I love it here. They’re really good people & the area is very nice . It’s so quiet and rarely see neighbors . I’m so happy I’m living here . I’ve been here for almost 2 years now .

Great community management is always ready to help with smiling faces. Units are well put together and at a cheap monthly rate. Quiet and friendly neighbors.

My life has been a long road. The one thing that has always made me happy is my home. I have lived in many places. I’ve enjoyed many great times in all of them. But, I have never in my entire life felt the sense of home that I have felt living here. I feel such a part of this community at Lake Village West. I love my neighbors. I love my apartment managers. I love my maintenance guys. I love the way everyone communicates with me. I’m reminded every day that “your home is where your heart is”. Thank you Lake Village West for giving me “HOME”.❤️

Great place to start. Very quiet and maintenance tries really hard to help and comes fast and they reply quickly. I hope they consider updating some of these older apartments, but other than that... I have no complaints.

Nice place to live. Convenient location and wonderful amenities. Office staff is awesome, as well as the maintenance crew. Always clean and quiet.

The apartments are nice but the apartment rates can be a expensive. They should also hold owners responsible for picking up their dogs poop. A playground for kids would also be a great thing to add.

I have lived here for many years and the Management team is amazing. The maintenance team is one the best and always get things right the FIRST time. The grounds are usually clean, the only time they are a mess is right after the Trash men come to collect and that's because trash flies out everywhere; however, that is not the apartments fault. Love this place!!!

Best place to live!! Resigned my lease and will continue here until I'm ready for a house. I've lived at a couple of apartments in Garland and nothing beats Lake Village West!♡

This community is very quiet. The grounds are also kept clean. The trash dumpster is never full, which is saying a lot. Maintenance has not failed me yet. They are usually doing the repairs the next day. I have waited 2 days (on non-emergency repairs) at the most. The staff (Ms. Jan & Mike) are so accommodating and will call to see if your issue was handled to your satisfaction. I am enjoying my new home here.

The complex is nice, location is good, and staff are professional thus far. The dock of a star is due to w/d connections being able to only fit stacked units and the carpet not being completely clean upon move in.

Great starter apartments. Recommended them to almost everyone I’ve met that’s looking for a place. Great management and nice quiet neighbors. Can’t wait to see the new units once they’re done

Just the AC is not that cold as it should be even if they changed the filters. Its not evenly distributed between all rooms. That would probably be thenonly thing

I recently moved in. The community is very quiet. The office managers are very attentive to the tenants. I have put in work order requests that were done that day. I'm so excited about moving here and I think I'm gonna love it. I'm going to rate it (with what I know so far).

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So far it's been good the community is very quiet. I can come home and park my car in the same spot every night. Maintenance was good about fixing somethings in the apartment after I did my walk through.

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Living here has been the best apartment living experience EVER!!! The community is so caring and so is the management team. It's quiet and well kept. I love it here.

Very happy with choosing this community to live in. Very quiet! Residents could be a lot cleaner but maintenance is great, and always cleans up and is always efficient with any maintenance request and work in a timely manner

No me gusta llegar a mi apartamento con el olor a mariguana. En mi apartamento y a los alrededores fumando mariguana desde el primer dia q llegue. La verdad he tenido muchos inconvenientes desde q llegue con mi correo, con mi carro me lo golpearon, adentro del apartamento cosas de arreglar. en conclucion no muy buena experiencia.

Overall, apartments are great. Staff have a 100% commitment with their residents. Calling to the apt. offices is always a small issue, but besides that they have an excellent cst. service.

i have lived here since 2017. Things used to be great when i moved in, but over time, well things fall apart all at once it seems like. It is a nice community.

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We have had a very good experience living here. Aside from noisy upstairs neighbors and a plumbing disaster, everything has been great. Very nice community.

I love my apartments!! I have no complaints at all whatsoever. From day one both Mike and Jane has been very helpful! Even the maintenance men are prompt and eager to assist with anything .

The area is quiet, just wish the maintenance on new apartments was full. Discovering holes/ bad patch jobs and broken windows isn’t much fun

Really nice apartments for the price. I have plenty of space. Mike and the team at the office have always been very prompt in taking care of my concerns and even my neighbors are very nice.

I love the community that I live in! The only thing missing is a Gym...and I think one might be coming!!! :) I look forward to spending the next chapter of my life in these comfortable, wonderful apartments!

Love it here so far ❤️ managers, neighbors, apartment and pool. Very peaceful and quiet. I just wish there was more parking around my building.