While the apartment is nice. Amenities could use work. The pools might need new filters bc there is hair floating in them whenever I use them. Management and office employees are the worst to communicate with. The last management lost 2 copies of my lease. The new management promised new locks on doors and smart electronics if we paid more and resigned our lease. We signed our lease, started paying the agreed upon increase in rent, and have called the for going on 3 months and have been given false promises that we will receive follow ups. I've called one and requested an email to be sent to us with information on our internet and appliance upgrade status (situation: I spoke with some lady named Nan? Who clearly just wanted me off of the phone. She repeatedly promised to sent a follow up email and tried to end the call. I had to remind her that she never asked my name or email. She said she would use my apartment number and lease. I then asked her what apartment I was in. She said she didn't remember, so I had to tell her again... never got an email.) The new day manager guy is at least pleasant to speak with. But up to this point has only give empty promises of following up.

It's been a comfort living here. We love the amenities. However, the little bugs that keep coming in from the windows are an issue and pest control is suppose to coming biweekly but I see them bimonthly.

It's a really great community here. Everyone looks out for each other! When ever there's a maintenance issue it's taken care of within 24hrs.

So convenient as everything is probably in a 10min radius, finally went to the gym and loved it. there are two pools since it isn’t kinda of a bigger complex. renewed our lease after the first and will renew again

It's been an awesome 8 months so far. The location is hard to beat and everything has been going smoothly. Amenities are nice and most importantly, I feel safe!

It’s a good neighborhood Been here for 2yrs that should explain enough but the peopleAt the office are really nice they explained everything I need help with

As a tenant of almost 3 years. I have no complaints. It’s a very calm, and quiet place to live. I have enjoyed my stay here thoroughly. I will be sad to go.

The apartment is lovely and spacious. I do plan on leasing. The manager seemed extremely nice and helpful.and also this apartment near the market its convenience to go out and have a bus to provide service easy to fare.

There’s no light in my roommates room so we have to use lamps. And the dwell is a little confusing on how to set up your pin for the lock, but other than that we love it so far!

It’s been great...nice management and friendly neighborhood....Maintiance request always done efficiently! Lit up well at night for safety. Codes changed often for safety

I like it here, close to the gym and grocery store, close to uptown. Sometimes it’s hard to find parking inside of the gates, and trash container is gross.

Very welcoming. Love all the amenities and the office staff is very helpful. Any questions I’ve have been answered timely and with a sense of urgency.

My overall experience has been great here at Ivy Urban. Very friendly and safe area. Definitely worth every penny and more. Love that the environment is very pet friendly as well.

I just moved in, but am loving it so far. My unit is awesome and everyone in the complex I have bumped into seems very nice. Can't wait to try the pool this weekend.

First time renter and I am pleased with this community. Pretty quiet neighborhood and great staff that is always quick and efficient with the residents needs.

It’s been really great living here, very nice Community. It’s very close to downtown and restaurant very convenient location not far from the dart public transportation area.

A few technical problems here and there but overall a great experience. Staff is very friendly. Some of the common areas need a touch up...

It’s a great location for the price. Close to any bar scene and anything happening downtown. Could do a upgrade on the landscape though out the complex

Wonderful experience moving in soon the management is great very helpful great customer service the complex is beautiful and is very well gated

Nita good experience... Got my renewal letter late wasn't able to find a place in time... Not friendly the staff lies a lot... Will never tell anyone to move here

A very nice experience. Came in without an appointment to see about living here and management was very helpful. Ended up being able to put an apartment on hold that day

Hind was the SO helpful when it came to figuring out the move in process. So friendly and made it a breeze. Came in without an appointment and she was super accommodating

Nice apartment community, people seem friendly. Especially compared to where I used to live, the rates are very reasonable. I like the amenities a lot.

I have been living here for the last 5 years. The staff and team have always been pleasant. If there is ever an issue, they are quick to resolve it. The location is great & easy to get to. My neighbors over the years have all been great.

Good place, view and good people.Not far from downtown, everywhere is gonna be 5 minutes by driving like deep ellum or hightland park even gay downtown