I recently moved here and the experience has been extraordinary, people at the leasing office have been helpful, the recreational areas are always taken care of and when I told them there was something that needed to be fixed they took care of it right away

Very nice and secured community. All their staff is very friendly and is always going out of their way if needed to accommodate your needs. And I love the dog park!!

Recientemente me mudé a un nuevo apartamento y mi esposa y yo estamos muy felices. Estamos más cómodos y más tranquilos dentro de la comunidad.

Clean well maintained super happy with my new place. I can’t wait to see how the gym turns out. The parking situation is a bit of a hassle but I can work around it to have all the amenities.

Great Experience so far. Everyone has been very helpful and professional. Apartment building is very clean. My father is elderly with his dog and he feels very happy with everything. Having the open green area and dog park has been great.Thank you.

Absolutely amazing! We love it here. From the cleanliness, to the wonderful staff. It is truly a pleasure to live here at kings colony. Couldn’t ask for more.

I really like living here is very quiet and excellent neighbors,they have everything very arranged always,I have not had any problems at this time I have been living here, The apartments are very comfortable they are in very good condition, have good location

I enjoy living her ist had a lot of amenaties and people are great animal friendly. Very clean great security and did I mention animal friendly

Its outstanding living at KINGS COLONY! I love being part of this community. The amenities are incredible, completly RECOMMENDED. Great customer service, fast rep contact, awsome quality and clean spaces. THE BEST!

This apartment complex has been the best for our very first apartment. With two pools and a fitness center. Everything is always cleaned and trash comes almost every day. My only complaint would be the parking situation. More spaces should be created and bigger ones at that.

I like living here. Things to improve: - The entrances to the apartments are ugly and sometimes dirty because of the garbage can. - We haven't had gym for month

Conjunto residencial con excelente ubicación entre la 88 st y la 142nd AVE en Kendall, los edificios están muy bien mantenidos, con atención al residente casi de inmediato. Tiene dos piscinas, una sola tiene parrillera y posee dos piscinas, lo único que no recomiendo es el gimnasio que aparte de ser muy pequeño ya tiene más de 4 meses cerrados y los residentes no podemos disfrutar de el.

Love it. Beautiful place with amazing stuff. The personal and staff is so attentive and helpful. The service is quick and efficient! Just love it

The front office is doing their best to make our home nicer. It's up to everyone to do their part as well! I believe if you choose to have a pet, clean up after it! We shouldn't have to be subjected to stepping in dog feces. Also, everyone should be considerate and respectful of their neighbors! Thank you.

I love this neighborhood and that it has a dog park. It is a gorgeous community and looks gorgeous. It’s not just buildings but grass, trees, and a lake as well.

The staff overall is great and always willing to assist and resolve any issues in a timely manner. The landscaping is kept up to par all year round. If anything I would love to see more lights and decor up during the holiday season.

Great association. I feel safe and comfortable. Only negative comments are too much noise from neighbors and bathroom is too small. Toilet is too small.

The community is very friendly and to most parts clean. Only trouble is that some of the pet owners left there dogs poop instead of picking it up. And even though there is a good amount of parking they are small. But overall it is a great community.

The office staff is amazing and very helpful. I can't wait for the reopening of the gym. Pleased to say that the changes being made to this community and its staff are extremely helpful. I’m really enjoying living in this community

SO FAR SO GOOD. We have had an amazing experience through the process of getting our apartment the entire leasing process has gone by pretty smoothly.

Excellent living environment. Various amenities including gym, two swimming pools, racket ball, tennis. Office personnel is very profesional and helpful.

Good really really good. I like it here and is really good. Nice area and nice place. Good very good and nice. Tree and pool and good people

I like the apartments and I like how they try to get the community involved by having events. My biggest issue is that we have to pay overall $34 dollars in trash fees. I wish they didn't obligate us to pay valet trash+ charge other trash fees. The apartments are a bit expensive for its size. I like how they maintain the outside clean.

Very good experince Nice aparment A litle high price for the apartament Especiality wen the lease finish Fast service manteniniento Good place for live

I have been living here for 15 years already. I have live in 4 different apartments. We really love and enjoy living here in this community.