The shuttle buses make my life easier and the hot chocolate brightens my day I really enjoy the community and it makes me happy to live here Thanks knights circle

So far the staff has been very good. I am moving into knights circle for spring 2019. It took me a good 2 weeks to eventually sign my lease and the staff has helped me throughout the entire process.

Very professional and informative when I had questions. On top of their game at all times. The Knights Circle is worth the price! Get in before they run out of rooms.

The amount of space provided is great, the internet is quite fast but can occasionally ping spike, commodities are great and the shuttle system is convenient.

Love the location. Very convenient to UCF and the staff is always very kind and caring. All departments are efficient and work diligently to solve any problems residents may have. May be a bit expensive, but honestly, with all the amenities included and the apartments being fully furnished, including the availability of shuttles, it’s worth it! Love Knights Circle!!!

It's been good. The staff are very helpful, they helped me get into my apartment within 10 minutes when I forgot my keys, even though it was like 2 in the morning.

Had a great experience overall in the two years I have lived in KC. Only issue I have is the good for nothing roommate I got this semester. He’s been nothing but an issue to me and my other two roommates, which has made our time living there quite irritating.

Knights Circle is a very supportive community, always ensuring that its residents needs are a priority. Their team is always ready to help when residents need assistance.

Knights Circle is an amazing apartment experience while still being safe and secure like on campus housing. There are so many things you can do without even leaving the complex for example, have a movie knight in the movie room, go to the game room, or even play sand volleyball!

Knights circle has been great . It is very convenient and close to campus . Every holiday they give you food for people who can’t go hole and it’s great !

Great place to live. Most efficient shuttle route and nice amenities. Kitchen and living room are very useful. Very helpful staff on call almost always.

I've never had a problem dealing with maintenance or any of the offices in the last year living at Knights Circle. Every staff member is very friendly and accommodating. Everything gets fixed right away when needed and the RA's are very helpful.

Great place to live if you know your roommates and the rent is really affordable. Overall I would recommend if you know people to room with.

Great place to live. Location is really convenient and I've never had a problem with the WiFi or parking. Only thing is that the smoke detector WILL go off if you so much as boil water on the stove. Makes cooking difficult.

Maintenance is great,quick, and kind. The office staff is not very helpful and the place is left a mess. I wish it was more updated for the price I pay.

The community has been great! The RA for my building really tries to get everyone to do things together. I feel safe inside knights circle as well. The only downside is that sometimes, strangers will come to my door having things to sell or passing out advertisements for one thing or another.

My experience has been amazong. I love the amenities and i am happy that i got the opportunity of living in here. One suggestion i have is upgrading the kitchen. Overall the apartment is perfect

Overall a very nice well organized community. The houses are clean and well upkept when we moved in. They are modern and the appliances are all up to standard.

Nice community complex, very nice people working there too. Nice area to be around and I like the people around it. Game room and movie room are awesome

Knights Circle is such a nice place to live and it has wonderful people and services. I plan on living here another year and its proximity to UCF is unmatched.

Love all the giveaways during finals week. I also like the security and having gates being monitored 24/7. A shuttle system running through the community and being able to live with my friends

It is very fun and friendly environment! And the pool is 24/7 which is super convenient, during the summer. The movie is awesome for a get together :)

Knights Circle is awesome, its so close to campus, Publix, and Walmart. Awesome location and awesome rooms. Me and my buddies love it here and are so glad we decided to move here.

All of the staff is very friendly and knowledgable about the leasing process! This makes it so helpful especially since I haven’t leased an apartment before. Awesome!

I had a great semester. Really appreciate the new dryers. Please be more careful with the maintenance crew drying the stairs after they've wet them