Live here for more than 5 years. Things changed a lot over past 8-9 months and KP is not a place for a family anymore. Unleashed dogs, insane drivers almost same speed as in 59 or I-10, water interruption, trash not being collected for 2-3 days and on top of that a terrible, disrespectful leasing office staff. They don't care about their customers, the manager treats everybody as a piece of nothing and the rest of the team are always saying that they will take care of the situation and nothing change. It is sad/bad because the place is well located but definitively it is not the hill to die for. DONT even think lease here you can find better options by the same price.

This has been a trying stay here. I cannot stand being stomped on day in and day out all day into the night; people upstairs are so rude and loud, it feels like torture. NOT SOUNDPROOF AT ALL. It's like Monster Jam (loud) in the garage with people thinking it's Nascar, flying around.

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Apartments are not soundproof. It's always like a warzone, between people upstairs stomping all day and living by the parking garage, loud all the time, cars with loud mufflers echoes in the garage and they run over a certain part of the floor and it makes a huge bang.

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Trying to work with maintenance and the office to get things fixed is a nightmare. The washing machines and dryers and so old and take multiple cycles to dry anything. Air conditioning units are also old and in need or repair/replacement. The units are very large though for the price and that is a good perk.

I like living in the community but feel there is a stronger need for security and backgroung checks. I have seen drug deals, police raids and arrests, heard about break-ins and seen people come in and out without any control at the gate. You need to invest in security cameras. Being such a large community I am sure you can afford it. I would not recommend this community to a friend because I would be embarrased to have them feel vulnerable and have sketchy residents. Thanks!!

I love living here...but I have been charged extra on one months rent without notice for a pet deposit that they said I did not pay. I proved that I paid the deposit, and they won't put my money back in the bank..they want to just keep it and put it on rent for next month.

Good apartment space, but complex is old and needs work. Rules in lease rarely enforced. Too many extra fees, especially trash. Rude office.

Location, location, location! Very close to medical center, downtown, Herman Park, US-59 and I610. Like any apartment complex, we also have some issues: unleashed dogs, people driving like fast and furious inside and outside the garage, some delays in communication with the leasing office team. Overall Kirby Place is a good place to live. The units have a big closet space with nice balcony. Better than average for sure. With the same issues as any other apartment complex.

Love it here for the most part, apartment size and neighborhood location are great. Have issues wth follow up from front office on resident care. Rules aren't enforced, especially with security. Residents light fires on the pool deck at night (have photos), also in pool area and loud after hours. The Music in the pool area coming on at 7am is also really irritating. Also about rules being enforced, was fined for valet trash can being left outside but neighbor daily has stroller, bike and flower pot (used for trash) left in breezeway. Asked for a manager to waive my violation fee as it was first time notice in three years. Girl in leasing office (who is unconcerned often, I've noticed) said she would ask manager but never followed up with me. I do love my space and most of the staff is great. I'm just disappointed in attention on certain areas like when my apartment was dripping with flood water and there still has been no follow up a month later either with maintenance or a call from leasing office. Will likely move when lease is up.

Overall good, but frequent issues with maintenance - washer, pests, water, AC, etc. And this requirement that there be 140 characters is ridiculous.

This place is very nice and safe. The parking area is very large and convenient. Neighbors are friendly. Some officers are nice but some are not.

Frustrated with constantly broken amenities. When I complain (which occurs often), they are eventually fixed.... but they are "broken" again soon. The printer never has toner/ink, the coffee machine seems to always be out of beans, and only one of the treadmills is ever working at a time.

Deeply disappointed with the neighbors. They dump stuff in our trash bin if we set it out. They smoke weed and the smell is horrible. The walkways are filthy almost all of the time. We do appreciate that they were spray-cleaned last week. We went to the gym last week and most of the machines are broken. The pool looks great.

Hey I loved the place, but I'm worried about the maintenance, because we sent a report since 15 days ago for the maintenance we need at our apartment, till now they didn't take action to close the request. And the GYM and the swimming pool, needs some attention. Best regards,

Since we've moved in to our new apartment everything has been great. I think the grounds need to be better taken care of in The pool areas..

Quiet, nice the maintance crew is good. However, it takes forever to get someone to talk to you at office. Or to get them to do something . I have to call multiple times remind them follow up I sit on talking to a manager. Buildings are old

Good space and area for the price. Building are a bit old outside and inside, many things need replacement or to be updated. The maintenance crew is awesome, always fast.

Very well located, close to medical center, I610, I59, and I45. As in any apartment complex here, we do have some ups and downs. The maintenance team is very efficient; leasing office change the staff frequently ( pretty standard in an apartment complex), and they used to be somehow nice. Overall, if you don't mind bump with unleashed dogs (sometimes big ones) hi-speed vehicle that runs inside the complex ( I am tired of asking for speed bumpers. Especially now that the complex is full of little ones trying to have fun outside) and some cars break-ins here and there (once more pretty standard in an apartment complex). Kirby Place is an excellent place to leave, nice pool and some friendly neighbors.

I have lived here since 2012, and it has gone downhill since then. Everything has been awful since switching from Greystar to Pinnacle, especially security. They are having major car break-ins, currently, and I almost never see the security guard. Management isn't very helpful, and they don't return emails at all. You have to call, and they might return your call. When I first moved from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom, my room was in terrible condition. It's as if no one even looked at it before they said I could move in. There's no quarter-round, the oven hadn't been cleaned, and the grout in the shower was disgusting. The bookshelves needed to be repainted, and the paint sticks to everything I put on the shelf, even after 3 years of living in this 1 bedroom.

Just renewed my lease. Prices have increased this year but I still recommend this place. The community didn't get flooded during Harvey - only the lowest parking level. They made a lot of improvements this summer. It's very convenient if you work at the medical center.

I love to live in Kirby place. Close to TMC, proper to family. Nowadays, there is on-going water outage.. I hope that Kirby place can solve this issue soon.

Kirby Place is very well kept. Nice, clean pool. Residents are kind. Office staff is responsiv. Overall, a nice and affordable place near the medical center.

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I’m happy to be here Thank you to the management team. And just want to say that maintenance need to be faste. And we have guests visiting us we don’t have any code access for the gate hope to get action regarding this.

For the most part everything has been great. I have had a package stolen and my vehicle broken in to though. But the staff had been very kind.

Kirby Place Apartments have nice staff, pool, residents, and location. I wish their dog areas were a little nicer, since there are so many dog owners that live here.