Originally, I loved this place. And in a lot of ways, I still do. They have fun events, really nice residents, a beautiful living space, etc. However, I had to take away two stars, because while living here, I was bitten by another resident's dog (it was unprovoked and in the elevator). If that was not bad enough, it was a breed of dog on the forbidden breed list, and no one did anything about it. I was told I would be contacted about the incident, but I never was. I got an infection, a massively swollen hand, had to get a tetanus shot, and antibiotics. It was very painful. A month later, and I saw the same dog coming out of the building with his owner, to go to the bathroom. Now, I am incredibly nervous around dogs, especially large breeds, which I never was before. I am just disappointed in the way the incident was handled, and even though it's been almost three months, I never got any further contact from management about what happened and what they planned to do/did. I just don't feel as safe as I used to. I get anxious every time I see a dog or the elevator opens, and I am about to walk in. As much as I love the building, it is challenging to live here and not feel safe, because I have no idea if that dog is still here and if I will get bitten again. The owner was very nice, but the anxiety doesn't go away.

I absolutely love living at Inwood Station! The staff is truly amazing, the complex is well kept and the amenities are on the level of a luxury hotel.

It’s been a pretty sweet experience so far. I must say Kevin is thee bomb dot com. We’ve been back three times to do a walk through of the model apartment and he had no problem showing us each time.

Throughout the process, it has been great. The leasing consultants have been nothing shy but ethical and compatible. Excited about the move.

Great staff, great amenities and a great atmosphere. I love all the equipment offered in the gym, and also enjoying grilling outside by the pool and courtyard!

I love living here.... The staff is very friendly and are always going beyond to make your living experience here great! Linsey Erica and Kevin are fantastic at customer service.