I’ve been living at Kensington apt since 2011 and my kid and I love it here! It is quite and whenever we need maintenance they take care of things right away. They are aware that I have kids with autism and they tend to let me know when they have activities that are great for my kids!!!!

Very nice, and very quiet community. There are some crazy tenants, but they are more concentrated the the middle of the compound. Mostly the tenants are very nice and neighborly. The pools are clean and the walkways are clean and we'll pruned

Since new management has taken over the office runs way better now. The staff is awesome. We love the area we reside in because its very quiet and calm. However dog owners need to start picking up after their dogs. I mean there are f@#$%& TRASH CANS AND BAGS provided by the apartments and about 15-20 feet away from the grass areas where the dogs use the bathroom yet owners still do not pick up their dogs poop. Mind you the grass area is right outside my front door so we get the smell of poop cooking in the 100+ degree weather. Plus my 3 year old runs across that grass area because he is kid and likes to run in the grass and steps on the poop that some lazy owner failed to pick up. Other than the dog poop issue we enjoy living here at Kensington and enjoy the options of 3 pools to choose from in this heat 😊

Just moved in so far it’s pretty nice I’m in love with the weather still haven’t checked out the pools but in due time will do plus a big plus not to much noise

I'm enjoying my stay here, the new improvements are great and I hope to see what they plan to improve next. The new gym looks great and i heard the pools are next.

The only reason i could not give it a 5 is because of the crazy lady who lives across from me and screams and cusses about the FBI and an invisible woman named Gabby who she wants to "get off [her] vagina!". She's always yelling to "shut the F up!!" We are all wondering when she is going to start taking her screaming, foul-mouthed advice. Luckily her lease will not be renewed as of the 1st of October.

Great staffing, love the environment. Very peaceful here, with lots of beautiful trees and nature around. Neighbors are quite friendly and love the pools and jacuzzi!

My experience has been amazing thus far. From the time I met with the leasing office personnel, all the way to the move in, and now in the present. The staff has been exceptionally amazing and very helpful.

The place is very quiet and everyone is very nice. The staff is always there if something goes array. Even on the first floor, the family living upstairs barely makes any noise.

There's a constant stream of homeless vagrants in and throughout the complex, including those jumping in the pool with their dirty clothing on. Drug dealers, pimps and hookers also reside here, and they make the entire area feel unsafe. Bed bugs were prevalent for the entire first year we lived here and I still have drawers that are broken and cabinet doors falling off...all of which were put in place after remodel.

The staff, the gardens, the notifications, i'm so impressed with everyone and everything at Kensington!!So glad I live here. My neighbors are terrific people, I feel very safe and comfortable in my apartment. It truly feels like HOME!!!

It's been really nice living here I've been here 11 years Chris was a good manager She seemed to make it a family thing But that's that this is now Jest please don't Pop my bubbleThank you

My time here has been great for me and my family. Its quiet and the residents here are friendly. I like how fast maintenance are quick to fix what needs to be done.

Diane and Francine were amazing working with us, both were on top of all of our questions and concerns which made moving easy. They also have treated us and my dog as part of a family

Never have any issues with anyone who lives here. Never hear of break ins. It’s a safe quiet place. Wonderful place to live have been here for four years and going.

The apartment is beautiful and our kids love the pool. The grounds and landscaping could use some work though. Plenty of parking for high our cars, friendly people and neighbors.

It has been okay, but there’s room for a lot of improvement. Needs more unassigned parking, clean up all the cat poop and better laundry areas.

i has been living at kensington for 1 year. I enjoy living at Kensington. the neighborhood is quite. It has a good location. and now i love my new kitchen renovation.

The property is fairly well maintained, with many green spaces and several pools. We enjoy walking on the paths between buildings. It is a large complex, but well constructed so that noise from other units is minimal. The greatest challenge is that some residents are disrespectful of our common areas, careless with trash, etc. There are many dogs her and most owners pick up...

I like the apartments a lot. However the rooms have a smell and it’s not pleasant. And maybe we could do some thing about the holes and cracks in the beams on the apartment. It’s scary

Nice place to live. Quiet. Nice big apartments. Lots of trees and pleasant landscaping. Management is always looking for ways to make improvement. If they are going to make repairs they are really good about communicating.

I am living here since January 2019, I am happy. Management is good, maintenance is good, people living here good. I like to stay here. School too close,

I've lived here for some years now and I love it. The neighbors are great and it's close to everything you could need. There's pools and a gym.

The ladies in the leasing office are so great and helpful! We've enjoyed our stay for the last couple of months we've been here. The apartments themselves are so comfortable and cute as well.

A very nice place and very good condition with the nice people that they are working here and I am very from Apartment that I living with my family, thanks