We got played. The appliances were dirty and our apartment smelt like fish and cat litter. Francine was rude and impatient but area is nice.

appartment quality is not as the price. My ceiling is licking after I moved in within a month. And I have lice in my apartment for another month.

Reply from Kensington


Property and management need improvements. They dont tell you when the water is going to be shut off and management dose not really lisen to you

Well we got our keys yesterday and went to check the place out but we are still in the process of moving but overall it's hot and theres alot of nagging tenants

Poorly maintained and full of things and trash as residents. Overpriced. No updating. Why am I paying over 1500 for an apartment that has no washer or dryer and a broken and tiny refrigerator? If I had more options, I would have moved out a long time ago.

Over priced for the ghetto trash that occupy space and breathe my air here, especially with no washer or dryer, or even hook ups, no icemaker in the refrigerator, I'm paying a pest control fee, yet keep getting ants in random places, and was forced to board my animal in order for maintenance to do a repair that should have been done PRIOR to my move in at the beginning of April 2017. Let's not forget to mention that when you make an appointment with maintenance, they don't show up, and when they do, they don't even look at all of the issues! I'll be thrilled when my lease is up and I can move into single family home, and do my own repairs.

Car/house broken into and the Management had very little help to offer. Very unhappy with this situation among many other things while living here...

I’ve had a pretty terrible living experience at the kensington. When I agreed to move here, I wasn’t expecting that I would be required to let people into my apartment practically every other week. Especially considering we had “the most updated apartment”. On top of that, I don’t like the fact that when it rains there’s a flood occurring in my doorway because of a broken gutter. I understand this could be a normal problem with apartments but you should be shooting for happiness in all tenants. I have have brought this all to the attention of the leasing office and nobody seems to care.

There's cats everywhere and fleas rocks and bed bugs. I was happy when I first moved in into some friends start popping up biting my child and everyone who live there to be exact

To many stray cats. People still continue to feed all the cats. Construction projects are never completed on time and are always being pushed out and extended. Construction crews take up uncovered parking spots to store their equipment which causes more issues to the ridiculous parking nightmare that currently exists. Sidewalks are still covered with mud from poorly landscaped grass edges and patios are still covered with leaves and dirt from blowers instead of being bagged and carted away by tbe landscaping crews. Management never addresses these issues but turns a deaf ear and blind eye

To much construction and not very well planned out and parking is a nightmare. Gates are left open and security is never around. Trash bins are always overflowing and is all over the ground with broken glass and furniture stacked in and around the bins

Problem 1) bedrooms back up to the parking lot Loud music wakes me up 2) Pet owners don't clean up after their pets, tired of stepping in it

Poor customer service lately, 3 service requests that have not been taking care of. Use to have better customer service than lately. Francine is amazing.

The apartment was promising at first. But with the amount of delays in renovations and the lack of communication from the office it’s made this living experience awful.

My air conditioning wasn't working for over a week before they send out a portable air conditioning. My gate opener almost never works to enter to my own apartment complex.

When we first moved in it was okay but our apartment looked nothing like it was told it would. Random wire on the kitchen light, my foot fell theough the porch because the wood was weak or had termites. One of the cabinets in the bathroom was broken, light bulbs were out,tub paint was chipping and bathroom had mold everywhere. As soon as we moved in we had roaches and ants. We went an entire rain season with a broken window that led the rain to flood inside and create black mold. And we were told to get a bucket with bleach and wash it. Never got fixed. Stray cats interrupting our sleep and it smells like urine. Crackheads doing garbage diving. At least maintenance staff is nice men.

I believe Heather will be able to turn this dump apartments around. There a few things these place needs working on. Especially some of the mangers need to be more polite and understanding of there disables tenants.

This place has looked pretty bad these past couple months. We need landscaping!!! Plus there is garbage thrown all around, leaks everywhere, dog poop not picked up, etc.

The staff is great I love them. But rent is way to high for no washer and dryer in the unit. It was affordable when we first moved in but they have upped rent to an unreasonable price forcing us to look for housing somewhere else. Which I'm finding in this area it's cheaper to rent a house than it is to rent at kensington

I am angry about my rent increase! You didn’t have to submit the application to be able to raise the rent; or at least not for so much! I have a hard enough time making ends meet being on a fixed income! This rent increase is coming out of my food budget! And I have ambulance bills to pay for thousands of dollars! I would move if I could but I can’t afford to! And getting things fixed around here sometimes takes forever! I am not happy with you and wouldn’t recommend living here to anyone!

not so good. thinking of finding another place. too much marinara smoke, people running up and down the halls. loud party's every night. and

Maintenance crew clearly understaffed, very slow to fix major and sometimes minor issues. Many outdoor/ feral cats leave feces all around the grassy and landscaped areas. Renovations poorly done, clear lack of quality and craftsmanship.

Someone is siphoning gas from the residents cars, second time this is happening that i know of. also, animal feces everywhere. Summer is here and the fleas are coming. Wish i could move but i'm poor.

Every since we have been here we have been bit up but bed bugs and fleas. I like my apartment i just dont like getting bit. And every since the remodel we have been having difficulties

Needs better exterminators there is roaches but other than me having to bomb twice a month I like the layout the sky light and it’s conveniently located