I love this community, they care about people about dood services, and nice activities, quick to respond to our inquiries. The people in office so welcoming and helpful.

ive lived here for around 4 years and don’t plan on moving if I can afford to stay. I like the safety I feel here. I like being close to my work and shopping centers.

Staff are very welcoming and helpful. I loved the location its nice and quiet,few restaurants that i loved is just walking distance.and we are so excited to our unit,it’s amazing❤️

I’ve been here now for 2 years and it has been great so far. The renovations making the apartments a lot nicer and the management team always helpful when something goes wrong.

Everything you need is very close. People are kind and it’s a pretty quiet environment. Rayleys, winco, goodwill, planet fitness, etc. are all within walking distance of the complex

The apartments are cute and not the worst place I've lived. There is one staff memeber I go to for everything however many other staff members are not very helpful or make you feel like you are in their way. The maintenance has been an issue and we've never really had any maintenance issues fully resolved! We jist give up calling. For the low price though of living here, its not the worst place. My kids enjoy the pools and they are pet friendly.

I am angry about my rent increase! You didn’t have to submit the application to be able to raise the rent; or at least not for so much! I have a hard enough time making ends meet being on a fixed income! This rent increase is coming out of my food budget! And I have ambulance bills to pay for thousands of dollars! I would move if I could but I can’t afford to! And getting things fixed around here sometimes takes forever! I am not happy with you and wouldn’t recommend living here to anyone!

It is silent so and friendly, and I would like to live in it it so nice, inside area is tidy it has life’s facilities for example swimming pool, workout gym, after school program for schools’ students

I’ve only been here a week. Just questioning the security. Noticing a lot of homeless people coming in and out and digging through the trashes and looking in patios.

I love the upgrades recently done on my apartment. The only thing that would make this an even better apartment is washer and dryers in the units.

Love the gym i just wish that it were open 24 hours. The staff are all very nice and the apartments are beautiful and spacious. I only wish we had more guest parking.

Nothing but positive comments. I love this community and the ladies in the office are so nice and always so helpful. I'm glad to be able to call this place home.

So far I'm loving it the neighbor around me have been very nice and helpful with helping me out with directions on were the store are anything I've asked help for

Everything’s really good we really like this apartment because Neighbors they are quite and one thing I go gym every day but bathroom is locked you guys can’t unlock it’s not a big issue but I am just wandering ant what about hot top it’s work now or no yet I know you guys still working on it anyway thanks guys

Overall living here is positive. It’s quiet and the neighbors are nice. Kensington doesn’t always plan out major projects well and they end up taking way longer and being much more inconvenient than necessary.

Typically a pretty quiet neighborhood which is really nice if you have children and the office staff seems to have always cared about any concerns I may have and my needs.

Great place! Neighbors are really nice and the apartments are a good size. Only downfall is the parking but they have guest spots scattered.

I really enjoy living here, the staff is very fast to respond and always very friendly. The main downside is the construction taking up so many unassigned parking spaces, since it can result in having to park on the street at night.

Great, safe community that offers a great value. Good location. Units have undergone recent beneficial renovations. Management tries hard to improve things. The downside is almost constant construction, but hopefully that will end soon.

I have not started moving my things in yet so I don’t really know how to comment as far as actually icing here but I do know that I like the property and I like the staff and I also know that people that used to live in the complex where I came from before I moved here also moved here and are still living here at the Kensington and they’re happy here. I also want to thank Alecia, the new assistant manager. I am ever so grateful for her help and kindness. She has also really gone out of her way for me and I am very appreciative. I also want to think Corey, the main manager for all of her help too for getting me started to even be able to move here in the first place. Also, I would like to say that I think that Diane and Francine are very nice and helpful too. Thank you to everyone that I mentioned for being so kind and helpful. :)

The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. It’s a very friendly place that allows pets. The only thing I would say that needs work is the parking spots need to be more available

All repairs were done pretty cheaply, not meant to last. I love how big my space is though. The sound proofing between apts is good for voices but not random other sounds.

I love how quiet it is out here it is everything my husband and I have been looking for. The community is welcoming and we can wait to meet our new neighbors.

I've never had any Big big problems living here with its pretty park like settings...and they have always taken care of us - Besides the usual annoying neighbor...which comes with the territory of apartment living ...I like it here!!

I've just renewed my lease to start my third year here at the Kensington Apartments. And I have to say, my stay here at Kensington has been very nice. When I first moved in, I was told that they wanted me to consider my living unit as a home, and not just an apartment. Well I have to say, I do consider this my home. The office staff is very professional and helpful. Such a friendly team. Maintenance is responsive in addressing problems in a timely manner. The community grounds are kept clean. For me, it is a wonderful place to live. I would highly recommend these apartments as a place to live.