Amenities are great and the manager is very helpful but the prices, cleanliness, construction constantly inconviencing whether it be mold or renovations... ect... overall bad experience

You get what you pay for. It’s a great community, but stuff is always broke. My dryer, sink, garbage disposal, as well as other complications.

I've had some problems with roaches and flooding and things not being cleaned or finished but I like the space. I love the updated kitchen. Needs to have the hallway cleaned.

I usually feel safe and comfortable at the apartments. Unfortunately the maintenance requests I put in are not always completed. There is also a bug problem so I have to keep changing out traps every 3 months.

Lafayette Place is good Off-Campus Student Apartments Near the University of Mississippi. It is only a short walk to wherever I may want to go.

Great neighborhood and very accessible for students to campus or to shopping centers. Service from staff at times is insufficient due to staff members who don't have enough expertise to help out.

The unit/staff are great. $499 everything included; amazing! The maintenance issues took 2 mos. to correct. I’m glad the mos. were rent free

I previously rated Lafayette Place 5 stars when I first moved here in June. However, since then I have had several issues with my apartment, as well as the management staff. There are two employees that seem to genuinely enjoy their job, and are capable of answering any questions or resolving any issues you may have. The others simply don’t care. The only time you will get anything accomplished from these employees is by going to the office personally and demanding that something is done. I’ve also had a maintenance request cancelled by one of the staff without the issue being resolved. I won’t be renewing my lease here.

The new management is way more efficient and better organized than the orevious group. So there has been some improvements. But my overall experience here has been less than great.

The trash compactor needs more attention. It's very dirty and should be emptied more often. The summer activities are great though. I love how it's free and in a comfortable and convenient location.

The staff are great! Buildings/rooms are not worth the price (1br). Glad they are renovating though. Construction is a bit of a hassle for us living in building 4.

Great place. Could have more garbage dumbs. The place is quiet. The hallways could be power wash to get rid of spiders webs and other bugs. Good

The apartments could be more kept up, and maintenance requests are not fulfilled promptly. I believe the rent is very overpriced for the apartments, considering the bed is a full and the furniture isn't the nicest. My dishwasher hasn't been fixed complete and things fall apart on the daily. I have tried to get them fixed but mostly they only get repaired as a temporary fix and come right back apart.

Its been okay. The apartment could use some upgrades. I still don’t have the granite counter tops. I still have really bad bug issues in the bathroom.

The apartment and facilities are overall nice. I enjoy the location and all of the amenities. Furthermore, most of my interactions with this staff have been nice. I dislike all of the renovations that are occurring. I understand that some of them are probably necessary (i.e reinforcing the entry ways due to building codes). However, I would honestly prefer to pay less in rent if it means I get to sacrifice the buildings being repainted. I am working towards my PhD and would prefer not to be paying student loans for the rest of my life. Also, because I've been in school for a while now, I've lived in many dorm rooms and apartments and I feel that the staff comes in a lot more frequently (without warning) for whatever various reasons than I would like and more than I'm used to.

Lafayette Place gives you the basic necessities to live in. The best part is that they include all utilities! If you are not looking for anything fancy or high end this is the place to go.

Just wasn’t the greatest. Walks thin and maintained wasn’t great. I really just didn’t like the location and we had people firing off guns and no one would let us know and that’s not okay

When I moved in the stove didn’t work, the washer only worked on hot, the blinds were broken, the freezer didn’t produce ice, the fridge light didn’t work, the sink was leaking at the bottom and a couple more small things were not to standard. I don’t know how this happened but I feel like my roommate and I got a horrible apartment that is an older version that we are paying the upgraded prices for.

I feel as though the facilities are not equivalent to the cost of rent at this complex. Things are not maintained as they should be, but the office staff is always friendly. There have been a few times where it takes longer for them to give me an answer to a question or complete my service requests though. I have had multiple things go wrong while living at this complex (amazon shipment go missing from office, power out, water out, internet down twice, water damage, mold, broken a/c, etc)

The apartments are nice but they could use some modernization. I think they should be repainted and re decorated. To improve the amount of residents.

This is the only apartment complex I have lived in & although it is marketed as "student living" you do not have to be a student to live here, which is kind of weird in my opinion. I do love that it is fully furnished and allows pets. The employees in the front office are very helpful and nice but I have had problems getting responses to emails more than once. In the past, they have not given 24 hour notice when work is going to be done or when a roommate is going to be moving into my apartment, they usually notify the residents the day that it is happening. They are in the middle of doing renovations and have been pretty good at notifying residents of which renovations are happening within 24 hours. However, they have ignored my email about what renovations are going to be taking place throughout the summer. In person, I have had different answers on which renovations are taking place and it would be nice to know what to expect, especially when the increase in my rent is due to the renovations. Lafayette Place has different activities such as barbecues and Xbox tournaments to engage residents, which helps keep residents connected.

I will be renewing for the fall because this is a decent rate and I am settled. My neighbor's aren't great. The amenities are good. They have awesome community engagements.

The trash cans hardly ever get emptied, so as a result there is trash and garbage everywhere. People don't respect the pool and leave glow sticks and bottle caps at the bottom. What do you expect when you live with a bunch of college kids, I guess. Maintenance is VERY slow, they only have two guys taking care of 6 buildings and the clubhouse. They're always swamped. They moved me into a new unit because my last one was infested with mold, but they still have yet to do the repairs for this unit. There was still pet hair everywhere when I moved in. I'm still finding it in places. I know it isn't my cat's as she is black and this is long white hair I keep finding. Other than that you get what you pay for. This place could potentially be really great if they would actually take their residents complaints seriously.

Don’t really know many other people that live here, but everyone generally seems nice and don’t make trouble, which is what really matters..

Very cute unit. However, maintenance is very slow and unit was not finished or ready when I moved in. Also some of the student employees aren't always able to answer my questions in the office.