Recently the office people have changed and I had an issue that I brought to there attention during our first snow fall and it still hasn't been taken care of this was first put into maintenance as well they marked it was fixed but nothing has changed I haven't had time to go to the office again but the fact that it hasnt been fixed and I talk to someone in the office upsets me a little hope we can all get on the same page I love my apartment here you just need to keep on it

Great place to live never have any issues. Friendly neighbors . Pet friendly. Clean, great location . Clean nice roomy. Full size washer and dryer in unit

Minus a few repair hiccups and keying issues been great so far. Super excited about the indoor basketball area and the fact that the work out area is 24hrs!

I love living here it’s a small community most of my neighbors are great and we help keep a watch out for each other and the Office and maintenance staff are great and have gone above and beyond to help me.

The apartment complex is generally pretty quiet, a nice surprise. Staff is friendly and helpful. The grounds are tidy, but the dumpster areas it seems no one can make it inside.

I just moved in and I wasn't sure what to expect, but we have been greeted with friendly faces and a great experience so far. I am very happy with my choice to move into the Keystone apartments.

Has been great so far, no issue with neighboring residents, maintenance requests handled in a timely fashion for the most part, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

The complex is ok but for the space and amenities it is way overpriced. Also I have had so many things break and I have only been here since june.

Poor communication and slow response to Maintance request. Friendly staff. I have gotten very frustrated at times with staff but they are always calm

Getting work done in the apartment is like pulling teeth. The apartments should not allow people who live on the second and this floor to have dogs. All we hear all days is the dog and the toddler playing fetch.

The manager when we moved in in February was horrible!!!! She kept messing around with us and provided the worst customer service I have ever had!

The front desk staff ingored our requests to have our neighbors stop smoking pot. Every weekend we had our appartment reak of pit and I'm nine months pregnant, I had to wash my husbands work cloths ever Sunday that were hanging in our closest so he wouldn't smell like pot. The management never did anything about it or returned our calls. This makes me very disappointed because smokin g pit is against the least. And management did nothing about it even though I'm pregnant.

Everything went smoothly with move in. They keep the place looking nice. Summer here was great, nice pool, and other amenities. No complaints here.

Nice residences and amenities at an affordable price. Nice staff, clubhouse, and pool. Location is convenient for most northern Denver and Boulder destinations.

So far my experience has been good. The walls are a bit dirty, and noise carries through the walls very easy. I can always hear the people below me watching tv, and the people above me walking.. There are some things that need to be changed, but all are minor problems and I expect to like living at Keystone!

So far we are very happy, thanks to Mrs. Melissa 's help, my family found a good place to live. The kids love playing outside. People are very friendly!

Had a couple of things that needed fixing upon moving in (including a non-functioning AC unit) and staff competed it quickly and professionally.

I love how quiet the community is, and also when you are outside everyone is so friendly! It's such a great place to live. Outside is always clean and I've never had any issues that haven't been resolved

Management needs a lot of improvement. I'm extremely disappointed in the way they run their business it took them 4 times to give me the right copied key for my apartment and when we moved in there was a lot of broken things I had to fix.

Management is very disorganized. They messed up our moving date and we had to change apartments. As we when we got here keys weren't made yet and they had the cleaners cleaning the apartment as we were moving. They were well aware of out move in day and time. Not impressed in the slightest

I love the environment at keystone the tenants and staff all have a positive vibe there, I like how clean the landscaping is and how they are very welcoming in the office

All the maintenance team and office are very professional and polite. Issues get addressed in a timely manner and future maintenance is addressed well in advance. Amenities are a plus as well. Keep up he good work ladies and gentlemen! I'm working on getting people into the complex thanks to your successes.

The maintenance and leasing agents have been incredibly helpful and friendly during the entire leasing and initial move in process. Only complaint is maintenance orders had to be reminded, but staff was friendly about it.

Doing good. Just moved in. Pretty nice area and complex. But, I still am waiting for maintenance to fix my garbage disposal. Overall, I like the apartment so far.

Easy move in process. Friendly management thus far. I like the look of the renovated apartment. My main wish is that we had digital thermostats. The parking is always available.