It is a great community, and is close to everything we need. Maintenance issues are taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. Thank you.

James Pointe is overall a great place to live. The current staff is awesome to work with . The recent paint job just made it better. Barbara & Willis are awesome!

I really enjoyed living here. Nice people, nice area. Close to Fashion place mall and where I work. Just wish the hot tub would work more often haha!

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Management and maintenance stuff has been really helpful every time. Have been living here for over 6 months and hoping this doesn't change.

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Very nice here the swimming pool looks great and very happy with the staff here wish they would clean the breeze ways right now there are two washers in there looks awful

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I've lived here 3 yrs now.. most of the staff is great, especially Barbara and Jim . Me and my son like it here. For the most part we have hardly had any issues, and when we do it's usually resolved quickly

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I have met some very interesting people while staying with a friend here at James Point. There are a great bunch of dog owners here. The time at the dog park and enjoying our love of our "4 Pawed friends" has been a very important time of each day. Everyone is extremely supportive and considerate.

Thanks for the fast response and repair of my water heater and shower. Jimmy the repairman was friendly and courteous, and now everything works great!

I cannot wait to move in. Barbara made this experience as smooth as possible. I was getting discouraged thinking i wasn’t o going to find a place in time. THANK YOU. ❤️

I truly enjoy living at James Point! I have met some really fantastic neighbors, and the amenities are great. I trust the leasing office and maintenance team to take care of any issues that arise. My only two sort of complaints are that there's a lot of dog poop on the grounds (when people don't pick up after their dog), and there is occasionally a lot of trash around the buildings. Both are issues caused by residents, but it would be nice if the office enforced it better. Overall,I truly enjoy living here!

here at james pointe there are too many bugs, too many dog poops, and the trees always cover my car with sap. on the bright side, there are lots of cute dogs.

I love the location, ease of access to anywhere in Salt Lake. I love most of my neighbors. What needs more attention is the dog park. Almost all of us have a pet that we take there daily, but since April there has been a puddle of nasty stinky swamp water that is stagnant. This need to be taken care of!

Management has done alot to improve the common areas as well as the grounds. Barbara at the office is wonderful, she is kind and caring. That's just who she is. I would recommend this complex to anyone, however you have to like Dogs. Most of us have a dog. It's quiet and peaceful here. Come and see what this complex has for you.

Could use a remodel of the cabinets in bathrooms and kitchen. work orders take to long, longer than when i worked as a maintenance tech. Other than that we like our place.

Overall really good. Barbra at the front desk isn’t awesome and very kind. She always ask how my day was and seems like she actually cares about how my day was. Whenever I see her just walking around she always says hey Peter and knows my name. Barbra should get a raise!

Everyone is nice and the maintenance is usually fast. The neighborhood is quiet during the day which is a plus since that's when I sleep. The amenities are pretty good and kept clean.

Overall not a bad place to live. Stairways and grounds could be up kept. Has tons of spiderwebs, leaves and some garbage. A good power wash and leaf blower would do the trick. Haha... like I said not a bad place.

Liam was AMAZING. He helped me with everything I needed and walked me through step by step. I was totally Lost at the beginning but he made it really simple.

The maintenance team at james pointe is fantastic. Our ac unit went out and they got right on it. For the price this place is the best around.

The maintenance team here is great! Willis is great and was quick and honest about repairing our unit! So so pleased with the whole process!

The staff is attentive and kind. Grounds are well kept. Barbara is amazing. We have enjoyed our time here. The grounds are well lit at night. Safe

Moving in here was one of the easiest things I've ever done. As soon as you are handing your keys you are given a little welcome basket complete with a few cleaning supplies and close by delivery menus. And when we walked in to our place it had been deep cleaned recently enough to smell the lemon cleaner that was used. First thing after sending in our work order they started to replace things that needed to be replaced. Living here has been quiet and happy neighbors have been friendly and we have loved every second of being here I would recommend living here to anybody. The only problem we have ever had here was when we submitted our application and there systems went down for a week, however Barb was so good that she manually pushed through the application and made everything happen for us so even that was a pleasant experience. If you are looking for a new place to live I seriously recommend you start looking here!

This is an amazing complex, loved the people and the vibes. Great location and the office is always super helpful. We lived the pool area even though sometimes is closed without prior notice.

We have only been in here a few days, when we got to our new place there was a lot of stuff that didn't get done that was supposed to. The person helping us forgot to tell maintenance what needed to get done. However the maintenance crew where very nice and helpful and got it done really fast so that we could start moving things in.

Super friendly, made moving so easy...I loved my welcoming gift. Barbara was super helpful and always had a smile which made my experience very pleasant.