Pictures were very misleading, not as advertised. Maintenance cannot fix a problem I've had since I moved in... Very convenient place for work, but I was expecting more...

Overall very quiet and nice managers. Only wish my apartment was remodeled...alot of loose ends. Maintenance is very nice and quick. Would recommend for starters.

I was made to believe I was getting a remodeled apartment with nice appliances. I got an old apartment with old appliances. The apartment itself isn't horrible and management seems to respond when I have problems, but I don't like that they mislead me.

Always have to call maintenance because the same things keep breaking down and something keeps crawling around up in the was a dead bird by the time someone came

Pool area is always fun but complex needs to work harder to have it open more often. Management and maintenance are good about responding quickly.

Very quiet place to live, haven’t had any major problems with neighbors or other residents. Management is nice and helps me with anything I need.

Peacefully place to live in. So far, I’ve had no problems with neighbors. Love how it’s mainly quiet from morning till night. Love the big summing pool.

Apartment was clean when I moved in. So far anytime I need maintance they show up quick and take care of business. Nice and quiet complex where my building is located.

Reply from Lake Village West Apartments


The leasing process was very simple and when I had questions I was helped immediately. The office team are very friendly and welcoming. I like that everything is online now.

Its an apartment that i call home. They are willing to help with anything you have go wrong. They accept large dogs. And the maintenance and office team are very nice.

I actually like these apartments, it’s quiet. No violence or crime and the staff is friendly and very comforting. I just had a few maintenance problems but they were fixed very quickly after I submitted my work order online.

I really like living at this apartment complex. It took a little while to get my back patio door fixed, but they stayed on top of it ad got it done, and now it's better than ever! Staff is always friendly and helpful.

The office staff is always very helpful and friendly. The complex is quiet and residents are friendly as well. Love that the complex is animal friendly.

Lake Village West is a very quiet place and it has crime watch. Your not going to hear alot of noise here, maintenance is very nice and reapectful. Jan and Mike are great and the best Apartment managers I have had here. They are working on alot of new things...Great place 😀

Great service from staff,they are veru helpful, quiet neighborhood, clean areas. The only thing is that staff does not answer the phone always.

I’ve liked living here for the most part. The upstairs neighbors need underlayment bad and Get ants about 3-4 times per year I’ve been here. There was a leak that went down my wall once. But it’s nice and quite most of the time and I feel a lot safer then I did at the last place I lived at

This is the first apartment complex I've lived in so I don't know what the standards are, but I'm comfortable and feel at home. The kitchen's need to be updated...that's one issue I have.

I first looked at these apartments because I wanted to stay in the area & I liked the floor plans. I now LOVE these apartments for how the office & maintenance staff have treated me. The only thing missing is a gym & honestly it makes it easier to skip! :)

Apartments complex are great, always clean and with a great attention from staff. The only thing is when it starts to rain, various areas are harder to walk by

Office staff is great, helpful, and resourceful. Thank you Janet and Mike. The maintenance is pretty good. Sometimes they have to come and refix the same issue. Overall, they have a great team.

Been living here for a little over a year , maintenance could be more diligent and timely but the staff is awesome they dont make me feel like jusy another resident they address my concerns the apartment itswlf could use some upgrades for the price

This is my first apartment, and first time living away from home. This has been a nice experience. Maintnance is snappy and the neighbors are nice.

I became a resident after visiting my friend who is also a resident. Fell in love with the atmosphere and been here for years now. Perfect location. Perfect neighbors.

My roommate and I stopped by this community just asking for information. After the excellent service of one of the Staff we decide just right away that this was the place. We saw the units, we choose one and we sign the contract on the same day. Maintenance is fast, rewards program is great, online services are easy to use.

I am very impressed with the prompt attention given to my submitted work orders. The staff is friendly and well informed. The property is near and quiet.