I think the community is great! All the employees are very nice and the facilities are as well however it would be great if the gym at phase 2 was bigger or had more machines

The noise level and living situation is pretty good, however when it comes to accommodating maintenance service requests, it would be appreciated if they were answered and fulfilled at a more courteous, friendly and expedited rate. Thank you so much.

Really like the concept of giving back to broke college kids to go towards their groceries, music, and online shopping! This is really going to help us throughout our four years of college. Thank you!

My community is well kept and clean. It is a large community and a friendly one at that. It feels as though you are apart of something, a group. Everyone is accepted, and its perfect for students. I love how close it is to the University of Orlando. However, my favorite thing about my community is how the staff gives back and provides so much free stuff to their residents. I wish i could live here forever.

Knight Circle is a pretty good place to live in terms of amenities , proximity to UCF, etc. The apartments are decent for the price being paid, the only issue is noise because the walls are quite thin .

So far everything is good! I like the area and location. The apartment amenities could use some updating and maybe some new furniture but so far so good.

I have not lived there yet, but when I toured I loved the staff. They were so welcoming and made everything so easy! My friend lives there already and she lives it. Can't wait to move in!

I love that fact you guys are quick when it comes to maintenance request and the remodeling was beautiful. I like that everything use to be included now there is a utility cap so I feel the rent should've been decreased.

I think this is such a great place to live. It is a big community so there are a lot of hang out places you can chill at to hang with friends of to sit in study.

Awesome community that allows those of us who aren't those can do what we want to do when we want to do it for the rewards that are benfical

Knights Circle does a great job at accommodating for residents needs. The amenities are great. We are able to print and use their resources for free.

Community Rewards us a great way yo be involved with friends. I love it and has great rewards! Super easy and fun. Works great if you are in college.

Only wish there were more updated appliances in the apartments. My dryer has to run for an hour just got get a small load dry. I don't even think my dishwasher works, I've never seen anyone use it. However, I love having my own attached bathroom and the convenience of the location. I know the buses already run pretty quickly but I wish they would come more often. I've been late a few times because I would be sitting at the bus stop for 20 minutes.

Knights circle is the best place someone could ask for. You have access to everything you will need to live a decent life and everything including in the rent money, you can't beat that. I love Knights Circle, it's my second year living here. I look deeply to find a single thing to complain about, but I can't find none. I have to give credits where it's due. The best thing about this apartment, is how quickly they assist you when you're request a maintenance, they will come the same day and fix it. The office stuff is very organized, they work well as a team. Love everything here.

Nice community. Close to school. Many study areas. Nice staff. Shuttle runs great. Enjoy the new areas. And the excessive clubhouse activities.

Maintenance is good and timely, the only issue I'd have is that the furniture is outdated and they only change the furniture for new residents

I love Knights Circle along with all of their amenities, such as the 3 clubhouses that have pools, coffee machines, two gyms, the phase 1 clubhouse and much more!

went to check out the layout of the apartment, customer service was good and very helpful answering all the question i had about move in date.

I have been very satisfied with the service that Knights Circle has provided. They have answered every question I have asked and helped me through this process.

Overall a good place to live. I like the fact that there is security around the entire property. The only issue is that there seems to be a bug issue no matter how many times pest control is called. It would be nice to have that issue fixed but other than that, everything else is great.

Knights circle is amazing, there are a bunch of activities and event to do here, and you ever have a problem you'll get a respond within a couple of hours!

Clean and well kept apartments no problems what so ever. Also maintenance was quick and fixes problems in a orderly manner. Super close to UCF so transport wasn't an issue. Overall a great experience.

This is a great and innovative idea! I especially love that it gives me spending money for doing things like filling out reviews just like this one!

The apartments are good on the most part, the activities planned by management are nice and maintenance is pretty goo at staying on top of things.

Overall Knights Circle is a pretty decent place to live in. Lots of parking. Decent shuttle service as long as you don't live in phase 1, and plenty of amenities for the residents. Downside is they are a bit pricey like all student associated housing.