Safest/best value student living around UCF. Comfortable rooms and quick maintenance. Value potentially fading as they have added utility caps and garbage fees. Student staff often seems confused, but will manage to help you.

The appartment itself is very nice. The kitchen is small but the living area and rooms have a lot of space. Maintenance comes in way too often.

It is a nice community with decent amenities, but the change in rent and services changed drastically and not for the benefit of the resident.

I enjoy everything they have to offer, such as the pool, workout room, movie night, the computer and printers and even the house itself. It’s like living in my own apartment. I feel very free and on my own.

So far I am extremely comfortable with my loving space and environment. The amenities are plentiful and service is above exceptional. Great staff and plenty of resources. This is my first semester at KC and I'm looking forward to my next three.

The maintenance staff responds quickly to fix any issues. KC is also located very close to the main campus which makes it an easy commute. The shuttle service is available 5 days a week, and makes it convenient when going to campus.

I have really liked living in Knight Circle. There is tons of stuff to do just inside the apartment complex and theres even more to do just down the street. I love it's area! It is literally right across the street from UCF. This makes my mornings when I'm running late go way smoother than it would if I lived anywhere else.

Even though we’ve had a ton of bug issues, knights circle was great about responding to us and making sure that all of our needs were met! Other than the bugs everything else is great!

Have never had any problems, the location is great and the apartment is nice! Bedrooms are pretty big and i love how the sliding closet doors have mirrors on them!

Loving it, great rooms, nicely furnished, always available parking spaces, love the mail room system. Got great random roommates and no issues so far :-)

These apartments are very worth their value and has a lot of great features and service. Staff on site is helpful and the price and location is perfect for the area.

Living in Knights Circle is a great experience. There are plenty of amenities and activities to do here with excellent living conditions and neighbors.

So far i have loved it Amenities are great. The gym and pool are a few of my favorite things. The shuttle is very convenient and easy way to get to class

My experience here has been very mediocre. The appliances are very outdated, maintenance either won’t helo you or half-ass their job, and there are lot of unnecessary charges.

Decent apartment with okay services. I wish there were no cap on electricity and this crazy trash policy. Some thongs need updating, but fair.

I've lived at Knights Circle for almost 2 years now, and I love it! It's a nice and spacious apartment for the affordable prices. It's also located really close to campus, which is nice!

I've really enjoyed living at Knights Circle! The amenities are really nice and the environment here is restful and fun. The study areas and the gym are my favorite.

This community is so convenient and accommodating to live in as a student. We have so many great resources to help us succeed and live comfortably. I really love it here

Ample ameninities, rapid response, convenient location. Living here has been a breeze and a pleasure. The staff is very helpful and friendly. All maintenance request were fulfilled very quickly, usually within hours. Also, the mail room is open long hours, even on weekends, which is very convenient

I think that Andtroid is my brother. I play a lot of smash in my room with people that do marijuana and when was the last time you saw a player with such an ability to eat

upon arrival the place was very clean, the carpets were new and the people are helpful. the rooms are a decent size and the staff is very prompt and polite.

I like the carpet in my room, but I dislike all of the extra hidden fees. I like my room. It is very spacious. However, the pool is dirty with algae growing on the bottom. Very good overall.

Living here is great! I love my roommates and living so close to campus. The shuttles are so convienient and I love all the amenities that are offered

My experience at Knights Circle has been amazing. I have been living here for two years and I have had no problems with the staff, or maintenance. I would recommend Knights Circle to my friends.

Everyone is very friendly so far and is quick to respond to our needs. It is very convenient living so close to campus as well. There are many activities to keep us busy at knight circle