The apartment complex is beautiful. I love the monthly activities that are held for us & also the free food. The main thing I wish was different was the amount rent is.

Living here has been a pleasure thus far. It is quiet, safe, and very accessable for my needs. The staff has done their best to accommodate me.

Knights Circle has been great. My roommates are amazing and the gyms and pools are very clean and nice. The staff has always been very friendly.

Lately here at Knights Circle things have been great. However my toilet still doesn't correctly so that's kind of a bummer. But otherwise, things have been working properly and I love studying at the clubhouse.

Overall I have really liked it here, I feel like for the price it's a good place to stay. The only really big issue I had was with roommates. I like where the apartment building is where I'm staying but wish the leasing office had more things available like the others do. Staff is friendly but not much help.

I like the feeling of safety within the community because of the RA’s and overall atmosphere of the community. I like the cleanliness of the area.

Overall knights circle has been a great place to live. It is a bit more expensive than other apartments which was alright until they put a cap on utilities. Also there's weird bugs in this neighborhood. Besides that it is decent

Knights Circle is a great apartment complex with so many nice amenities such as printing and a shuttle. They also have a lot of events where they cater and plan a lot of things for the residents

Knights circle is extremely safe. Sometimes their internet goes out for quite sometime. The features are a little outdated but overall a good place to live.

The community is great. The internet has improved well and maintenance is quick. Too bad they only offer yearly leases. I will be graduating after fall semster I couldn't afford to renew my lease for another year when I will only need to stay for a semester after my lease ends this summer.

I’ve never had any complaints. Maintenance usually comes day of and the staff in the phase offices are really nice and always help me with anything I need

Knights Circle has the best shuttle service I have experienced for UCF!! Plus, my apartment is clean, renovated and close to everything I want!

Look I'm just tryna get 4,000 points. If I have to type one hundred and forty character s I will. Is this enough yet? How bout now? There we go.

I really like the community and the shuttles have been great. Some small complaints like bugs and the raccoons opening bins but everything else has been amazing.

I really like living here. They have great amenities and the living space is very comfortable. I live in the back area which makes it very quiet and I like that as well

I think Knights Circle is a decent housing community. I appreciate the free printing labs as well as the activities they do for us every now and then (free food, etc.) I just really do not like how I am renewing for the third year in a row and my next year's rent is going to cost me more than it does now..... It does not make sense to charge long term residents MORE for the same thing. There should be more upgrades within the apartments themselves (upgraded countertops, stoves, washers/dryers and more) for the price we are paying.

I love living here, friendly community with great amenities. 3 basketball courts, 3 pools, 3 tennis courts, 2 gyms, free printing, a movie theater, and maintenance is great. Plus the shuttle going to the student union is clutch. 5/5 live at Knights Circle!!!

Overall very nice community. Maintenance requests are completed in a timely manner, security gates are always vigilant. My only complaint is the lack of upkeep of the complex.

Knights circle is an amazing place to live. I have been here for two years and I love it! I feel safe all the time. I got placed with a random roommate and it worked out perfect !

Knights Circle has everything you need. The apartments are furnished and the space is perfect for how many ever people are living in on unit. The gyms are nice and they just added extra workout equipment.

I love living at Knight's Circle. My only complaints are noisy neighbors and the basketball court being so close to my apartment. Other then that it is a super great place to live with a great management system.

This place is great. I love living here. The maintenance people are the worst though. Also they decided to cut the grass during finals week.

I love knights circle and I’m so happy that I can now contribute to the community as an RA! I would recommend this community to everyone and anyone!

I would definitely recommend knight’s circle to anyone looking for a place to stay. However, for the price, I think the appliances, including the washer and dryer need to be updated. Other than that, I enjoy living here.

Great place to live. I have had no problems so far. The staff is really awesome and there are so many amenities to kill time if needed. Would recommend.

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