I’d throughly enjoyed my living experience and would recommend others to move in as well. They have many options for housing and a dog park while is an absolute plus.

The facility is clean, safe and has good amenities. The rent prices are reasonable, and I love that the units are furnished. Really friendly staff.

The only thing that could make this community perfect is if the front desk/ community house was open for longer hours, and if the fire alarms didn't randomly go off during pressure changes due to storms.

The unit/staff are great. $499 everything included; amazing! The maintenance issues took 2 mos. to correct. I’m glad the mos. were rent free

I love the smaller community feel of Lafayette Place! The amenities fit the property perfectly. The staff are so helpful and the 24 hr business center has helped me be a better student.

Everyone seems to be so friendly and well spoken including the Staff. I have notice that we have security around at night to keep the mischief behavior down.

Lafayette Place is an affordable, hospitable, and overall fun place to live. The residents and the staff work in unison to provide a safe, enjoyable living area.

Ndia was really helpful during the move in process! The apartment looked decent besides some minor little things but they were easy fixes!! This place has been great!

Overall everything has been great so far. One issue is they don't seem to be on top of things. I told them about a few problems I had and they haven't fixed them yet after two weeks.

I have recently just moved here and so far I’m enjoying my new place. The apartments are very clean inside and outside. The location is very convenient for me being that it’s close to campus.

Everything is going good here. The staff has been very helpful in the process of me transferring into another apartment. They are doing their best to move me as quickly as possible and i appreciate that.

The apartments are beautiful and most of the staff are friendly and eventually come to recognize you and know you by name, which always feels homey.

Staying in Lafayette Place is wonderful. It's peaceful and we have a great management team to look out for our every concern. I will be staying another year no doubts about it.

The amenities are really nice. They have upgraded them since I started living here. The pool area is very nice with a pretty good grill and hammocks.

My experience here within the last year has been pretty good , besides the noise level at times. I have enjoyed the last year hear , and plan to enjoy the next year.

I’ve lived at Lafayette Place for 2 years. The renovations have been a great improvement & I love that the apartments are fully furnished. I had issues with maintenance saying things were fixed when they weren’t in the past but that has been improved!

Lafayette Place has great deals and incentives for residents. The employees are extremely helpful and polite. Any issues are resolved immediately or as quickly as possible. The amenities are great. Overall, it’s a great place to live.

Lafayette Place has been so great to live this past year! The new clubhouse is amazing and the amenities offered are above and beyond any other apartment complex close to campus! Can't wait for another great year!

I moved in on a Friday. Came into a dirty common area and my bathroom wasn't cleaned properly. I spent the entire weekend cleaning my apartment. The dishwasher had mold growing and my bathroom also had a problem. They were already in the middle of fixing the mildew in my roommates room. I brought everything to their attention the on Saturday, but maintenance doesn't work weekends so I waited until Monday. They came and took care of everything I needed so far and the staff has been nothing but kind and helpful. It's mostly just a roommate issue, but their lease is up soon.

I love living at Lafayette Place. I’ve had a few maintenance issues, but for the most part, the maintenance team has responded promptly to my requests.

I feel as though the facilities are not equivalent to the cost of rent at this complex. Things are not maintained as they should be, but the office staff is always friendly. There have been a few times where it takes longer for them to give me an answer to a question or complete my service requests though. I have had multiple things go wrong while living at this complex (amazon shipment go missing from office, power out, water out, internet down twice, water damage, mold, broken a/c, etc)

The rent price isn’t that bad for now. Did take awhile for maintenance man to do his job. All other workers I’ve encountered are wonderful!

The place is so nice, and the staff is very friendly! I love it. The only reason it’s not 5 Stars is because I put in a work order about my broken toilet seat on the day we moved in, and it still hasn’t been tended to.

I’ve just moved in but everything seems fantastic so far! The community is welcoming and there are so many perks to living at Lafayette Place. Looking for to a great time here!

I have truly enjoyed my time living here. The staff are always very helpful and courteous. The upgrades to the units and the clubhouse are fantastic.